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18 January, 2012

  • 05:33 PM

    Emeraldstar posted a message on missgemini’s wall

    hey there! how was your new years?

    i was juist wondering how your project was going? no rush, ta…


14 November, 2011

  • 08:38 PM

    Emeraldstar posted a message on Emeraldstar’s wall

    absolutely!! i would love to help out! just give me details on the what your looking for as far a…


8 November, 2011

4 November, 2011

  • 11:58 PM

    Emeraldstar added the project called the power ranger and the cop

    more projects i did for halloween. both the littel brothers. one is the blue power ranger from power ranger samaurai and the other is a cop using Burda pattern 9524, i think. don’t quote me on that…

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  • 11:53 PM

    Emeraldstar added the project called sensational sherri

    this was a last mintue, halloween attempt to have something for treat or tricking and this is the result. it’s cute but i have my criticism.

    first, i found this AWESOME material at the salvatio…

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23 October, 2011

  • 11:52 PM

    Emeraldstar added the project called BERNINA HALLOWEEN 2011- MACHO MAN

    in honor of our favorite wrestler who passed this year, i have done the macho man for my husband. i made EVERYTHING you see here, jacket, tights and the hat was bought and then covered with premium…

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17 October, 2011

13 October, 2011

7 October, 2011

  • 05:06 PM

    Emeraldstar commented on the project Swedish Selbu modern

    i just made this hat! i kid you not. i put up pics n i used DK weight for the yarn a…


6 October, 2011

5 October, 2011

3 October, 2011

14 September, 2011

13 September, 2011

12 September, 2011

10 September, 2011

7 September, 2011

2 September, 2011

1 September, 2011

10 August, 2011

  • 04:19 PM

    Emeraldstar added the project called raggedy to riches

    this a dress i made from an old black t-shirt fond at the salvation army. see what you can do with a cute sash and too much time on your hands!

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  • 04:14 PM

    Emeraldstar added the project called what's this skirt made from?

    i made this for the movie and i’m not sure if they used it. it was on a whim, the actress needed something for that day and she had nothing so, i tool two hours and some really cranky material and …

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  • 04:10 PM

    Emeraldstar added the project called a-line goodness

    also for red scare the movie, this dress was pretty much the pinnacle of the 50’s. i saw it here on burda and knew i wanted to use it. i created a red sash to go with it for a nice color effect. T…

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  • 04:01 PM

    Emeraldstar added the project called pinafore variation

    also for red scare the movie, this is a variation o the pinafore. i knew i wanted to use the body, but i had to make it more 1950’s-ish, so used a peter pan collar and added sleeves. i sewed it exa…

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  • 03:52 PM

    Emeraldstar added the project called black/white villian

    also for red scare the movie. this piece is from a pattern i had in my collection. a 1954 dress made primarily for on the go girl, but i think i made it more for the sexy ,spunky women for her vil…

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