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Rebecca Delaney








2 May, 2013

  • 10:31 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Skirt

    Straightforward? Sure. Sometimes, it’s best to let a bold, whimsical print speak for itself.

    Unless it actually starts, you know, speaking … literally. Then, the best thing to do is call your …

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27 March, 2013

  • 09:01 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Bring Back the (Pattern) Draft Dress

    After a year of sewing, I finally decided it was time to take the plunge and design and draft a pattern on my own. It’s far from perfect, but it didn’t turn out half bad for a first effort.


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6 March, 2013

  • 02:36 AM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Just Call Me Ms. Pac Man

    I’ve worn this once. So far, everyone who’s seen this has gone through an almost identical cycle: 1) Compliment. 2) Three second pause. 3) Eyes widen/mouth gapes. 4) “WAIT, IS THAT PAC MAN?”


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  • 02:31 AM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Accidental Booty Suit

    I made a suit…in black, no less, because sometimes I like to dress up and pretend I’m an adult. Honestly, I made this hoping it’d turn out well enough to wear at some hypothetical job interview. My…

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21 February, 2013

  • 04:21 AM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Pucci-Esque Printed Mod: McCall's 6699 like it's 1969

    My boyfriend especially likes this dress because he’s a fan of anything that reminds him of a Pucci print, and I’m a fan of not questioning how a straight man knows anything about Pucci.

    From "R…

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  • 04:15 AM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Silk Velvet: Laziest Luxury Dress Ever

    Pair a luxe fabric with a super casual pattern (Burda 7376), and you’ve got a recipe for basically the most versatile dress ever. I initially made this floor length for a formal event but cut it sh…

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  • 04:10 AM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Duck and Cover Dress

    Based on Butterick 5559, I’m calling this my Duck and Cover Dress for a couple reasons. One, it looks like a bomb going off with all those fancy pleats. Two, based on how hot this dress looks on ev…

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21 January, 2013

27 December, 2012

13 December, 2012

  • 11:50 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Silk Jersey Bubblegum Dress

    Silk jersey in a dizzying but delicious polka dot pattern and a simply-cut dress with a straight skirt, pockets, elastic waist and kimono sleeves. McCall’s 6112. Simple to make. Super soft to wear….

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20 November, 2012

  • 09:31 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Bohemian Roadkill Coat

    Based on Butterick 5685, a jacket/coat pattern, this started out as an intended homage to Penny Lane in Almost famous. I was going for a boho-hippie-chic vibe. I think it looks more bad-upholstery-…

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7 November, 2012

  • 07:59 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Pretty Until the Seizure Starts

    What’s good? The pattern: Straightforward. Pretty. What’s not so good? The fabric, which reminds me of that line from Steel Magnolias about throwing up Pepto Bismol.

    Because I’m totally shameles…

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  • 07:55 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Classiest Toga Party Dress Ever

    I love this pattern because honestly — does it not look like a fancy version of a toga party outfit … the kind you’d fashion out of a spare sheet and some tape for a college keg party, except, y…

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24 October, 2012

17 October, 2012

9 October, 2012

24 September, 2012

4 September, 2012

  • 05:20 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Because Every Girl Needs a Red Dress

    My try at sewing Butterick 5780, a close-fitting, Kate Middleton-inspired something-or-other knockoff featuring sleeve options, a skirt with front pleats, a back zipper, and a bodice with a crazy l…

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23 August, 2012

  • 01:54 AM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Accidentally 70s: Simplicity 1801

    A rather darling pattern turned into a creation best suited for a Halloween costume. I didn’t mean to look like I crawled out of an episode of the Partridge Family with this frock, but sometimes, t…

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17 August, 2012

16 August, 2012

  • 10:25 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Devil in the Daytime Knit Blue Dress

    This was my foray into sewing a relatively complex pattern for a knit fabric. I think it turned out pretty swell, even though the elastic waist gave me a hell of a time because I’m an idiot and onl…

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  • 10:23 PM

    Rebecca Delaney added the project called Easy Being Green(ish): McCall's 6433

    This was my second crack at this pattern. The first was a purple monstrosity that only remains in my closet because I’m afraid to look at it again. Things went much more smoothly this time around. …

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