12 January, 2014

  • 11:39 AM

    masty added the project called Winter flowers

    I made a tote bag with summer colors a few months ago and here is the winter version!

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20 October, 2013

  • 09:34 AM

    masty added the project called The skirt I will never wear

    I made this skirt out of a grey fabric with black flowers. I added a black underskirt, longer than the skirt itself.
    The skirt has 6 big gussets and 6 small triangular gussets, to add volume. I ba…

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8 May, 2013

  • 03:46 PM

    masty added the project called Infinity yes!

    The infitnity dress is a classic now so I HAD to make one!
    The most difficult part was finding the appropriate fabric at a reasonable price. It took time but I finally got it. And for 1euro/meter …

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  • 03:24 PM

    masty commented on the project Summer flowers tote bag


  • 10:24 AM

    masty added the project called Summer flowers tote bag

    That’s the new tote bag I will take with me everywhere.
    It’s the excat copy of a bag that someone brought me back from New-York. It used to be my favorite but recently the inside layer started to …

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20 January, 2013

  • 03:13 PM

    masty added the project called Red Burt dress and matching lacket

    I’ve been thinking about making this dress since a saw it last year in a mode magazine. I love the shape and the contrast between red and dark grey.

    I has a zipper in the side and 2 buttons on t…

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12 February, 2012

6 January, 2012

30 December, 2011

  • 03:07 PM

    masty added the project called A dress for Christmas

    I had bought a pink dress for almost nothing during the sales a few years ago but it was too big for me.
    I finally decided that it would make a great dress for Christmas.
    So I arranged it to fit…

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23 December, 2011

15 November, 2011

21 October, 2011

16 October, 2011

  • 08:51 AM

    masty commented on the project Black autumn jacket

    Nice! And I really like the buttons you chose. Now I want to make one too…


11 September, 2011

  • 03:46 PM

    masty commented on the project My favourite tee's little brother

    I added the pattern and instructions. I hope you’ll enjoy working with it.

  • 03:44 PM

    masty added the pattern called My favourite tee's little brother

    Simple and comfy tee with a round neckline and little sleeves. Close to the body on the upper part, it flares from bust to hips.

    The use of jersey make it possible to leave all edges raw if desi…

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  • 10:22 AM

    masty commented on the project My version of a black leather jacket for fall

    The puffy sleeves are perfect, the exposed zipper is such a great idea: I love love your jacket! …

  • 10:18 AM

    masty added the project called Colorful coffee date dress

    My first coffee date dress!

    Without the ruffle because I don’t like that… I used a colorful fabric and an orange-brown zipper. I sewed the zipper so that it shows a little. When a choose a col…

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  • 09:54 AM

    masty added the project called New old shirt

    I wanted to try to make a shirt but I was not confident I would manage the most difficult parts (collar especially).

    Then I discovered that my boyfriend had this shirt he never wore (I think he …

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21 August, 2011

3 August, 2011

31 July, 2011

18 July, 2011

  • 06:53 PM

    masty commented on the project Masty's shorts

    That’s normal, there is nothing else in the pattern :)
    As all other pieces are rectangles (look a…

  • 06:47 PM

    masty commented on the project Rose Burnout C Dress

    I love your version! Removing the sleeves was a great idea. I think I like it better this way…

  • 06:44 PM

    masty commented on the project C Dress

    I think I can :) Tell me which part you don’t understand and I’ll try to make it clearer.