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Eli Z







15 July, 2014

14 July, 2014

  • 12:05 AM

    Eli Z added the project called Children's Crop Top

    I had left over fabric from a previous project but not enough to make something with sleeves. This pattern was perfect, because it has built in sleeves, and it is a super quick project.
    The fabri…

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11 July, 2014

  • 01:35 AM

    Eli Z added the project called Overall Dress Burda 1964

    I have some Burda magazines from the 60’s and I wanted to sew something from them, but I find very hard to transfer the patterns (there are too many pattern pieces on those pattern sheets), and ins…

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  • 01:21 AM

    Eli Z added the project called Boy's Crew Neck Shirt

    I am on a project of making clothes to donate to people affected by a flood that occurred on my state this season. They lost everything and this is how I could help.
    I got this knit fabric, it is …

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17 July, 2013

1 December, 2012

  • 08:43 PM

    Eli Z commented on the project flower print dress.

    I love how you altered it, I wanted mine to turn out like this one.


3 March, 2012

29 December, 2011

28 December, 2011

17 November, 2011

  • 09:58 PM

    Eli Z added the project called Pink Checks Set

    My niece is finally here, I am so happy, now I can have a better idea of sizes. I was sewing but had no idea if the clothing would fit.
    This dress is so small. I added seam allowance and my newbor…

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28 October, 2011

  • 01:02 AM

    Eli Z added the project called Baby flower headband

    Somebody asked me to make this headband for her baby. It is the first time a made a fabric flower.
    I searched online to learn how to make it. The instructions were easy but it was time consuming t…

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  • 12:00 AM

    Eli Z commented on the project A 1950s Petticoat

    That is gorgeous, so well made.


23 October, 2011

20 October, 2011

  • 10:51 PM

    Eli Z added the project called Itty Bitty Baby Dress for Gigi

    Another dress for my niece. I made it with bright jersey colors. I don’t know if my sister will like it, but I wanted it to be fun.
    This is pattern is from Made-by-RAE. I made the size 1-3 months,…

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11 October, 2011

  • 09:16 PM

    Eli Z added the project called Floral Ruffle Baby Dress

    This was my first attempt on making baby clothes.
    I’ve got the pattern from During Quiet Time blog.
    I tried doing the pintuck but I used a stretchy cotton, leggings kind of cotton, and the neck …

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  • 08:38 PM

    Eli Z added the project called Newborn jeans

    I have been making a lot of clothes for my niece, that will be born next month.
    This is the Rae’s Basic Newborn Pant pattern.
    I used left over from a jegging I’ve made.
    I didn’t cut the pattern…

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29 September, 2011

  • 11:24 PM

    Eli Z added the project called Floral VIVIENNE Toddler Jumper

    I made it for my niece. I will probably make more of these in different styles. Just wish I had nicer looking buttons.

    • I added an updated picture of the dress. After washed it shrunk and disco…

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25 September, 2011

14 August, 2011

4 July, 2011

8 June, 2011

  • 10:39 PM

    Eli Z commented on the project 5/2011 Collared Shirt Dress

    Did someone try to do this one? I am trying to make it but am having a hard time with the instruc…