24 January, 2015

  • 07:13 PM

    sireen added the project called Pattern Magic vol.3 Hugger

    The pattern is constructed with the help of a book named Pattern Magic 3. For the fabric I chose sewn through wadding with a bit of wool. It’s very warm and used for outerwear. Also blogged here

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17 January, 2015

12 January, 2015

10 January, 2015

1 November, 2014

25 October, 2014

24 October, 2014

19 September, 2014

4 September, 2014

31 August, 2014

  • 06:19 PM

    sireen commented on the project A dress with golden rye

    Thank you and be my guest (: I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of it..


30 August, 2014

  • 06:09 AM

    sireen favorited the project Nude pearl
  • 05:33 AM

    sireen added the project called A dress with golden rye

    The dress proved to be ideal in the heat wave we had in the end of July and beginning of August when even your own skin felt too much to bare. So without any sleeves and not touching your skin very…

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9 August, 2014

  • 07:17 AM

    sireen added the project called A flowerful dress

    In the beginning of spring I found a bit of stretchy cotton in the pile of different fabric scraps. I was told to wash it before because the colour might change a bit. And it did, softer and more p…

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8 August, 2014

  • 07:57 PM

    sireen commented on the project Inhaler

    I really like the neckline!


13 June, 2014

  • 03:14 PM

    sireen commented on the project A deer blouse

    It’s the same print but yours seems black or very dark blue and the material is a bit different t…


23 May, 2014

  • 01:39 PM

    sireen added the project called A deer blouse

    I started off with a basic blouse with as little visible stitches as possible and waited for the smaller things to come along. Then one day as I was taking a shower it hit me – a collar that has de…

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18 November, 2013

26 October, 2013

  • 09:00 PM

    sireen added the project called The tapestry skirt

    To let the fabric shine I decided to make a very simple skirt and ended up with a pencil skirt for a change. I was my first time sewing the visible zipper on top of the fabric like this. It was qui…

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20 September, 2013

14 September, 2013

  • 06:57 PM

    sireen added the project called Bowed blouse

    A blouse with a bow is what I’ve wanted for a long time but hadn’t find quite the right one, some were too big, others short.. I sewed this blouse early this spring, a time when I was fascinated by…

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22 August, 2013

  • 06:39 PM

    sireen commented on the project Collar Me Kubrick

    Just removed a collar from a blouse myself and now am wondering what to make of it. Thanks for th…


18 August, 2013

  • 04:48 AM

    sireen added the project called For my graduation

    With the anticipation of spring also grows my appetite for floral fabrics and everything else blooming. This year the anticipation grew so big that my graduation dress became head-to-toe floral. An…

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5 August, 2013

4 August, 2013

  • 06:00 AM

    sireen commented on the project To the max

    Oh it is! A bit like walking in your underpants.. (:


1 August, 2013

  • 07:34 PM

    sireen added the project called To the max

    Often have I promised myself to wear a dress/skirt for an event but changed my mind at the last minute and worn pants instead (some weird safety reason). So as a pant-lover I’ve discovered a perfec…

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22 July, 2013

21 July, 2013

  • 05:43 PM

    sireen added the project called A little dress for sewing

    To get into the habit of sewing after work and not feeling drained, I started off with something very simple – a dress for sewing (so I can slip into the magical sewing mode easier).
    My patience …

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22 June, 2013

6 June, 2013