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21 March, 2015

  • 08:02 AM

    zetinja commented on the project Rock 'n Roll Jeans

    Whooa! Using wrong side of denim to get lighter coloured jeans? Mind blown! That’s a clever tip!


23 May, 2013

8 May, 2013

7 May, 2013

  • 06:24 AM

    zetinja added the project called Copied jeans for bf

    jean shorts I copied. The fabric was awfully heavy and tough to sew. Lots of mistakes and fails, but it’s finished, wearable and loads of experience gained.

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12 February, 2013

12 October, 2012

  • 08:57 AM

    zetinja commented on the project Homecoming Dress 2012

    I love the idea.

    though there is something disturbing about the hanging bottom corner of the fo…


28 September, 2012

  • 09:40 AM

    zetinja commented on the project To Tie For

    Love the idea! I think i’ll try to make something like this myself.


30 August, 2012

  • 05:56 AM

    zetinja commented on the project Blurry M2401

    Gosh that fabric is amazing! At the first moment I thought that this is another sweist that just …


2 July, 2012

1 July, 2012

  • 03:34 PM

    zetinja favorited the project Summer-CircleSkirt ... "Rock" it - part six
  • 03:13 PM

    zetinja added the project called Daffodil skirt

    I bought the red fabric for a plain pencil skirt. Still haven’t made one.
    Somehow I ended up doing daffodil embroidery on one of 1/4 circle peaces. Guess it was the spring that did it. It took a …

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  • 02:31 PM

    zetinja added the project called Silver Cocktail Macaron

    Made this last winter for a ball/party. It was an end-of-season sports related event and there was a dresscode of a different colour for each team. And we got gray. Gray? For a ball? That’s wasn’t …

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  • 02:03 PM

    zetinja added the project called Lonsdale in roses

    I made this dress half a year ago. For a ball. In the middle of winter. Yes this summery, light, floral, pink dress for a winter ball. It was a bit crazy go and it was the only light dress there so…

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4 March, 2012

  • 04:47 PM

    zetinja added the project called Camo purse!

    sewing intertia had taken over me and after finishing the yellowbag, i wasn’t able to stop and made another one. completely different. it’s baggy with elipse bottom. made from old yeans and some ca…

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  • 10:40 AM

    zetinja added the project called Hey! I made a yellow tote!

    with the spring in mind I decided to make a bag. This is my first bag making attempt and i’m quite satisfied with the results. It took a few hours of lazy (my favourite kind) sewing, including 10 m…

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28 February, 2012

27 February, 2012

22 February, 2012

23 January, 2012

19 January, 2012

7 January, 2012

21 December, 2011

15 December, 2011

14 December, 2011

21 November, 2011

17 November, 2011

23 October, 2011

  • 05:35 PM

    zetinja added the project called My super cute circle skirt

    A full circle skirt made from vintage cotton fabric I got from my grandma. She kept in in her stash for 30(!) years because she thought it looked gray and ugly. She was really surprised how the loo…

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  • 05:20 PM

    zetinja added the project called Bad, Macaron, bad!

    I think I have no other sewing project with so many errors. I cannot make my mind if I like the dress or not.

    The sleeves are to be torn off and redone – i totally hate those, but I wanted to t…

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