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13 April, 2015

25 October, 2013

30 September, 2013

  • 11:57 PM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Floral Sheath

    I actually made this dress a couple of years ago as the first assignment for my Draping 2 class, but I never got around to taking a picture of it until recently. I got the fabric from an estate sa…

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  • 11:53 PM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Color Guard Flag #3

    Sixteen of these flags were made for the La Vergne High School color guard. The local news even came in while we were sewing to film. Overall, I am so happy this is over. The theme for the band’…

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12 September, 2013

30 August, 2013

  • 01:11 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Mine & Also Mine Towels

    Here’s another set of towels for that bridal shower I’m going to in October.

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  • 01:09 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Mr. & Mrs. Towels

    I embroidered these Mr. and Mrs. towels for my partner’s cousin’s bridal shower that I’ll be attending in Toronto.

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  • 01:01 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Color Guard Flag #2

    The mayor of the city where the company I work for resides asked of us to assist the local high school’s color guard by making their flags. We had been told that the band parents had made some, bu…

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27 August, 2013

19 August, 2013

16 August, 2013

8 August, 2013

4 August, 2013

  • 01:21 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Circular Web Lace Earrings

    These black web lace earrings created with my embroidery machine feature a colored center and measure approximately 2" high and 1 1/2" wide and have silver tone hooks. When choosing a color for thi…

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  • 01:17 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Triangular Black Lace Earrings

    These lovely black lace earrings created on my embroidery machine are very light weight and elegant. They measure approximately 2 1/2" high and 1 1/2" wide have have silver tone hooks. Main fiber c…

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1 August, 2013

  • 11:50 PM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Laura's Bag

    Since I don’t know how much time I will have later, I have started making some Christmas gifts. This one is for my partner’s cousin who I drew from the pot for Secret Santa for his family’s Christ…

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31 July, 2013

30 July, 2013

  • 11:32 PM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Crazy Kitties Wallet

    I was really bored at work one day, so after some complaining, my cubical neighbor said, “Here, make something out of this,” and she handed me this vivid cat patterned fabric. Inspired, I found a …

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  • 12:41 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Evie's Apron

    My friend was going to be moving in with her boyfriend (which isn’t going to happen for a while after the car accident), so I thought it would be cute to make her an apron. I’m going to make this …

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26 July, 2013

  • 10:42 PM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Ice Cream Applique Shirt for Adrian

    I found an old white t-shirt at the bottom of my fabric bin, so I made another shirt for Adrian. I used some leftover fabric from the Pusheen shirt (made from a discarded night shirt) to make the c…

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  • 12:28 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Guildsman of the Sunken Mausoleum

    I have been wanting to make this shirt for so long, and I finally have! I used a McCall’s men’s shirt pattern size medium, and the shirt is made of a quilter’s cotton because I really liked the pr…

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20 July, 2013

4 July, 2013

29 June, 2013

  • 03:14 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Pusheen Applique for Adrian

    My partner had a night shirt that he has never worn and told me he never would, so I got to work making another t-shirt for our beloved son. Adrian and I love Pusheen, so I created a Pusheen appli…

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  • 03:08 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Guitar Applique for Adrian

    After destroying two of my son’s shirts, I decided I needed to get of my butt and make him one. I found some old knit fabric from a Pattern Draping II class and made a pattern from one of the shir…

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  • 03:03 AM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called The Red Butterfly

    I made this shirt from some leftover swiss dot material I got from an estate sale a few years ago. I used some of it in a draping class, but luckily I had just enough leftover for this top. This …

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11 June, 2013

9 June, 2013

  • 09:57 PM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Midnight Flower Underbust Corset

    From the moment I went to school for Fashion Design, I have always wanted to make a proper corset. In fact, when looking at schools, I was promised that making a corset was part of the curriculum….

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7 June, 2013

  • 11:09 PM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Adrian Sun Hat

    I had some extra fabric after making my Koi Bag, so I drafted a sun hat for my sun to wear to the zoo. Obviously, I embroidered his name on the hat. The construction and decorative stitches were …

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6 June, 2013

  • 11:32 PM

    kanamithedreamer added the project called Koi Bag

    A former co worker of mine had given me a Simplicity bag pattern, and I finally got around to using it. I wanted to use the koi fish design I had in my embroidery inventory, so I picked the batik …

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