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8 November

  • 293979_10151327497702431_820130724_n_large

    Nov 8, 2013, 07.05 PMby FaithMorgan

    Hi! I hope it is okay to message you like this. I have no idea how to send a private message. Do you know if they started the sew-along yet? I didn’t ever see anything. Did she move it? Not like I need another project. I have too much going right now. Are you working on anything fun for the holidays?

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      Nov 11, 2013, 02.17 AMby cstahl

      Totally ok! I was also wondering. I never saw anything. Maybe because she mentioned trying to sew a step ahead it is taking longer than she expected?? I know what you mean though. I always have more plans than time. And for now, I really have to put things on hold to finish a quilt I promised to do for a family member. I have put it off for too long. It is reeaallllyyy hard to not get distracted. I am so uninspired by this quilt. How about you??

    • 293979_10151327497702431_820130724_n_large

      Nov 12, 2013, 10.19 PMby FaithMorgan

      Hi:) I am keeping busy. I also knit, so I have been working on some winter hats. Winter clothing is my favorite. Probably because you can layer…oh and the boots! I love boots.

      I am also trying to finish up a sewing project, its a jacket for the holidays. I know what you mean about being distracted. I am really bad with my projects. Sometimes I get to a certain point and I feel a bit bored and want to start something new. I am in that zone right now, trying to force myself to just finish it! I am so close. Just the lining left to do. I just have to push through. I guess as problems go, that isn’t such a terrible one to have.

      Quilting??? Wow, that is awesome. I wish I knew how to do that. I have been thinking about trying to learn. I would really love to be able to incorporate that into my clothing. I think it looks great in apparel when done right. And, besides that you can make great gifts. Have you been doing that long?

      Well, I can see that Denise has been extra busy. Might be awhile before the next sew-along. I think I am going to start a skirt and just hope that if she starts the sew-along I will be done. If I stop mid-project I will never finish.

      How’s the quilt coming? What’s next for you?

23 October

  • 293979_10151327497702431_820130724_n_large

    Oct 23, 2013, 03.57 AMby FaithMorgan

    Hi Carrie. I hope you do post it. Let me know when you do. I want to see!

    I am so confused about what happened to our little group. Where did everyone go? I didn’t expect it to be so quiet.

    Oh well….back to my sewing!

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      Oct 24, 2013, 09.59 PMby cstahl

      I finished! and posted. Thanks again for all your help. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Looking forward to seeing what the next project will be. Hopefully I will see you over there again!