Easter bunny came early, with 181 Burda magazines!!







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14 March

  • Missing

    Mar 14, 2014, 10.29 PMby allisonroma

    Hi rita61. This is Roma. I have your message about the jacket pattern layout in my computer but can’t see it here. Yes I would very much appreciate it if you could copy the layout and send it to me. This jacket is a re-learning exercise in tailoring for me. I made a lined coat with no lining instructions and I was not happy with the result.

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    • 5e1c98baa90ec92bd1fa87adbdaa04543126762f_large

      Mar 14, 2014, 10.54 PMby rita61

      Hi Roma. You can’t see it here, because I emailed you the message. The only way I can send you the picture, is if you email me back, so we can communicate by email.

4 February

  • Me_large

    Feb 4, 2014, 04.41 PMby MaZeLiving

    Re your thank you note on my wall: You are very welcome! I use that feature a lot. Let me know if you need help to navigate it, I am fluent in reading Russian.

25 December

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    Dec 25, 2013, 04.24 PMby liliv-1

    Merry Christmas to you and your family rita! Hugs and kisses!

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      Dec 26, 2013, 05.30 AMby rita61

      Thank you Lili. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! My sister-in-law made dinner today! :-)
      I finished all the Christmas PJ’s on time this year! :-)

27 November

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    Nov 27, 2013, 05.05 PMby liliv-1

    Hey rita! How are you?

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      Nov 27, 2013, 09.02 PMby rita61

      Hi Lili. Great to hear from you. I’m okay, no change, waiting for more tests. I am enjoy my time for sewing, and because I’ve been doing it more, it is starting to become faster. I’m going to go through withdrawals when I have to go back to work. :-}

      I am working on Christmas PJ’s right now, so I think they’ll be done on time this year. :-) My daughter doesn’t really want to take up sewing again, but has decided that she wants to make me some Christmas pj’s, because I don’t get any, but would like to make them with me. I’m really excited about that, because it will be something together, and something that doesn’t have to be sewn perfect. It’s going to be fun, and she promised she won’t yak to much, so that I won’t have to take a break every ten minutes.

      I have some projects to post, but have to wait until my daughter is up to modelling them. Two tops were supposed to be for me, but they look better on her, so they are in her closet. One other project is the cocoon cardigan, which was made for her, and I really like it on her, but not on me! Must be the age difference. :-)

      How are things going with you? A good school year? Were you able to get internet access at home yet? I sure miss seeing your new and beautiful projects. Do you get a school break over Christmas?

      Take care, and have a wonderful day !!!

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      Nov 29, 2013, 02.34 PMby liliv-1

      I am very happy that you can sew now and I am looking forward to see your new posts. I am a little busy at school these days and I am waiting for the christmas break! Keep sewing and smiling!!

17 October

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    Oct 17, 2013, 01.01 PMby liliv-1

    Hi rita! I missed you! How are you doing? have you sewn anything these days?

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      Oct 17, 2013, 06.11 PMby rita61

      Hi Lili. Glad to hear from you! You must be busy with work? I am holding my own, so that is good. :-) I am sewing, but I have committed to sorting ‘hoarder stuff’ out of the ‘junk’ rooms for a couple of hours a day, so that we can repaint and re-floor, and I will also move my sewing room upstairs. I am just finishing a top for my daughter, and then she would like a tunic and two coats out of October Burda. I have a top and jacket traced for me which will be made alternately with her stuff; one for her, one for me. :-) What are you sewing now?

    • _34_large

      Oct 18, 2013, 01.20 PMby liliv-1

      Oh yes I’m very busy, not so much time for sewing! I just finished a mustard top with a bow tie and a brown skirt. You should teach your girl to sew:) I can’t wait to see yopur new stuff! Your last posts were beautiful!

24 September

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    Sep 24, 2013, 10.20 AMby liliv-1

    Hi sweet lady! I’m sure you are having a really great time!!

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      Sep 25, 2013, 05.00 AMby rita61

      We are having a nice time. Doing things for short periods of time, so I can tolerate the stimulation. The weather has been in the 30s, so that is awesome. Love being able to swim outdoors everyday! Trying to get some pictures of my tops, but I’m a horrible model! Hope your school year is going good!

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      Sep 25, 2013, 05.20 AMby rita61

      You’ll like this: My daughter just opened my new Burda magazine, and has emailed everything she likes. I think it’s the whole magazine!!! She’s even offering to help with the making!!!

    • _34_large

      Sep 25, 2013, 07.10 AMby liliv-1

      Offering help! This is good news, it will be great for your daughter to learn sewing! Is it the October issue? If it is I like it very much too! Of course you will be the a good model for your tops, the sewist is always the best model because she knows what needs to be to shown and wears the garment with pride!! Please take photos and post them, everybody will love your new tops! And I’m very glad you are having great time! kisses!!

