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14 July, 2013

13 July, 2013

26 June, 2013

11 May, 2013

27 February, 2013

  • 04:34 AM

    timisews commented on the article The Oscars: What the Stars Wore!

    The Georgio Armani was sleek, sophisticated and very modern. It showed off her beautiful curves!- not frumpy looking like some.

17 February, 2013

28 December, 2011

27 December, 2011

  • 03:52 AM

    timisews added the project Poetry In Motion by Twinkle Sews

    This is a super easy dress to whip up on your serger! I cut the dress out one night and sewed it together in an afternoon the next day. I used a stretch velvet I got on sale at the local fabric str…

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14 December, 2011

6 December, 2011

29 October, 2011

6 October, 2011

16 July, 2011

29 March, 2011

1 January, 2011

31 December, 2010

16 December, 2010

30 October, 2010

  • 02:42 AM

    timisews commented on the project A golden gown

    I would have done the bottom differently however, I didn’t have enough fabric and getting together with the model was difficult! I just had to get it done!

9 October, 2010

  • 04:17 PM

    timisews commented on the article Sewing for others?

    I took the plunge and made my first gown for a designer for her fashion show that happened last month. It was an exhilerating experience. I have always wanted to sew and design clothing. However, I…

  • 03:45 PM

    timisews added the project A golden gown

    Here is a gown that a I labored over for a month. I was given a small picture and asked to make it. So, first I made a muslin and then the gown. I wished I could have made it twice to work out the …

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