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my sewing 'to do' list is totally long lolz







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21 May

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    May 21, 2015, 05.30 PMby nrobson

    wont wear my fur vest for the last day of conference today, its too awesome and distracting lol jk! ;D

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    May 21, 2015, 10.38 AMby nrobson

    wore my fur vest tonite at our church conference, and almost immediately got complimented on it, peeps eyeing it up all over the place #glowinginselfsatisfaction #success lol ;D

15 May

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    May 15, 2015, 05.50 AMby nrobson

    my sewing machine is in need of maintenance or just a good dusting and oiling! =D

2 May

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    May 2, 2015, 06.21 AMby nrobson

    at patternmaking class today we learnt how to design collars; they are tricky, but a breeze once you know how… and with my math skills i’m glad i was able to manage it lolz! now, sewing them… i wouldn’t know where to start there!! haha

27 March

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    Mar 27, 2015, 03.26 AMby nrobson

    i’m pretty pedantic with my photographic curating on this site lol

18 March

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    Mar 18, 2015, 12.07 PMby nrobson

    have got heaps of items in the works that I want to stitch up …. just sew little time lol

1 February

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    Feb 1, 2015, 10.57 AMby nrobson

    ive actually been unselfish lately lol & my sewing skills came in useful: for mending some of my auntie’s clothes (most of them are made of stretch knit jersey) as she is undergoing cancer treatment. my auntie used to sew in the 80s, she has always loved fashion! and i won’t make a hash of her expensive garments, yay – i like to think my sewing skills have definitely improved lol! =D

30 January

  • Photo_103_large

    Jan 30, 2015, 10.30 PMby RomRom

    OMG that’s so funny, I think I do! Anyway thanks for adding me to your Friends. Home sewing all the way!!

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    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      Jan 31, 2015, 10.09 AMby nrobson

      haha thats so cool – Thames is such a pretty, small place, everyone knows my cousins’ lol. Home sewing is the best!

13 January

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    Jan 13, 2015, 07.30 AMby nrobson

    great! my tablet screen just got smashed to smithereens, it was like my inspiration board lol :( #crackedscreen #inspirationboard

8 January

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    Jan 8, 2015, 01.43 AMby nrobson

    lol I just tried stitching on my friends’ serger machine, my first time ever using an overlocker… that was interesting! #wobblysewing #disastrous

21 November

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    Nov 21, 2014, 01.37 PMby nrobson

    cool, dads’ given me an old tripod he got way back in the glory days, so now i can do my fashion shoots lol whenever i can’t find a willing photographer… just need to control my portion sizes now lol

19 October

  • Sc20140213-172446-1_large

    Oct 19, 2014, 08.07 AMby Mary Athey

    Morning from a cold ireland!! I saw your status about binding. Bought a bias binder maker from eBay really cheap. It was about five pounds. They had three sizes and I got the largest.It really is so easy to use and produces great bias binding. I went mad when i first bought it and everything had bias binding on it lol. II copied one of my daughters dresses for her and all the strap detail is bias binding.I was so pleased with myself lol. I wish knew how to link a past project to show you but it’s in my studio and is a red animal print dress. Enjoy your day xx

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    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      Oct 21, 2014, 05.49 PMby nrobson

      Thanks so much Mary; sounds crisp! Thanks for reminding me about those bias making gadgets, i totally had forgotten about using one. I went and retrieved my metal one at the bottom of my tools and notions box.. a non mechanical basic medium sized one, and it did a quick job of it, really did make the job easier. So that saved lots of binding frustration lol. Xxxx

20 September

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    Sep 20, 2014, 03.29 PMby nrobson

    Only just coped without sewing or internet lol, while I’ve been away in the beautiful pacific, Papua new guinea, nigh on 2 wks.

23 August

  • Burda_large

    Aug 23, 2014, 02.31 AMby izbott

    You are so lucky! I would love to have burda issues!

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    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      Aug 23, 2014, 02.47 AMby nrobson

      I know right, a rare find indeed… I snapped up those 4 babies greedily, anyone on this site would have done the same thing (lol) #sewinglovers

1 May

  • 05-06-08_1311_copy_large

    May 1, 2014, 03.33 AMby zsyzu

    I love your little cat! Like a little tiger.

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    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      May 2, 2014, 11.32 AMby nrobson

      Haha, true with all her stripes she is a lil tiger. Rescue cat now age 14, and her names’ Simba, how apt!

10 March

  • Image7_large

    Mar 10, 2014, 10.30 PMby Ellen Hatteland

    Dear Nadia, I’m sorry to hear about your phone/camera, that’s really pity..

    2 Replies
    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      Mar 11, 2014, 01.20 AMby nrobson

      thanks sweethart, i’ll survive without technology, maybe, haha. i’ll go get another phone soon x

    • Image7_large

      Mar 11, 2014, 08.01 AMby Ellen Hatteland

      That’s a good idea :-)

22 January

  • Wp_20141224_010_large

    Jan 22, 2014, 04.06 AMby nrobson

    Thank you for including my bodice top on the featured member projects, BurdaStyle… Such a welcome surprise! <3

4 December

  • Image7_large

    Dec 4, 2013, 07.48 AMby Ellen Hatteland

    Hi Nadia, I’m not spoiled with sewing shops since I’m living on the country side, so mostly I’m ordering fabrics from the Internet.. Wish you good luck and Happy sewing ;-)

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    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      Dec 4, 2013, 11.26 AMby nrobson

      ah yes we’re in the ‘net age now …shame its not the 70s lol. Times are a changin’! Happy Sewing too x

    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      Dec 5, 2013, 04.32 AMby nrobson

      most sewing shops are a drive away, but i’ve found a rad Korean fabric store only a 20 min walk away, yay!

    • Image7_large

      Dec 5, 2013, 07.05 AMby Ellen Hatteland

      That’s fantastic! I would love to go there! :-)

2 December

  • Image7_large

    Dec 2, 2013, 01.27 PMby Ellen Hatteland

    I do hope so.. I thought it was working, but it was just for a while.. we have to cross our fingers! :)

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    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      Dec 3, 2013, 06.02 AMby nrobson

      website: pleease keeeep working, & stay like that lolz………..hahahah jk

7 November

  • Image7_large

    Nov 7, 2013, 10.25 PMby Ellen Hatteland

    Hello Nadia, I got this message from BurdaStyle Support today: We are working with our development team trying to resolve this issue as quickly as we can. Sorry for the delay. So let’s hope something is happening :)

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    • Wp_20141224_010_large

      Nov 8, 2013, 07.03 AMby nrobson

      Hi and thanks for the heads up Ellen, I hope its all good soooooon =)