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7 August, 2013

  • 06:51 PM

    monikapullerits commented on the project Blue dress for summer days

    Thank you! I am verry happy for getting it free ;) isnt it one of the reasons we sew, to get clot…

  • 08:22 AM

    monikapullerits added the project called Blue dress for summer days

    I got this fabric free from a thrift shop. I lined bodice with thin cotton. And added pockets. I love the neckline ;)

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  • 08:08 AM

    monikapullerits added the project called Pockets for shoes

    Desperately needed this kind of shelf for my summer shoes but didnt found any in stores. I didnt particulary paid any attention to measuring, just handdrafted and it turned out quite nice. Edges i …

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  • 08:03 AM

    monikapullerits added the project called Stuffed letters

    Found this idea in Pinterest. If you google Ottobre, you should find the pattern which you can download. Easy project just takes some time, patience and smart head :)

    Otto is for my son, others …

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12 February, 2013

  • 02:47 PM

    monikapullerits added the project called Office Skirt for a friend

    Last year i made a navy blue office dress for a friend and now she ordered from me a skirt. Luckily i still had the same fabric for skirt and lining so used those.

    It was a bit tricky since i tr…

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  • 02:33 PM

    monikapullerits added the project called Kitchen Towels with Crocheted edges

    My granny gave me this fabric for xmas so its very special to me.

    I made 7 towels. So far i have gave away three of them as gifts. My plan is to make them and then if in desperate need for a pr…

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  • 02:21 PM

    monikapullerits added the project called Wall Orginizer for Bathroom

    Needed badly something for my bathroom to help me keep order there. Just sewed together two pieces and then red ones with bias tape. Most challenging part was to decide how to place red pieces :) O…

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  • 02:11 PM

    monikapullerits added the project called Baby Blue Boy Leggings

    I used my old shirt to make it. He grows so fast and i realy like this kind of pants but they are so expensive in stores so made my own. Used existing pants to draw a pattern to paper then folded h…

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4 January, 2013

  • 02:57 PM

    monikapullerits added the project called Winter hat with a bow

    I knitted it three times because it was too short. And I’m still not happy with the length. Too short to fold and too long for when not folded. BUt for now it hasa to o. To spice it up and to make …

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  • 02:50 PM

    monikapullerits added the project called Pacifier attachment

    Very easy project to do for your baby. The clip is ment actually for trousers and therefore dont attach very good ( i mean its position is bit uncomfortable for baby). Luckily (or not) my baby does…

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15 December, 2012

7 December, 2012

22 November, 2012

29 October, 2012

27 October, 2012

21 October, 2012

20 October, 2012

  • 02:22 PM

    monikapullerits added the project called Ruffled Black T-Shirt

    Used an old pattern for T-shirt and just zig-zaged the edges for ruffles and sewed them on using my serger. Fabric is little sew-through especially when i stretch it over my bump. And it could be l…

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  • 02:13 PM

    monikapullerits added the project called Maternity Pants

    I decided to cut up some old jeans instead of buying new and expensive ones from store. Sorry for the poor quality but its autumn and the weather is bit gloomy :(

    I had a pattern for the tummy a…

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19 October, 2012

3 October, 2012

6 August, 2012

1 August, 2012

31 July, 2012

30 July, 2012

27 July, 2012