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20 March

  • Unted_large

    Mar 20, 2010, 05.08 PMby fefi

    hola :) sos de concepción! tengo una amiga que vive en concepción! todavía no había encontrado a nadie de latinoamérica en burdastyle! yo soy de montevideo, uruguay. me gustaron tus proyectos! yo estoy por subir los míos,, saludos!

27 February

  • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

    Feb 27, 2010, 03.24 PMby victors

    Hi there, I hope you and your family are all safe and well.

14 December

  • 164658_1680099796003_1042781553_31853075_5081613_n_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 01.00 PMby gatocarmen

    Hola Camila… gracias por tus comentarios… seria bonito conocerte mas!!!… todos tus projects estan buenisimos!!! un abrazo!

29 November

  • 4acbce3337843d6d12a5a9fa6a08078915d703a5_large

    Nov 29, 2009, 04.10 AMby brunettetruth

    Thanks for the nice comments! I think I just deleted one of them by accident, though, when I meant to reply, ack! Your projects are great, especially the plush animals!

17 November

  • Catherine_a-01_large

    Nov 17, 2009, 12.04 PMby alekat

    thanks for your comment. i love the sigur ros embroidery. they have such beautiful and resplendant music!

    them and another Danish band called Mew.

29 October

  • Dfbdf6466a3725cb96f9d6c072525810e0f0508d_large

    Oct 29, 2009, 03.44 PMby smvphotography

    thank you for your nice comment on my fleece jacket. happy sewing and happy vacations!

22 October

  • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

    Oct 22, 2009, 01.02 PMby thecuriouskiwi

    Hi Camila, thanks for checking out my Stella jacket, I agree, I love it with jeans and I’m looking forward to wearing it more :)

5 October

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Oct 5, 2009, 06.00 AMby sewella

    Thank you! I am obssessed with those flowers (have made several brooches, necklaces and a fascinator – but somehow that didn’t seem enough :)- ) and since I wanted to make a striking neckline, I used the flower detail. Other wise the cape would be so dull. I am glad you liked it!

14 September

  • 7fc4fbb99ffb6bbbc0eed1bd5b58bb563c3815a5_large

    Sep 14, 2009, 12.54 PMby miss-g

    Hello! Thanks for the comment on my skirt. I think I’ll keep it for going out. Keep well.

15 August

  • Img_1238_large

    Aug 15, 2009, 09.34 PMby themedusa

    Hey camilaustral Thanks so much for your comment on my braided neckline tank. I was a little concerned about making a pattern for it but then everything went smoothly. Guess it was meant to be. :)

4 August

  • 5_large

    Aug 4, 2009, 01.43 AMby susanne2011

    Hi! Thanks for the comments on my scarfs! Yes, the original idea was to have the frills roll together, but I think the jersey we bought was a bit too thick for that? So I will buy some thinner fabric next time and try that. You’re right that it probably looks even nicer that way! :)

8 July

  • Image_large

    Jul 8, 2009, 03.08 PMby loyl8

    Thanks for the comment on my scrubs. i had to wear all blue or white scrubs at my last hospital but now at this one i have free range so here i go!!

1 July

  • 3f8f7cc6bcd38da3399f2604918e6f4ff5772c72_large

    Jul 1, 2009, 10.02 AMby monodd

    thank you (=

24 June

  • 035_large

    Jun 24, 2009, 11.28 PMby isobelm

    Many thanks for your encouraging comments. With my Heidi I made it around 1-1 1/2 sizes too big and added six pin tucks at the bodice front and extra pleats at the skirt front (between the pockets).

21 June

  • B699b3ca9daad354e5d31bfa4d10566477549591_large

    Jun 21, 2009, 09.55 AMby clintow

    Hi! Sorry it took me sooo long to get back to you. Anyway, I often struggle with the same thing. I have two ideas that sort of work off and on. First, if you have a back seam on the waistband, you can try making a little ‘v,’ sewing in until you reach where it folds over, then sewing back out the same amount. My friend Kate tells me that the way you’re supposed to do it, though, is to ever so slightly gather the pant legs into the waistband. I’ve never tried it like that before. The first method works okay for me, but it’s kind of a guessing game as to how much looks okay and still gets the job done. anyway I hope I helped!

