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Happy New Year! May you have hours of sewing bliss in 2014







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3 February

  • Dsc09595avatar_large

    Feb 3, 2012, 07.30 AMby Ralf Schmitz

    my dear! thank you so much for your kind words on my wall! you are very right: sewing was the best medicin and doctor i could ever find and it helps me to go over the darkest days in my life! but the friendly people here at burda come right on second place for this as well! warm regards from snowcovered berlin!

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Feb 3, 2012, 09.02 AMby schnui

      Hi Ralf again, I have just been watching my news channel on TV and I have just seen the snow that has blanketed most of Europe. It looks so cold, you poor things. I hope you stay warm. The weather really is doing weird things. My State here in Australia which is huge on European standards is flooding again, 2 summers in a row. So much tragedy in Europe and again here in Queensland. I am so fortunate to live high and dry and be warm all year round. take care and happy sewing.

27 January

  • My_fav1_copy_large

    Jan 27, 2012, 07.45 AMby Stitchless

    Oh……… thanks!

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Jan 27, 2012, 07.50 AMby schnui

      You are welcome.

  • My_fav1_copy_large

    Jan 27, 2012, 07.32 AMby Stitchless

    Hello Schnui, thanks again for your lovely comments once I’ve found a better place mat I will have it up as a tutorial as it was really easy. I know I sound like an idiot but how do I read all of your message? It shows the 1st line then shows ……. Any ideas? Thanks again, Tree

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Jan 27, 2012, 07.41 AMby schnui

      Hi Stitchless, Just click on your project name and it will come up, along with all the other comments. I too find the computer a bit of a challenge and haven’t got a clue how you add different things to your projects; eg. blog details or pattern references. This is when I want my children around!!

17 January

  • Patti_12-28-2011_large

    Jan 17, 2012, 05.37 PMby patti-r

    Marjorie, It is my pleasure to be your friend on Burdastyle, love the way your always so kind to others, I also like to inspire people too as they inspire me. The time difference is wild your 9 hours ahead of USA. So happy you had the perfect weather on your Holiday (we call Vacation). Rain, I think it should only rain between 2 and 5 in the AM, like you said we all have the weather woe’s at times. I leave a couple computers on during the day and when I pass them I have to stop and see what others have done on this site. Dayton, Ohio is 200 miles SW of us, Albany 350 NE, Being mostly Italian and a little Polish I have relatives in both places. Well my Maytag is calling me, LOL do not know how my husband and I manage to have so much laundry.. Have a great day!! Patti. oops sorry i double posted,

16 January

  • Patti_12-28-2011_large

    Jan 16, 2012, 11.57 PMby patti-r

    This comment was deleted by the author.

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Jan 17, 2012, 03.55 AMby schnui

      Hi Patti, Thanks for being my friend on Burda Style and I can see that you enjoy this web site as much as I do. I log on and off all day long when I am at home and get so much inspiration from it. I love seeing what everyone else is sewing and reading their comments regarding the patterns.
      I am home now from my beach holiday and back to my sewing machine. The weather was perfect for my holiday and now that I am home it has started raining. This time last year Brisbane was flooded and this city suffered terribly so everyone is hoping that the rain we are having at the moment won’t be too much. There is always a pay off for living in the sub-tropics. My sister-in-law use to live in Dayton, Ohio and Albany, NY, so I have a little understanding of the climate that you have to put up with and I can see why you are green with envy. I am lucky to live in such a beautiful place.
      Anyway, back to the Bernina!!! Marjorie

12 January

  • My_fav1_copy_large

    Jan 12, 2012, 07.11 AMby Stitchless

    Hello, For the orange one, I used what they call ‘African Brocade’. It comes in 5 yard pieces so might want to share with a friend, but sure you can get online. For the second one, this is an indian brocade from an asian area in London called Southall, it’s fantastic there. It was a bit of a horrible fabric to work with as it was so synthetic it felt like I was working with fibreglass and it kept sticking in my throat. Hope you do have a go. I think the BURDA pattern 7602 will work well for this. Tree

11 January

  • My_fav1_copy_large

    Jan 11, 2012, 04.49 PMby Stitchless

    Hello There, Thankyou for the ‘Favourite’ on my site. As for the Missoni fabric, yes it is gorgeous. It is from Classic Textiles, Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush, London. They have a website but not very good, as for the shop, ’It’s amazing!’ The Missoni fabric is 100% cotton and comes in different colour ways. They also have in wool. If you contact them and say your saw it on my website, they can look and probably send it to you. It’s £24 per mtr and I used 60cms. They know who I am. Soon I will get a shop together on my site and have lots of stuff like that. Tree. PS. Have a look at ‘Stitchless TV’ on You Tube, they’re a bit rough but hopefully good enough to understand what’s going on.

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Jan 11, 2012, 11.13 PMby schnui

      Thank-you so much for your reply and help. I am away on holidays at the moment with a dodgy computer but once I get home I will have a look at your website and Classic Textiles website too. I am hoping to travel to Europe and England in June/July, so a visit to some good fabric shops in London could be fun. But I do look forward to seeing your shop online and hopefully I can purchase via you. Good luck with that and keep sewing. I do love seeing what everyone is making on Burda Style.
      Thanks again for your help.

