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6 September

  • Jengar1_large

    Sep 6, 2012, 01.40 PMby jrandle

    Hi all, My name is Jenga Randle. I’m a first time seamtress and this is my first post. I have to say that I’ve been very inspired by Burda Forum. I’ve been staring at the patterns for three months now. I finally purchased two skirt patterns and downloaded two free patterns. All of the blogs and projects and new patterns coming out almost every week is enough for me to be in sewing heaven.

    Here’s a little of my history……I grew up with my mom sewing dresses for me up until I was 20 yrs old. I watched her and learned her sewing machine, (she’s a Singer gal). As I continued in the world of fashion, which is in layman’s terms, purchasing clothing for hundreds of dollars, I found a seamtress that could look at a picture and sew it. I got by for years doing that, spending $40 on each dress (after choosing and purchasing my own fabric). She even did my wedding which I designed myself. About 8 years later, I moved to Georgia, and noticed that the buyers in these stores, in my opinion, did not make good fashion choices. I was like…what in the world is this? I realized that nothing I bought, I really liked. Sure I followed trends and kept up with the color of the season, but when it came to an occasion when I really needed to find the perfect dress…it was never there.

    You know when you need to go to this special event and you know in your head what you’re looking for? When you go to stores and everything is waaay above your knee? I’m 5’8 and it was few and far between my having success in finding a dress that not only came to where I wanted it but fit the occasion, and actually liked. What I begin to find is that I had a closet full of shoes to make less than exciting outfits work.

    So what did I decide to do? A part from my new joy of purusing Goodwill and Value Village stores for cute little gems (pictures later), the answer became, GET BACK INTO SEWING. And that what I did starting two months ago, I went to see my mom, after blowing off the cobwebs of her sewing machine, I made my first dress, (I will post soon). This dress alone reminded me of the intricacies of sewing, straight stitching, basting, sewing bodice and skirt together to make a dress complete with bodice lining. I’ve always loved linen and linen blend fabrics, so the pressing down to make it look crisp was up my alley. This started something. It started my mind to thinking of new designs to create. And I realized that I could do this, I could create that dress that comes to my mind whenever I need it.

    But I created a mental monster. Now when I got into stores, (Neiman Marcus, and other ridiculously priced boutiques) I look at the garment and tell myself…“I can make that”. My attention to detail has been heightened. My interest has changed from high end stores to now fabric stores and notions. My favorite place now is finding new fabrics to create my mental masterpieces. I also look in Style Magazine and People Style mag to find that my way of mixing and matching is up to par with the latest fashion, some of what I see I’m already doing. Point is this….do what makes you feel good. Put together what you love, and be proud of it. These days whatever you do is a style.. your style..own it!

    Now the problem is, actually doing it. Getting in my new sewing room, and putting my brain to it. I would like to have a dress form, I’m a visual person and I could put it together better that way. Plus I’m having problems tying my brain around the pattern terms. Next week though, I’ll be taking a class on that, hopefully that will help. But that doesn’t stop my excitement.

    I just purchased this beautiful piece of material that I’ll be making from a designer with Vogue or McCalls (I’ll have to look again) a nice piece of silky fabric, for a nice geometric sewed blouse (I’ve already gotten the shoes to go with it ..LOL), that mimics crepe de chine which I can’t seem to find anywhere.

    I have a trip coming up, we’re going to the islands and I plan on making every outfit. I’m ready….watch me go……