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14 September, 2011

  • 03:10 AM

    juebejue commented on the project 09/2011 Duffle coat

    The rating system really needs to go! I think this coat is an awesome basic, not sure why its rat…


11 September, 2011

10 September, 2011

  • 01:33 AM

    juebejue added the project called Petite Pink Pregger Princess

    This is one of my favorite dresses! After finishing last seersucker dress, I’ve been wearing it every weekend since it is so comfortable and I feel so cute in it. However, I can wear it only on the…

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9 September, 2011

  • 04:47 PM

    juebejue commented on the project Summer Ruffle Dress For Girls

    love the vibrant color and front details! the photos are great and sucha cute girl :)

  • 08:27 AM

    juebejue added the project called Pregnancy Rayon Gown

    I made this simple gown from a deep blue rayon.

    The skirt part is just a semi circle sewn together in the back which gives it a great drape. I was going to make a full circle, but I did my math…

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3 September, 2011

  • 01:31 AM

    juebejue commented on the project Kat Dress

    looks great! when I saw this it reminded me of the white-red-black version you did a while back, …


30 August, 2011

18 August, 2011

14 August, 2011

11 August, 2011

  • 03:19 AM

    juebejue added the project called Maternity Quarter pants

    This is a creation that I really really love. I made a pair of quarter pants in natural linen. It is really comfortable. When you are preggers, it is easy to feel really warm. Sometimes I feel hot …

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9 August, 2011

  • 08:00 AM

    juebejue commented on the project Maternity Linen shorts

    :D yes yes! I would be posting a tutorial on how i altered the yoga pants pattern to shorts/quart…

  • 07:59 AM

    juebejue commented on the project Ikea Bedsheet dress

    oh yes i did! i used v8380 from vogue! hope you make one too!

  • 07:58 AM

    juebejue posted a message on juebejue’s wall

    aww thank you!

  • 07:57 AM

    juebejue commented on the project Purple sporty Maternity top

    congrats! sewing for maternity is actually kind of fun :) i just gathered the fabric on the side,…

  • 04:35 AM

    juebejue added the project called Maternity Linen shorts

    The linen shorts are really comfortable. The linen is made from a rayon linen blend, and is slightly stretchy. I actually based the pattern off the yoga pants from burdastyle. I added pockets, made…

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  • 04:30 AM

    juebejue added the project called Purple sporty Maternity top

    The top was made from the same purple fabric I used for the off shoulder dress. It was suppose to be a dress but the back didnt turn out as classy as I thought it would be, so I changed it to a top…

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8 August, 2011

  • 04:13 PM

    juebejue added the project called Purple off shoulder dress

    This dress is conceived with quite difficulties. I have started the dress wanting to make a Breakfast at Tiffany’s little black dress’s back, with gathered skirt. However, after I’ve made the top p…

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5 August, 2011

15 July, 2011

25 June, 2011

  • 05:30 PM

    juebejue added the project called Ikea Bedsheet dress

    I love making dresses out of bedsheets for a few reasons:

    They are so damn comfy
    They sometimes have more interesting patterns than the cotton you can buy in store
    They are free
    (Most importa…

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23 June, 2011