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25 March, 2015

4 September, 2013

13 August, 2013

12 August, 2013

  • 10:48 PM

    juebejue commented on the project Waist Clincher

    only the front, pleated panel is lined (i followed their instruction). I liked how this dress loo…


9 August, 2013

  • 08:41 PM

    juebejue commented on the project Pleated bamboo dress

    thank you!! unfortunately this was in an old burda magazine (2009, June), so I dont think burdast…


7 August, 2013

21 March, 2013

  • 04:41 AM

    juebejue added the project called The Bear Coat

    Based on the tested and true Talae coat pattern from burdastyle, with a hoodie, zipper, altered pocket, green lining and embroidered tag :)

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  • 04:37 AM

    juebejue added the project called Bamboo Jersey Pocket Top

    Made another one from bamboo jersey since I wear the first one so much :) this one is much brighter

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  • 04:35 AM

    juebejue added the project called Bamboo Jersey Zipper Top

    Just a casual top with interesting details :)

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  • 04:34 AM

    juebejue added the project called Striped Wool Skirt

    I made it from a self drafted skirt pattern I made a while back. The skirt pattern was just a basic pencil skirt, and I added vertical insert to the sides to add more interest. In my head, the hori…

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  • 04:31 AM

    juebejue added the project called Steve Zissou Costume

    Made hubby a costume based on one of his favorite movies. Basically added deep blue stripe to some thrifted clothing- altered here and there to match the movie better. he loved it!

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  • 04:27 AM

    juebejue added the project called Growing Shadows Backless Dress

    This is a pretty quick and easy dress I whipped up over the span of a few weeks. (Normally would just take me a day or two). I sew for 10 minutes here and there. It is based on the sincerely Vivat …

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  • 04:23 AM

    juebejue added the project called Rayon Maxi Floral Dress

    I LOVE this dress. Wear it almost every weekend during the summer.

    Made this dress when it was super hot and I really wanted another comfortable and sexy maxi dress. The two I made before were …

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  • 04:19 AM

    juebejue added the project called Draped Knit Dress

    I actually made this twice… IT is quite comfortable (bamboo dress), but its a bit too casual for dressy places and a bit too dress for casual days. so I am actually scratching it and remaking som…

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  • 04:13 AM

    juebejue added the project called Fnal goodbye to winter

    Made this last winter. not my finest moment in jacket / coat construction. I think the fabric stretched a little and is too soft and too thick for this style. oh well, you make, you learn.

    to re…

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  • 04:09 AM

    juebejue added the project called Juebejue's Purple Silk Blouse

    Used pattern 2009-09-105, silk blouse.

    It is very comfortable and I loved it when I first made it. however, the silk falls away from the body and isnt THAT flattering, so I dont wear it as much…

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  • 04:00 AM

    juebejue added the project called Wearable Muslin - Linen shirt

    I had been eyeing some flowy blouses for a while. I dont enjoy making blouses as much as dresses and coats. However, even polyester blouses are around 30 dollars a piece, let alone something from n…

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  • 03:56 AM

    juebejue added the project called Shimmery skirt

    It is literally made from 4 rectangles plus a zipper and unlined. I found this shimmering 90%poly 10% wool blend in hancock and got 1/2 a yard, and wasted nothing!

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  • 03:52 AM

    juebejue added the project called Striped Sweater Dress

    I wanted some sweater dresses for winter I hadnt gotten back in shape enough to be comfortable in my old jeans, but I didnt have much sweaters that are long enough to be decent with leggings. Als…

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1 August, 2012