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Loving and making wide leg pants! giving the dresses a rest.








28 November, 2012

  • 12:51 PM

    ronnielee added the project called Yellow Broderie Anglaise Top

    Another version from repo 50’s PDF pattern sourced from Etsy. I omitted the diamond cut out.

    I had been searching the net and my usual fabric haunts for this colour, had no luck until I went to…

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  • 12:25 PM

    ronnielee added the project called Christmas is coming dress

    Damn annoyed I didn’t buy more of this fabric when I was in Japan. love the colour!!
    Second version of McCall’s 6462
    I decided to wear with the straps up to give it more of a cowl neckline.

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19 November, 2012

17 November, 2012

13 November, 2012

12 November, 2012

  • 12:20 PM

    ronnielee commented on the project Emerald Green Dress

    This dress is on my to do list. The colour is gorgeous and so elegant! Great job!

  • 06:18 AM

    ronnielee commented on the project Japan Ponte

    Yes you could say some fabric made it into my case. Stayed tuned!


11 November, 2012

  • 11:51 AM

    ronnielee added the project called Purple Bonsai

    Second version McCall’s 6028
    Pics taken in Japan

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  • 11:40 AM

    ronnielee added the project called Japan Ponte

    I made this dress for my recent trip to Japan. My entire wardrobe was made from my beloved Ponte fabric!! I should be getting royalties for all the Ponte I have bought!

    A few of these pics are …

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10 November, 2012

9 November, 2012

  • 06:14 AM

    ronnielee commented on the project Blue & White Peplum

    Just so happens I was just in Japan and went to the Fabric Town area in Nippori – Tokyo. Yes, I d…

  • 03:07 AM

    ronnielee added the project called Blue & White Peplum

    I do love a Peplum..
    This is my version of the famous peplum. As usual I decided at the eleventh hour to include a collar.
    I did a quick rummage through my limitless scrap pile and decided a bit…

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28 October, 2012

  • 11:23 AM

    ronnielee ’s status has been updated to:
    Arriving in Tokyo and can't wait to hit Nippori for fabric!

6 October, 2012

5 October, 2012

  • 02:47 PM

    ronnielee added the project called Check Mate Ponti

    I’ve been hoarding this check vintage fabric for sometime, just waiting for the right style to use and McCall’s 6028 was the standout!
    I only had a small amount of fabric so I had to use wisely a…

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1 October, 2012

28 September, 2012

27 September, 2012

  • 02:09 PM

    ronnielee added the project called Glitter AGo-Go!

    Since I made a dress for my Sis, I couldn’t go to her party without a new dress, could I,Hell No!!!
    I’m loving all the sequence around at the moment and just couldn’t help myself to some of that a…

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  • 01:50 PM

    ronnielee added the project called Party Like It Is 1962!

    I made this dress for my Sisters birthday party, (won’t mention how old she is) but It’s a big number!
    Theme of party was 60’s. We’ve always been into the 60’s, being a mod from way back..
    She h…

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10 September, 2012

9 September, 2012

  • 11:28 AM

    ronnielee added the project called Glomesh Is Glo Go!

    I made this dress for a themed birthday party. Glomesh/Bond 007

    For all o/s members, Glomesh was a company that created beautiful sparkly purses/bags in the late 50’s. Very collectible, I am a …

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27 August, 2012

26 August, 2012

  • 11:25 AM

    ronnielee commented on the project Sewing for TWO

    I had wondered why you had been quiet – great news a little bouncing bobbin in the making!


25 August, 2012

  • 12:32 PM

    ronnielee added the project called Not quite a Jumpsuit

    I made this two piece pant/top outfit from a 1960 jumpsuit pattern. After near completion of jumpsuit I tried on and realised there was NO WAY I could sit down, let alone bend over!! Another lesson…

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24 August, 2012

16 August, 2012

14 August, 2012

  • 01:44 PM

    ronnielee commented on the project Cup day 1950's style

    Love the dress and the colour is brill. Hope you won on the races?

  • 01:43 PM

    ronnielee added the project called Orange & Black Skirt

    I used Burda Mini Skirt 08/2012 #135
    I initially didn’t make the pockets since I didn’t have that much fabric leftover, but, after a bit of hunting and gathering in my scrap pile I came up with th…

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2 August, 2012

  • 01:41 PM

    ronnielee added the project called Mother of the Bride Outfit

    I haven’t made that many dresses for friends, let alone a whole outfit, not in any hurry to make any in the near future..
    I was a tad bit nervous about making a mother of the bride outfit (phew! …

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