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1 January

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    Jan 1, 2013, 10.18 AMby constanteffort

    As a first attempt to brace myself for the new year I made a list of “do” projects and a registration of the “haven’t completed” projects. I also considered the “why I need these projects” factor.

    Here is what I came up with:

    (!) Projects that I must make to Practice basic sewing skills (basic blouses,mum’s pyzamas trousers,my pyzama top, my tunic,a vest)

    (!) Projects for which I have already bought the supplies and at some some point I must start with them( black wool,navy striped blue wool,light green wool,black fake fur,purple crep, creme satin, brown soued, white cotton,light blue wool)

    (!) Half finished projects (chinese linen tunic,tunic, woolen trousers)

    (!) a bra

    (!) bags (red plaid, grey velvet)

    (!) girl’s dresses

    (!) pillows and fabrick dolls

    (!) first attempts for quilts

    Also, I must gather any remaining finished projects and photograph them for my wall,( to start unrolling the string from somewhere).

    Of course, I need a motivation to do all these.My motivation is :

    (!) I need clothes for basic or crucial moments of my social presence (go downtown shopping,conduct with the public services, have a coffee with a friend, have a date coffee, a friday saturday night out, something for the church, for wedding occasions,for summer travels,to attend seminars for the unemployed,a book presentation)

    (!) I need clothes in monochromes and tested in time patterns,for now,to mix and match easily as I still can’t afford to add up to date garments.

    (!) Mother’s clothes ( I must support my mother’s wardrobe by sewing for her as she won’t spend anything for herself and ,the garments I had bought her, when I had a job, have become rugs).