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29 July

  • 6ca53fed210eee2abc2d1840951cf4419553b3ae_large

    Jul 29, 2008, 08.46 PMby mandypandy

    As you requested, I finally did a How-To on my Grey Dress! www.burdastyle.com/howtos/show/1033# The How-To is a shirt, but all you have to do is extend the fabric lower (and flare) for a dress! By the way, thanks for the comment. You have beautiful work!

26 May

  • D2c37ac149cb9fa8dd21b4dcb8fe74ee8639eeb2_large

    May 26, 2008, 04.37 AMby flower80

    Thank you for this nice comment on my esther!!!!THe stripe shirt of you looks fantastic-very fresh!!!!

11 May

  • Profilbild_mini_large

    May 11, 2008, 11.13 AMby polychromatin

    Thanks for your nice comment on my JJ. Yours looks also great, I love the color and the alterations you made are very interesting!

8 May

  • 9042c0bf5223511d5cc13e721fdeef21914bb56c_large

    May 8, 2008, 12.33 PMby lauriana

    Hi Keelysews! Thanks for your comment! Now that you mention it, my wall is pretty full, but so is yours I see ;) I started the thread about pattern making software because I would like to learn more about it and if possible, try it. I’m always making patterns by hand, and to take it further in any way, I would have to go digital. I got a lot of nice and helpful comments from that thread, but unfortunately, I don’t have the money right now to buy expensive software. Thanks for your complements and let there be rock ;P

  • Owlman_full_size_large

    May 8, 2008, 09.33 AMby naughtylittlepony

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my jacket. Your creations are amazing. I’m going to try the JJ blouse next. I really like yours.

7 May

  • 010106etsyavatar_large

    May 7, 2008, 01.10 AMby ledthread


    Yes, the dress is for sale in my etsy shop, and the belt! Custom orders a pleasure, of course, and I’ll be taking pix of my other fabrics and uploading to my flickr tomorrow.


1 May

  • 9563500d9946251859446554dae39ed3f6e177b4_large

    May 1, 2008, 09.19 AMby nikkiclare68

    Hi Keely! You’re very sweet, thanks! These pants are my favorite creation so far! I wasn’t sure about the wide legs and high waist( post two kids) but they rock!!! Have fun w/ yours and I’ll look forward to seeing them posted soon.

23 April

  • 34db8dcaa7a8d406df0429bb2be4e7cd2659e467_large

    Apr 23, 2008, 07.17 PMby calicokate

    Hi Keelysews, thanks for your message on my wall. I’m sort of just getting the hang of this sewing stuff, and I find your creations very inspiring, and I LOVE your style. I’m willing to bet the weather here is a Lot colder than yours right now…here, winter continues. >:( So, you’re a Mommy, too? How do you find time (and energy!!!) to sew as much as you do?!?! I have half as many children as you, and I find it busy enough!

15 April

  • 14536_1168844113637_1603980154_30421967_5707101_n_large

    Apr 15, 2008, 04.44 PMby reneebeth

    Oh, my fabric may not be the same. While it is very comfortable as well, it is not heavy but very very sheer! I’m going to use it for lining on a floor length summer dress (or maybe knee length) of my own design soon. Also, thank you for the comments on my creations!

13 April

  • C58e84c3d377b5e875ba44fe283b29914f4a91b3_large

    Apr 13, 2008, 03.22 PMby britnlind

    The new machine is fantastic. Every day I love it more and more. Funny thing is I got it at a shop that offers six month trade up options. They will give you full value in six months to get a new machine but that’ll just be when I get the hang of this one. HA! How is the drafting going? That is my next step. Any tips?

31 March

  • Bcfdf732ed0d1e0738afae99ad7b7a78d6d65e62_large

    Mar 31, 2008, 09.45 PMby Lauren Fortgang

    So just a clean cut edge and a fake hem, huh? You are the master! You should have a blog devoted to keeping things cute but simple! I love all your tricks! I will try the blind hem…it probably doesn’t need any hem, but I just have this feeling i should somehow finish it more ‘nicely’ because it has a sort of elegant look about it…but maybe I’m over-thinking. Will let you know when I start on your fab dress!!! can’t wait.

27 March

  • Missing

    Mar 27, 2008, 11.01 PMby stresemann

    Hey Keely! Thanks for your comment on my dress and for stopping by on my profile. You really have no need to be jealous – you haven’t seen the inside of that dress. If it comes to sloppy finishing I’m a master in really bad disguise :D Your creations on the other look really neat.

    Your idea sounds good to me, and with THAT DRESS! you already have something really nice in stock (I would give my second best wig for that pattern ;) ) If you need any pointers regarding sewing “drag” I’d be more than happy to help where I can. Best wishes!

26 March

  • Bssquare_large

    Mar 26, 2008, 03.02 PMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

    hey keely, thanks for the desira love! love your creations! have you indeed made your desira???

17 March

  • Bcfdf732ed0d1e0738afae99ad7b7a78d6d65e62_large

    Mar 17, 2008, 12.18 PMby Lauren Fortgang

    I’m just teasing…you take all the time you need. I just love it! :-)

16 March

  • Bcfdf732ed0d1e0738afae99ad7b7a78d6d65e62_large

    Mar 16, 2008, 10.12 PMby Lauren Fortgang

    Alright Keely…consider this your nudge to post a how to on that no pattern dress…or even just a nice detailed description. it’s just so fabulous I can’t get over it…and to think I could add it to my spring/summer line up with the ease you promise…well, that just makes me want to nudge you more!!! Cheating shortcuts totally acceptable!

11 March

  • 7fc4fbb99ffb6bbbc0eed1bd5b58bb563c3815a5_large

    Mar 11, 2008, 09.17 AMby miss-g

    Thanks for your note on my wall. It looks like our city is well represented here on this site. Happy sewing!

29 February

  • 8b8ed299cab9df63e982a427f86a7bc79939c502_large

    Feb 29, 2008, 05.17 AMby keelysews

    Hi everyone! I’m just getting my feet haven’t sewn for many many years….I have been quite busy and promise to download some of my recent creation(efforts!) tonight when I get a spare five minutes(4 kids and crazy busy!) Love this website, love veiwing everyones AMAZING creations, you are all so inspiring! Keelysews