    • 5e1c98baa90ec92bd1fa87adbdaa04543126762f_large

      Sep 28, 2013, 06.45 AMby rita61

      HI! Yes it is the October issue. Glad I have a large stash of fabric at home. She knew how to sew novice level, but hasn’t done any sewing for 8 years. Now that she’s graduated university, she has more time. My son also knows how to sew. I am loving the hot weather we are getting; it is so nice, but very windy! Hope all is well with you. :-)

    • _34_large

      Sep 28, 2013, 10.45 AMby liliv-1

      your son can sew! really? you are a happy mum:) I’m a little tired but fine, I have my fabrics now and I will have unlimited internet within some days!

10 September

  • Image7_large

    Sep 10, 2013, 09.23 PMby Ellen Hatteland

    Hello Rita, Lovely photo :) I can understand you need to have a sewing break… Is this your lovely granddaughter?

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    • 5e1c98baa90ec92bd1fa87adbdaa04543126762f_large

      Sep 18, 2013, 07.40 AMby rita61

      Hi Ellen. Yes, this is her. I just saw her again last week as we started our ‘cruizing’ around on the mainland in our motorhome. She is so cuddly. :-)

      I think my caption is misleading; I decided not to bring my sewing machine with me on our trip, but I did bring Burda magazines to trace patterns. Also because we don’t have electricity everywhere we stay, and today is the first internet connection. We’ve had wonderful weather, even the lightening storm we watched was in the distance!

    • Image7_large

      Sep 18, 2013, 07.53 AMby Ellen Hatteland

      Oh, that’s wonderful Rita, she is so cute and adorable! Lucky you :))

      It’s great to hear that you’ve had a fantastic holiday cruizing around. Funny to hear that you also had some Burda’s with you to trace patterns – it’s just the same I’m doing when I don’t have my sewing machine… Outside in the sun it’s also nice :)

26 August

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    Aug 26, 2013, 08.50 PMby liliv-1

    Hi again! I hope everything is fine for you:) How are your tops going?

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      Aug 26, 2013, 09.07 PMby rita61

      Hello! Things are okay, I’m up and down as it’s crazy around here. :-) How are you doing? I am still on the first top; but it fits!!! It is so hard right now figuring out my size, I keep making everything to big. Previously this type of top would have taken 2-3 hours. And the blackberries just keep coming and coming; it’s been a great year for them. How’s your dress coming along? What type of material did you decide on?

    • _34_large

      Aug 26, 2013, 09.59 PMby liliv-1

      You make the tops and that is what matters even if you are not so fast:) When are you leaving for the trip? As for me: I am packaging to move from my home town to an island. I have sewing troubles beause my two sewing machines don’t operate at the same time for mysterious reasons:(( I will take them tomorrow to the shop to get them fixed. I used an off black thick fabric for my dress and I’m going to add red details to lighten it up! I was adding red piping when my second machine stopped to work. Keep smiling sweet lady and keep sewing, no matter the troubles!!

    • 5e1c98baa90ec92bd1fa87adbdaa04543126762f_large

      Aug 27, 2013, 06.48 PMby rita61

      Hello. Hope your day is going great! Top one done! Finally. :-) And it fits! Why are you moving again? Are your machines fixed? The dress sounds fancy, can’t wait to see it. We don’t leave until September 10th. But we are going away up island on August 29th for four days, so the guys can play on some different golf courses while the weather is still good. I’m hoping the river will still be warm enough for swimming. Off to start top number two. :-)

    • _34_large

      Aug 27, 2013, 07.00 PMby liliv-1

      I’m so eager to see your new top! Post it as soon as possible! I fixed the one of the machines on my own! I’m moving again yes, it’s my job! At least this new island is not isolated:)

21 August

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    Aug 21, 2013, 09.27 PMby rita61

    Hello! I’m doing good, thanks. (I had a few rough days) I may have one top done today. It started out with a simple pattern, that I am determined will fit first try. :-) When I went to lay it out for cutting, I realized the material print needed to be considered, so it’s taking longer that expected. Working on my daughter’s skirt as first priority, but can only fit it on her when she isn’t working; she has some long shifts right now. And yes, chatting chatting chatting, until I need a rest. I never realized before how much talking we always did, no matter what we were doing. Sounds like you are having a hard time deciding on your next project?

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      Aug 22, 2013, 08.03 PMby liliv-1

      You had rough days, I’m so sorry…I hope now you feel better!! I smiled at your comment about the chatting, I’m middle aged and I’m still very close to my mother and we talk hours and hours:) Many times we talk about sewing. Hard time deciding? Not any more, I just finished cutting a dress (the vintage dress with the button at the front).

    • 5e1c98baa90ec92bd1fa87adbdaa04543126762f_large

      Aug 22, 2013, 09.17 PMby rita61

      Yes, doing much better. Learning to speak up when I need a rest/break. That is wonderful that you and your mother are close! I talked my mom’s ears off as well. :-) That dress will look awesome on you! As for my tops, my seam ripper is of course my best sewing friend! I thought I did a close enough tissue fitting, guess not, it was much too big. Back to my daughter’s skirt today, as she is home today.

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    Aug 21, 2013, 05.08 PMby liliv-1

    Hey girl! Just passed to say hi!! How are you doing? Are your tops ready or you spend all your time chatting with your girl?