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17 August, 2016

27 July, 2016

15 July, 2016

17 May, 2016

10 December, 2015

  • 05:42 PM

    emmiesix commented on the article Bright Lights: 6 Plus Size Patterns for Women

    Is there a market for baggy stuff for plus-size women? I just don’t get it. I know it’s hard to design for plus-sizes because people become “plus” in very different ways (think apple, pear, hour g…

12 November, 2015

  • 03:33 PM

    emmiesix commented on the article Cool Camel: 10 New Women's Sewing Patterns

    Patterns are great, fabric choices are kinda weird. I know they probably make the samples and then choose a model, but many of these colors look terrible on a pink-skinned, light-haired model. Th…

29 October, 2015

  • 01:43 PM

    emmiesix commented on the article Canal Walks: 10 New Plus Size Patterns

    It is confusing why they are so often so bad. I mean some of the choices made are just obviously, obviously not going to work on most plus-size women (culottes, I would argue, look good only on th…

28 October, 2015

11 October, 2015

8 October, 2015

13 September, 2015

  • 03:12 PM

    emmiesix commented on the article Take the Stage: 8 Plus Size Patterns

    Can you bring back whoever was doing the styles in 2011? Because that was a great year for patterns. I’m not plus-size, but I WANT those patterns — that’s how you know they’re good…

1 September, 2015

21 August, 2015

3 August, 2015

2 August, 2015

25 July, 2015

25 June, 2015

16 June, 2015

2 June, 2015

  • 05:33 PM

    emmiesix commented on the article Cocktail Party: 9 New Women's Sewing Patterns

    Some of these are interesting, but there is an overall “sloppiness” to the looks that would prevent me from wanting to make any of them. I like my clothes to look very well-tailored, clean, and el…