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Xiaofeng Xu







28 July, 2013

  • 12:53 PM

    Xiaofeng Xu posted a message on Xiaofeng Xu’s wall

    Hi Marty, I haven’t signed in for a really long time. Sorry I missed your massage. I hope everyt…


25 January, 2013

24 January, 2013

  • 08:10 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu added the project called Another vision of my first down coat

    This coat is for my mother, she wants a black coat but her skin is pretty dark, so I use some contract colors —gold buttons and yellow check fabric in it, used the same pattern of my down coat, it…

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18 January, 2013

  • 02:47 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu commented on the project My first down coat!!!

    Thank you all for whom like my first down coat,this time was a bit not sure how to make, learn an…


17 January, 2013

  • 07:34 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu added the project called My first down coat!!!

    It is my first time try to make down coat, style from picture (again hehe) and also combine with some idea of the styles I saw in the street.

    The orginal idea was to put the check fabric on th…

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6 January, 2013

  • 07:12 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu added the project called A coat with collar this time

    A coat for my first and only customer, hehe — one of my friend who is fancy for what I made. hehe

    Again,style is copy from picture, can use any two lines buttons coat pattern to adjust to it.

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27 December, 2012

26 December, 2012

  • 04:15 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu added the project called A coat wo collar

    3 meters fabric made two dresses and one coat, at the end the coat has no collar hehe
    Tried to make the collar but when I made two layer it comes out not the same as the picture, too thick, but no…

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  • 04:02 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu added the project called peach love-something bright for the cold winter

    a dress that also copy from picture, made one for myself, one to sell… only pitty thing was don’t have the match lining

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18 December, 2012

17 December, 2012

8 October, 2012

24 September, 2012

  • 12:41 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu added the project called Another 2 fur vests

    After my first fur vest , I have made another two for myself and my mum…. same style but with different buttons in the front

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7 September, 2012

  • 02:18 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu added the project called My first fur vest

    It is getting cool and I found some real nice fur few months ago, time to give it a try :-) It wasn’t as difficult as I thought….hehe

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4 September, 2012

  • 01:21 AM

    Xiaofeng Xu added the project called yellow..........

    First time used my overlock machine to sew knitted fabric, hehe works fine! When I firnshed it was so plain, so added the laces in the button to give so fun and color.

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29 August, 2012

20 August, 2012

26 July, 2012

9 July, 2012