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24 January, 2013

13 August, 2012

  • 07:04 PM

    knswed added the project called Princess frog summer dresses

    Two different summer dresses.
    The first was suppose to have sleeves, but I used bias tape to bind it.
    The pockets have an appliqued frog and glued on sparkly dots to make the crown and wand.

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  • 06:47 PM

    knswed added the project called Toddler's jacket with frog pocket

    Fleece toddler’s jacket.
    The frog body is a pocket. The legs and eyes are appliqued on.

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  • 06:43 PM

    knswed added the project called Shorts, shorts, shorts for kids

    Two different types of shorts.

    The camo, blue (recycled tshirt), spiderweb (glows in the dark) have no pockets and are very basic.

    The aboriginal print and the Noah’s ark print has pockets …

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28 February, 2012

10 February, 2012

  • 04:55 AM

    knswed added the project called Hello Kitty PJs

    I had just under 1 m of hello kitty flannelette that my mom had given me.
    I don’t use flannelette that much except for bibs.
    This was my first attempt at PJs for my daughter.
    There wasn’t enough…

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6 February, 2012

  • 02:34 PM

    knswed added the project called Watermelon4

    And so with the last of the watermelon fabric, I found a skort pattern.
    I cut out the short pieces first, and then found not enough for the skirt section.
    Back to the store. But t…

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  • 02:32 PM

    knswed added the project called Watermelon3

    Peasant blouse
    Using more of the watermelon fabric, I was always wanting to try making a peasant blouse.
    They look so cute on kids.
    And look pretty easy to make.
    I didn’t have a pattern, so did…

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  • 02:29 PM

    knswed added the project called Watermelon2

    So with the leftover fabric, I made a skirt.
    But was slightly short for the ruffle.
    Went to the store, and it was on SALE! 3m for 1m.
    Oh oh.

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  • 02:27 PM

    knswed added the project called Watermelon1

    So I bought some fabric with these cute watermelons on to make a dress for her.
    Turned out pretty cute.
    Of course there is always the leftovers..
    So I made some panties to go with it.
    And still…

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  • 02:24 PM

    knswed added the project called His and Her slippers

    One for him, one for her
    I put plastic lined with foam between the jiffy grip and the flannelette sole.
    Helps keep their feet warmer, and dry when they run around in the wet spots that seem to ha…

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24 January, 2012

  • 09:03 PM

    knswed commented on the project 2 Hour Retro Halter Dress

    I love that dress, especially the back straps!
    Can you post a picture of the pattern pieces somew…

  • 04:26 AM

    knswed added the project called A sprouting weed

    Another pair of pants that became too short.
    She is sprouting so quick, I can’t keep up.
    To get more life out of these, which I had only made a couple of months ago, I added a flounce.
    Surely no…

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12 January, 2012

21 December, 2011

  • 11:21 PM

    knswed commented on the project wool slippers

    They look so warm and cozy. Can you post the pattern?


19 December, 2011

18 December, 2011

16 December, 2011

15 December, 2011

  • 11:13 PM

    knswed added the project called Christmas concert dress for my daughter

    Daycare has a christmas concert and the colours are red, black and white.
    My daughter doesn’t have any red dresses, so it was a mad scramble to come up with something festive.
    And this is what it…

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  • 11:07 PM

    knswed ’s status has been updated to:
    wishing i was sewing rather than working
  • 11:03 PM

    knswed added the project called A solution to too short toddler pants

    My daughter is growing like a weed. I made her a pair of pants out of fleecy sweatshirt material, only to find she grew an inch taller. and now they are too short. What to do?

    In the end I und…

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  • 10:55 PM

    knswed added the project called Upcycled baby's blanket into a robe for my daughter

    My daughter use to lie on this blanket when she was a baby. Then I had a son, and needed something more boyish for him. What to do with the blanket?
    There was just enough to get a bathrobe made …

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  • 10:42 PM

    knswed commented on the project The Feel-Better Dress

    Awesome dress!

  • 04:55 PM

    knswed added the project called Upcycled t shirt

    Had an old t shirt that I no longer wear. I upcycled it for my son. He has a big head, so I wanted to make it so that it easily fits on, with no buttons or snaps.
    The sleeves were a bit short, …

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  • 04:18 PM

    knswed commented on the project Akina wedding dress

    Wow! That is a beautiful dress and fits your friend perfectly. Very nice.

  • 04:13 PM

    knswed added the project called Boy's robe with a hood.

    Boy’s robe with a hood.
    I modified the belt, making it shorter and sewing it on to the robe at the back. The loops never work for me with kids, as the kids always pull the belt out.

    I loved it…

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  • 04:10 PM

    knswed added the project called Recycled men's sweater became a toddler's jacket

    My co-worker gave me an old fine cotton sweater. I recycled it into a new jacket for my son.
    I loved the pattern so much I made another in yellow fleece.
    The only difficulty is getting the manda…

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  • 04:05 PM

    knswed added the project called Dinosaur hats for Christmas gifts

    These are soooo easy and everyone loves them.
    They only take about 1.5hrs at the most.

    Bear hat is based on the same pattern, and I sewed in some ears instead of the dinosaur spikes.
    Then i ap…

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14 December, 2011