10 October, 2011

  • 06:24 PM

    juebejue added the project called Camel Hair Duffle Coat

    I based the pattern off burda magazine 02/2010/coat126, as it is a coat without any darts or curves. All I needed to do is do some alteration to the back piece and add the hoodie + flaps . I cut th…

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4 October, 2011

28 September, 2011

  • 02:37 AM

    juebejue commented on the project Fox Dress

    wow, this is so elegant and pretty, i love it!


27 September, 2011

25 September, 2011

23 September, 2011

  • 06:01 AM

    juebejue added the project called Wool Mini Skirt

    I had this dirty green shetland wool in my stash since earlier this year, and that wool is pretty thin so its perfect for a mini dress. I drafted my own pattern, and used elastics in the back inste…

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21 September, 2011

16 September, 2011

14 September, 2011

  • 09:29 PM

    juebejue commented on the project Petite Pink Pregger Princess

    yes yes! i made it with wearing it after in mind, also very good for breastfeeding!

  • 08:18 PM

    juebejue commented on the project Dim Sum Party Dress

    i LOVE the dress! great use of the pattern magic detail :D now i want to make one~

  • 03:10 AM

    juebejue commented on the project 09/2011 Duffle coat

    The rating system really needs to go! I think this coat is an awesome basic, not sure why its rat…


11 September, 2011

10 September, 2011

  • 01:33 AM

    juebejue added the project called Petite Pink Pregger Princess

    This is one of my favorite dresses! After finishing last seersucker dress, I’ve been wearing it every weekend since it is so comfortable and I feel so cute in it. However, I can wear it only on the…

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9 September, 2011

  • 04:47 PM

    juebejue commented on the project Summer Ruffle Dress For Girls

    love the vibrant color and front details! the photos are great and sucha cute girl :)

  • 08:27 AM

    juebejue added the project called Pregnancy Rayon Gown

    I made this simple gown from a deep blue rayon.

    The skirt part is just a semi circle sewn together in the back which gives it a great drape. I was going to make a full circle, but I did my math…

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3 September, 2011

  • 01:31 AM

    juebejue commented on the project Kat Dress

    looks great! when I saw this it reminded me of the white-red-black version you did a while back, …


30 August, 2011

18 August, 2011

14 August, 2011