18 June, 2014

17 June, 2014

13 June, 2014

9 June, 2014

17 April, 2014

  • 06:21 PM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called Mini Spring Wardrobe

    I made these in January, but now I can finally start wearing them! It’s a mini wardrobe of mix and match pieces made up of two pairs of shorts (Grainline Maritime and Lisette 1879) and two tops (De…

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20 February, 2014

  • 07:19 PM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called butterick b5789 cardigan

    A cold day. A 3 yard piece of jersey in the stash. A pattern sale at Hancock Patterns. What happened? Butterick B5789 is what happened! A very simple but cozy and practical cardigan for layering on…

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12 February, 2014

10 February, 2014

2 February, 2014

  • 10:15 PM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called kelly skirt + a bad fabric choice

    This is a cute skirt, with a great silhouette, and even better, practical pockets!
    However I ruined it with my fabric choice: a very thick, stiff, and heavy canvas like beast. I thought it was sim…

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24 January, 2014

  • 01:31 PM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called deer & doe airelle 1 & 2

    Deer and Doe’s Airelle blouse is the perfect blouse for layering underneath sweaters! I love the gathers on the front yoke and the roomy sleeves. I made two versions, one out of polyester and one o…

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21 January, 2014

13 December, 2013

  • 12:33 AM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called cooper backpack

    My cooper backpack (variation 2) from Colette Patterns made of canvas (i think?) and synthetic leather.
    An easy make, but take note if you are not using a flat slider – the instructions don’t acco…

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9 December, 2013

  • 06:47 AM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called holiday sewaholic renfrew

    After seven different renfrews, I finally figured out how to make the one that fit me the best in terms of comfort. I was having issue with tightness around the upper arms. I also learned how to ap…

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2 December, 2013

  • 11:55 PM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called by hand london anna made in london

    Count me in on the Anna dress party even if I’m a bit late.

    This is a versatile pattern as I have tested it: at the ocean, in a park, in london, in france, eating ice cream, visiting a museum, t…

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  • 11:52 PM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called named dakota shawl collar dress

    Yay for a sewalong! Thank you Rachel and Marie for hosting. I had fun following on and learned lots. Here is my cotton dakota, meant more for summer but can be winterized for texas’ tame winters. I…

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27 November, 2013

  • 05:25 AM

    cathytxtwfr commented on the project benin scrap quilt

    thank you – now i’ve got a new pile starting for quilt #2 in the far far future, thankfully it ta…

  • 05:24 AM

    cathytxtwfr commented on the project benin scrap quilt

    wow 4 generations – cant wait to see it! quilting can get tiring but its so worth it once finished.


26 November, 2013

  • 03:40 AM

    cathytxtwfr commented on the project reversible burdastyle 12/2012 jacket #140

    yes! i like having a choice even though i prefer the print side 99% of the time when wearing it

  • 03:39 AM

    cathytxtwfr added the project called benin scrap quilt

    Sorry this isn’t a garment.. but I had to post it as it is made up of every single garment that I’ve posted on BurdaStyle so far. I saved scraps from everything I made for year to be able to make t…

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