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I sew with one shoe off.







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26 January

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    Jan 26, 2012, 08.58 PMby patti-r

    Laeh, You are very welcome, always glad to help!!! Patti

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    Jan 26, 2012, 01.36 PMby patti-r

    Hello Laeh, I am a American also, have not ordered your right bit confusing, remember the Euros cost more than the US Dollars. Hoping others have more information on ordering. Regarding the Lekala (Leko) Patterns read the measurements they want they are only for sizes close to your measurements they still may require further alterations for your specific body E. G. FBA, small waist etc. I would personally not place an order as there are no refunds if it does not fit.


    There are free pdf patterns for women 44 & 46 (US 12 & 14) sizes on some patterns you have to look through the categories Get the Download PDF then also copy and save the Technical Descriptions (Instructions are not the greatest if you do not sew a lot) to folder make sure you add the pattern number to the Tech Descpt if not on it, many have the Chiffon blouse written the directions maybe correct but not worded correctly. Hope that is clearer than mud. If not get back to me and will try and help. To test out patterns I made a few things for mother in law they fit well. They are sized like Burdastyle Patterns:


    Hope this helps somewhat and others have more info. Patti

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      Jan 26, 2012, 08.29 PMby Laeh J

      Thanks so much, Patti! I’ve downloaded some of the free patterns and will try them out first. I can’t even figure out how to pay (probably a good thing), but you’re right that I try out their measurement system first before I even consider buying anything.