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15 April, 2015

  • 05:12 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called NewLook Spring jacket

    A simple jacket design, this time from NewLook patterns (K6217). Made from a lovely cotton fabric which was a bit pricier than I usually opt for, but it was lovely to work with. The sleeves are par…

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  • 04:58 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Basic Drape Jersey Cardigan

    A simple drape cardigan made from jersey fabric – my first project inserting sleeves!! I am really pleased with how this cardigan came out, my second Ottobre pattern and again – no pattern adjustme…

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23 March, 2015

  • 07:11 PM

    LizDN9 commented on the project Simple Drape top

    Yes Mary, it’s out of the Ottobre Woman current issue (Spring/ Summer 2015) – I can always get a …


22 March, 2015

  • 07:20 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Simple Drape top

    A simple top, with some pleats added at one shoulder to create a drape effect. This is the first Ottobre pattern I have done and very pleased with it. You take your size measurement from your bust,…

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  • 07:15 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Applique Cat Cushion

    A cushion I made for my friend for her birthday. Made from bits I had in the fabric box, contrasting fabrics divided by a cotton ribbon. I got the idea from Sew Mag, you can download the cat templa…

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2 February, 2015

1 February, 2015

  • 03:35 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Sorbetto Variation

    I made this top based loosely on the Colette patterns sorbetto top, I have made the sorbetto top before and knew that it fit round me, I had also already made the adaptations for an FBA, and liked …

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  • 03:28 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Short Margot pyjamas

    I adapted the Margot Pyjamas pattern by Tilly and the Buttons to make these short pyjama bottoms from some fabric I had left. I also added a contrasting ribbon (saved from some old pyjamas!) and al…

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28 January, 2015

25 January, 2015

  • 05:07 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Square wheat bag

    Filled with dried wheat and lavender to make a toasty wheat bag for chilly nights.

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22 January, 2015

  • 10:57 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Wheat bag

    My Grandma managed to get hold of some dried wheat from a local farmer, I have since been making these wheat bags for me and my friends. Easy to make…simply cut the fabric to the size/ shape you …

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24 November, 2014

16 September, 2014

  • 09:34 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Margot Pyjama Bottoms

    A basic Pyjama bottom pattern from Tilly and the Buttons book: “Love at First Stitch”. My first pair of trousers! (Albeit super simple ones!) Sorry for the crazy shadows in one of the pictures!

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  • 09:28 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Black Jersey Skirt

    basic skirt from a pattern I drew myself from an existing skirt. Simple elasticated waistband and hemmed up at the bottom. Discovered my machine has a stitch especially for stretch fabrics!

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24 August, 2014

  • 03:04 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Stuffed floor cushion

    Another floor cushion I have made for a family member, you stuff the cushion with a single duvet/ blankets, perfect way to store those extra winter layers, and the mean time you have a large squash…

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13 August, 2014

12 August, 2014

10 August, 2014

  • 07:35 PM

    LizDN9 added the project called Restyled Linen Shorts

    I was gifted some 3/4 length linen bottoms which we a tad on the large size for me, but I love linen and am short on shorts, so a re-fashion of these was due!

    You can see in the pictures that I …

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2 August, 2014

  • 01:40 PM

    LizDN9 commented on the project Rosette Cushion

    Sort of, inspired by one I saw in a book I which explained how to make a rosette but then applied…


29 July, 2014

  • 12:50 AM

    LizDN9 commented on the project Beachy cushion

    I stitched it with the machine…but don’t be fooled. I stitched it with matching thread, which y…


28 July, 2014

14 July, 2014

8 June, 2014