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Shira B







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5 June

  • Schermafbeelding_2014-05-15_om_14_20_55_large

    Jun 5, 2014, 07.25 PMby annemieke

    Hi Shira,

    Thanks for adding me as a friend! Hope you like my projects, I sure like yours!

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    • Img_3512_large

      Jun 9, 2014, 09.33 AMby Shira B

      I love your projects and blog -they are very inspiring :D

25 March

  • Missing

    Mar 25, 2012, 01.00 AMby honey d

    Hi Shira, I am having the same problem, turning it inside out. I tried from the back end opening but it is not working for me. Should I have left the arm holes unsewn and sew from the right side out? many thanks

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    • Img_3512_large

      Mar 29, 2012, 05.56 AMby Shira B

      Yes, I think you should try that, or try doing what I told REALchique. I hope that helps and if you still have problems please write here :)

25 February

  • Dsc00225_large

    Feb 25, 2012, 08.08 AMby REALchique

    Hi Shira, I’m using your vest pattern, but when I come to the last step which is to leave a space/hole and flip it, but it doesn’t flip right . What did I do wrong ? Like when I turn it, it looks nothing like a vest. What do I do ?

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    • Img_3512_large

      Feb 29, 2012, 08.01 AMby Shira B

      well I’m not really sure what the problem is but you can maybe try and place the hole for the flipping in the front area – where I put the lace – and try flipping from there.
      If that doesn’t work maybe you can try and take some pictures of your vest, before and after the flipping, and I will try to see what is the problem :D
      I hope I helped and please write again if you still have problems! (Or if you succeeded – i would like to see the result!)