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16 August

  • Ctlineblk_large

    Aug 16, 2011, 05.54 PMby CoraBelle23

    what do you think about doing the sept sew along?

5 July

  • Ctlineblk_large

    Jul 5, 2011, 03.29 AMby CoraBelle23

    so when are we meeting again?

14 June

  • Ctlineblk_large

    Jun 14, 2011, 05.45 AMby CoraBelle23

    Yup… see you then

13 June

  • Ctlineblk_large

    Jun 13, 2011, 06.12 PMby CoraBelle23

    Sorry to get back to you so late, had finals due. So my address is: 1236 NE 78th ave portland or. 97213. I was thinking snacks, any dietatary needs I need to know about?

    1 Reply
    • Dsc01273sm_large

      Jun 14, 2011, 12.22 AMby Saradho

      No problem! It’s the last week of school here too. A bit crazy. So 5pm at your house on the 16th? We have no dietary needs. See you there!

25 May

  • Ctlineblk_large

    May 25, 2011, 08.36 AMby CoraBelle23

    Sorry, I just realized the 15 is a wed. How about the 16?

  • Ctlineblk_large

    May 25, 2011, 08.29 AMby CoraBelle23

    We can meet at my place. I have a cozy home out in Northeast. It’s easy to get on and off the freeways from here. That way we don’t feel obligated to buy something. BTW: what are your and Emily’s favorite animals?

22 May

  • Ctlineblk_large

    May 22, 2011, 04.12 PMby CoraBelle23

    How does after 5 sound?

    1 Reply
    • Dsc01273sm_large

      May 24, 2011, 04.35 PMby Saradho

      Sounds good. Where would you like to meet? Is there any way to communicate as a group on BurdaStyle?

18 May

  • Ctlineblk_large

    May 18, 2011, 09.58 PMby CoraBelle23

    How does the 15th of June strike you for a meetup?

    1 Reply
    • Dsc01273sm_large

      May 19, 2011, 10.07 PMby Saradho

      Sounds fine to me.