20 June

  • 25ef9cf8d9d501f333ecd9ebd383a4ca72daf5c4_large

    Jun 20, 2009, 10.50 AMby alissarose

    In regards to your comment on my crochet t-shirt – go to http://www.threadbanger.com/post/8168/how-to-crochet-a-neckline. It’s so easy! This was the first time I ever crochet in my life, that’s what was so rewarding about it. The tutorial is pretty straight forward and for things that you need some extra guidance on just check out some how to videos on youtube or in library books. You won’t believe how easy it is. You can do it!

16 June

  • 965bf69bf3e7ebda090818cfd3320fc2f9fa86c6_large

    Jun 16, 2009, 01.23 PMby baobab

    Hey there, thanks a lot for your comment on my dirndl blouse! I’m sorry I shocked you for a second :-)

6 June

  • Ragdoll2_large

    Jun 6, 2009, 12.15 PMby ragdollyy

    thanks for the lovely coments on my creations :)

2 June

  • 50e3be5bee4d7882481fe2f88ff6c7d27b1b60e1_large

    Jun 2, 2009, 06.04 PMby elektrocute

    thanks for commenting on my dress! i wasn’t sure how it would come out at first, but i’m happy with it :)!

  • 1-p1280522_large

    Jun 2, 2009, 04.47 PMby verypurpleperson

    Hi Camila, thanks for the comment on my son’s bag! He likes it and I was so relieved (you know, sometimes kids prefer those stuffs with cartoon characters all over it). He doesn’t play football, actually he just likes the shoes because they have ‘tiger’ on it :D

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Jun 2, 2009, 03.10 PMby bola

    Hey thanks again for the comment on the dress! i’m glad you like it!bx

25 May

  • Img_1458_large

    May 25, 2009, 06.12 PMby toasterkittie

    hi thank you for the nice comments on my coat. the only thing i did different was i fitted it so i didn’t need the gathering on the back and i didn’t make the belt. i believe thats it. thanks again!

21 May

  • 1f254881831858faa3ee244866d234488b62f2d1_large

    May 21, 2009, 01.40 PMby punkspark

    hey! tnx for the comment! the dress i’ve made has the same cut out like in the how to tutorial from burdastyle. though i didn’y make any pleets, i just added an elastic band in the tunnel created between the top and the bottom parts (just like in the tara top, it also appers in one of nikkishell how to’s),

18 May

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    May 18, 2009, 02.02 PMby bola

    Hey thanks for the comment on my top!bxx

16 May

  • B699b3ca9daad354e5d31bfa4d10566477549591_large

    May 16, 2009, 06.51 AMby clintow

    Hi! Re: waistbands, what do you mean too straight and loose? Too loose might be easy to fix, depending, but I don’t know what you mean by too straight.

14 May

  • 1-p1280522_large

    May 14, 2009, 02.55 AMby verypurpleperson

    Hi Camila, thank you so much for the coment! You’re just too sweet!

11 May

  • Dsc02469_lev_brco_hms_dof_rscrop_large

    May 11, 2009, 10.27 PMby hannnc

    haha thanks for the comment + advice! you were right i’m pretty sure, i tried it on with other bras and you couldn’t see them! yay! that other one has been feeling uncomfortable, i guess it’s time to chuck it!

7 May

  • 573ac823c0f7cdf4720b8f5c5ad3b0d38e4a0724_large

    May 7, 2009, 12.51 PMby Vivat Veritas

    yup, just squares!

  • 573ac823c0f7cdf4720b8f5c5ad3b0d38e4a0724_large

    May 7, 2009, 11.08 AMby Vivat Veritas

    hey:) about the top part of the black and white dress, it is two squares. you sew shoulder part and right under arm. i ruffled the sleeves. very very easy! you dont need to even make separate sleeves:)

  • Avatar3_large

    May 7, 2009, 03.01 AMby carottesauvage

    Thank you for your kind comment! I know you are a knitting addict too ;) Best.X