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Julia Morley







8 March, 2013

21 February, 2013

18 February, 2013

  • 12:54 AM

    Julia Morley added the project called Blue Sequin Skirt Refashion

    This is why I love post-prom clearance sales. This number started as a $150 Hailey Logan dress which I snagged for $7 the year before last post-prom. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought …

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17 February, 2013

  • 07:22 PM

    Julia Morley added the project called Refashioning a Too-Short-LBD

    Every once in a while I find myself at a clearance rack in a store and end up talking myself into buying a dress that is gossip-girl-short because it’s so cheap I have nothing to lose, right? Then …

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10 February, 2013

  • 11:33 PM

    Julia Morley added the project called McCall's 6570

    It feels so good to sew again. Between a bout of personal illness, the holidays, and 80 hours weeks at the hospital, it’s been months since my sewing machine and I got to spend some time together. …

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24 December, 2012

4 November, 2012

  • 01:06 AM

    Julia Morley ’s status has been updated to:
    Support movember:
  • 12:54 AM

    Julia Morley added the project called Movember Mustache Pillow

    I learned about Movember last year when my boyfriend participated in it. I can’t grow a mustache (and really I’m glad about that – I have no desire to grow any facial ha…

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3 November, 2012

  • 07:17 PM

    Julia Morley commented on the project For The Sake of Sequins

    The pattern is Burda 7232, I’m in the USA and just bought it at a fabric store, but it’s this one…


4 October, 2012

  • 02:45 AM

    Julia Morley added the project called Black and Cream Halter Dress

    This dress was supposed to be a flapper dress using some fringe that I got from the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse. I started with Burda 8045 with plans to modify the skirt to add fringe to i…

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2 October, 2012

28 September, 2012

  • 05:41 PM

    Julia Morley added the project called Imagine a Hoodie

    My boyfriend has this T-Shirt that has the word imagine on it with a little heart over the “i.” It’s one of those things that’s so simple, but somehow resonates with me, so I wanted to incorporate …

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24 September, 2012

23 September, 2012

  • 11:21 PM

    Julia Morley added the project called Raincoat Raincoat Go Away

    Note to self: sewing with clear vinyl is a terrible terrible idea. This raincoat was dangled over my trashcan several times throughout the construction of this garment. But I’m still plugging throu…

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20 September, 2012

  • 06:17 AM

    Julia Morley commented on the project Pavot

    beautiful tailoring and color! Nice job :-)


19 September, 2012

  • 10:21 PM

    Julia Morley added the project called For The Sake of Sequins

    I think this might now be my favorite dress in my entire wardrobe. I’m pretty sure I like it better than my prom dress (which yes, is still in my wardrobe. You know, just in case I get invited to a…

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16 September, 2012

11 September, 2012

10 September, 2012

  • 02:17 AM

    Julia Morley added the project called McCalls 6103

    I wish I could adequately show you the soft-and-fuzziness of this dress – it’s on the border between velour, jersey knit, and fleecy blanket material. The dress was made from McCall’s 6103, the hea…

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