6 January

  • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

    Jan 6, 2012, 03.13 AMby schnui

    I have been fabric shopping this morning and found some gorgeous pieces at Lisa’s Fabrics at Southport on the Gold Coast. A true treasure trove of fabrics for all occasions. I just want to go home and start sewing. I may have to start taking my sewing machine and accessories on holiday in future.

28 December

  • 5b547b8a08fb6683c608f3016654d3903e7bd8b5_large

    Dec 28, 2011, 08.52 AMby erin

    Hey, thank you for your comment on my Klausencoat! Your projects are really good! Happy sewing :)

24 December

  • Leisa_burda_large

    Dec 24, 2011, 12.14 AMby leis-sewgirl

    Just to let you know- Lincraft have opened a shop at Tweed heads – and the fabrics are very limited- I was very dissappointed as I live close to it.. but if you venture a little further south to Machinery Drive in South Tweed Heads, there is a large fabric store called FabricLand which is great. It has many supplies for the dance world I think as there are so many ribbons, laces and buttons too. I love it and it’s worth the drive. Hope you have a wonderful time :)

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Dec 24, 2011, 02.02 AMby schnui

      Thanks so much for this. I am no longer a fan of Lincraft either or Spotlight. I do like Lisa’s Fabrics behind the Ferry Road Markets (near Whitworths) at Southport and will do a beeline for that. A drive down to Tweed Heads to Fabricland will be fun especially if this weather we are having today continues.

27 November

  • File0012_10_large

    Nov 27, 2011, 09.36 AMby jennyrecorder

    Ditto for me about this website, feeling a tad obsessed! I’ve been deferred for three years from my second degree and must admit to probably not going back. I got half way through a degree in information science ( library), but life got in the way! When my youngest finishes school, I going to do ceramics and life drawing, but in the meantime I will just satiate my creativity with my sewing machine:) I’ve been working like a trojan atm, I have a cousin coming to stay from The Netherlands in a weeks time and Dutchies tend to be somewhat judgemental, the garden is looking good, but there is no way to disguise that the four of us in this house have too much stuff…all I can do is keep it as clean and tidy as possible! Are you working on anything at the moment? I have just stuck together about 50 pieces of paper for the Burda skirt pattern which is my next project, the preparation is always the most time-consuming part.

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Nov 28, 2011, 12.37 AMby schnui

      Well I should be studying again as the dead line gets closer. Somehow I think a pass will do. Being a mature aged student, I have worried about my abilities and as a result have been achieving high marks, with my 25 year old son calling me a nerd. So I am enjoying sewing whilst I study!!
      I finished a lovely dress yesterday and once I have ironed it and got my son over to photograph me in it, I will post it. I have made quite a bit lately and will also get him to take pictures of those things as well. I have had a 5 year break from sewing and once I discovered this site I have been so inspired, especially by some of the ladies in Europe. Their workmanship is a very high standard and I so appreciate that.
      I hope you have a lovely and not too stressful time with your relatives from the Netherlands. I grew up in a street in Christchurch, very pretty with very well kept homes and gardens. Over half the neighbours in our street were Dutch and they were all postwar immigrants who set the standard of why our street looked so nice. Yes they were judgmental too but such hard workers and nice people. Half of my school friends were Dutch as well so I know how you are feeling. Just tell them this is just how it is in Australia- we are just so laid back and casual and everyone’s homes are the same. And that is most likely true.
      Good luck with your Burda skirt pattern. I actually have the Burda magazines sent to me directly from Germany each month and I draft up my patterns from them. It is quite reasonably priced getting them sent to you; about $9.50 depending on the exchange rate at the time of subscription renewal. There is a lot less preparation than printing off 50 pieces of paper and then sticking them together for a simple skirt or top. If you speak German, it is very easy to call Burda direct and set up a subscription. Anyway, must be off and get some work done.

  • File0012_10_large

    Nov 27, 2011, 05.13 AMby jennyrecorder

    Hi Schnui, Jenn here, noticed you added me as a friend so I thought I’d say hi :) Your moniker is interesting..I’m thinking maybe something Dutch or German? How’s the weather in Brisbane? My brother is in Tambourine for a wedding this weekend, it is gorgeous down there. Cheers, J.

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Nov 27, 2011, 06.41 AMby schnui

      Hi Jenn, Thank-you for contacting me. My moniker is neither. It was the nickname for my little dog who passed away 6 weeks ago aged 14. My daughter started the Schnui thing and it has stuck. My real name is very English, Marjorie.
      Brisbane is hot and humid today and with rain on the way hopefully. I believe it has been very hot and dry over your way and so sad about the bush rides. This year has been an awful one with so many disasters everywhere.
      I seem to be obsessed with Burda Style at the moment and spend a bit too much time on it. I am meant to be studying for an exam on Wednesday but get so easily distracted. I am studying nutritional medicine which is so interesting but the exams are a pain. I would rather be sewing.
      Anyway, it was nice of you to send me a message and I hope to hear from you again.