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17 January

23 November

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Nov 23, 2009, 12.30 PMby sewella

    Thank you a lot on the wonderful feedback!

3 June

  • E607e1c54dfc3671ac300c47fe3d22c1902fe01c_large

    Jun 3, 2009, 10.39 PMby theluxuriousvagabond

    Thanks for your comment on my dress! You have a wonderful stash of jackets there!

2 June

  • 50e3be5bee4d7882481fe2f88ff6c7d27b1b60e1_large

    Jun 2, 2009, 06.07 PMby elektrocute

    thanks for commenting on my dress! hopefully i can advance to making some of those things that you’ve got up there – i’m determined to be able to sew a cool jacket someday!

8 April

  • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

    Apr 8, 2009, 04.29 PMby myk

    Hi! Thank you for your comment of my new blue dress :).

30 March

  • 46c156c7d961d21f2984d306b60931cd0ee80bb6_large

    Mar 30, 2009, 08.53 PMby mstx42day

    thank you for your comment on my dress.

27 March

  • 685f426d24b4a2633c3531d2f14cf0359481b000_large

    Mar 27, 2009, 05.37 AMby cheriered

    Hi thanks for your kind comments :)!

24 February

  • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

    Feb 24, 2009, 11.19 AMby anajan

    Hi senaSews, thank you for your nice comment on my green pleated skirt.

9 February

  • Missing

    Feb 9, 2009, 04.07 PMby dkocsis45

    Thank you for your encouraging comment on the a-line skirt!

6 February

  • Dsc04777_large

    Feb 6, 2009, 06.43 PMby divine

    Hi! Thank you for your nice comment on my dress. I’m a big fan of yours and pls. don’t stop posting your creations.

27 January

  • F73ae75c85bfa0c3044028abd57f1c9a2953cd72_large

    Jan 27, 2009, 12.27 PMby elainemay

    Thanks for your comment on my Coffee Date Dress! And thanks for the warm welcome- glad to be sewing with you again :)

20 January

  • 0e9f6bddc243949c77837a63a100684f840f77e4_large

    Jan 20, 2009, 03.33 PMby scrumptiousdelight

    Thanx senasews! I love your fishbone jacket!

3 January

  • F5ffa960ed24229461c602763e0a302f4e0b0304_large

    Jan 3, 2009, 09.29 AMby envirogrrrl


    I saw an old post of yours about free bra patterns on a Russian website. I’m interested in sewing one of the models and am wondering if the patterns include a seam allowance? I don’t understand Russian, and though I’ve translated the page with Babelfish, I can’t seem to find the answer on the website. Do you know? If so, I would appreciate hearing from you.



15 December

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Dec 15, 2008, 10.40 AMby bola

    Thanks for the comments i’m glad you like what i made!!bx

  • Aee0dfb9571ef6c0888e25541f97e2cd4e5e0268_large

    Dec 15, 2008, 06.09 AMby justmica

    Thanks, I’m glad you love it!!

8 December

  • Icm_fullxfull_57704996_dz1ljgvmlzk8kwwg480g_large

    Dec 8, 2008, 12.59 PMby emlj

    hi! thsnks so much for the comments very kind of you :-)

30 November

  • Aee0dfb9571ef6c0888e25541f97e2cd4e5e0268_large

    Nov 30, 2008, 08.40 AMby justmica


27 November

  • Aee0dfb9571ef6c0888e25541f97e2cd4e5e0268_large

    Nov 27, 2008, 06.50 AMby justmica

    Thank you for lovely comment!! I’m glad you like it!!

24 November

  • E2c11eb5b6806b6b01fe0a0b6b0204c170e45479_large

    Nov 24, 2008, 09.52 AMby pinksunflower

    Thanks for your comments. It took me a whole day to do and the lining gave me a headache but I am really pleased with the finish. It is not 100% perfect but I will practice on another one as this is a easy piece to dress up in.

    Thanks again.

21 November

  • D0c383ece8583a98c430b5837dea744d30ca195c_large

    Nov 21, 2008, 12.01 PMby krecik

    HI!thanks so much for your nice comment on my tunic!:-)) I just love your two coats!I even keep theirs photos in my computer in the place “things to sew”,there are so cute!Thanks again!:-))))

7 November

  • 8614752174_4ce093b08b_q_large

    Nov 7, 2008, 05.03 PMby Carrie McClean

    thanks for the lumberjackie-o love! your creations are wonderful!

2 November

  • Profilbild_mini_large

    Nov 2, 2008, 05.43 PMby polychromatin

    Danke für deinen netten Kommentar zu meinem Hitchcok shirt! Hoffe bei dir is alles klar!

28 October

  • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

    Oct 28, 2008, 07.58 AMby anajan

    Hi Sena, Thanks so much for your nice words on my wall. A compliment, actually all kinds of comments and critics coming from a fellow-sewer are highly appreciated. I have to admit that I was really surprised by positive reactions of other members on my work. It has never been evaluated and rated by other sewers, so I was never sure if I was doing the right thing. I love your work as well, and I read your blog regularly, I find it very instructive. Keep well, Ana

23 October

  • A6a4daa8de16600640ab09e8b364f06970f8295e_large

    Oct 23, 2008, 02.42 AMby chissa83773

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by my page. If you are still interested in how I made my skirt, I made a how to =) The reason I didn’t reply to your initial post us because I didn’t use a how to, I just searched forums and gathered whatever info I could find and figured out how to do it on my own. Not sure if I’m doing it right though =P Let me know it it’s understandable. it’s my first how to. PS… I love your fish bone jacket! I want one!

2 October

  • Aee0dfb9571ef6c0888e25541f97e2cd4e5e0268_large

    Oct 2, 2008, 07.38 AMby justmica

    I adore your creations especially the coats! You do a wonderfull job! I’ll love to do some of these one day… and thanks on compliments you gave my! It’s my honour to be complimented by such great master!! KiSSES!!!

23 September

  • Avatar3_large

    Sep 23, 2008, 10.37 AMby carottesauvage

    hello Sena! I hope you are well! Thanks for your comment on my jacket! Zum wohl!

19 September

  • Img_20160222_155241214_large

    Sep 19, 2008, 08.01 AMby milkyway

    Hi again Sena, sorry to bother you, I’ve just have a question, maybe you can help me. I’m doing a tunic and I love your smoked details on the waist. I checked out your blog and instructions for it. I’m not sure about this. upper bodice were one size and the skirt another size. I’am size 34, which upper and bottom sizes do you recommend me for applying the smoked? TKS : )

13 September

  • Img_20160222_155241214_large

    Sep 13, 2008, 11.28 AMby milkyway

    Hey Sena, thanks a lot for your nice comment on my greek tunic dress. Congratulations for the winning!!

12 September

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Sep 12, 2008, 05.53 AMby sew4my3

    Thanks for the comment on my retro brown dress. It is nice to see that there are so many people out there that share a love for sewing. Again, thanks!

30 August

  • Eb34fb9ff3143aa0a8464e167f8b0c9684e3efc4_large

    Aug 30, 2008, 12.30 PMby kamelia

    Thank you for the comment on my dress…, your creations are all really good!!!