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25 November

  • Dsc01719a_large

    Nov 25, 2008, 12.36 PMby yolimba

    I guess I missunderstood something :) I think you can use silicone or something like that to give them a harder sole.

    Anyway – have a nice week!

20 November

  • Dsc01719a_large

    Nov 20, 2008, 06.01 PMby yolimba

    Hey – thanks for your lovely comment :-) I’m sorry I’m so late with my answer, but I didn’t recognize your comment… Yes, these slippers are so wonderful and so easy to make – especially with felt. I had the same problem, I thought the sole wasn’t hard enough, although I used thick felt (about 5mm I think). But it was very easy: I cut another felt-sole and glued it underneath the slippers. This is of course only a solution for felty slippers, but I’m sure you can sew something like hard paperboard between two fabric-soles (maybe you also pad it, that would be more comfortable) to make it more “robust”.

    Hope to see your creation soon ;-)

    Have a nice weekend, jenny.