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needs a new sewing project...







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8 April

  • Snc15550_large

    Apr 8, 2010, 06.55 AMby fairytale-thirteen

    Thanks for your nice comment on my scarves – its always nice to get feedback – I love the photos of your latest dress – It looks fantastic x happy sewing

11 March

  • Missing

    Mar 11, 2010, 01.41 AMby tallykay

    Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you did a REALLY GOOD JOB on your irish dress. I love irish music and i play the fiddle. So it is exciting to see that someone on here dances to irish music. You probably dance to the same reels and jigs that I play! Keep it up i’m sure your really good!!

8 March

5 January

  • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

    Jan 5, 2010, 06.53 AMby thecuriouskiwi

    Hi Calico, thanks for commenting on my Kasia skirt. After I got the buttons home I was a little worried about them but I sewed them on anyway (I could always change them later) but when it was complete I loved them, they are staying :)

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    • 294526_10150293942747921_504102920_8023500_704867_n_large

      Jan 5, 2010, 05.57 PMby calicocouture

      Keeping the buttons was a good idea. I think it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

25 August

  • Img_2085_large

    Aug 25, 2009, 07.26 AMby lucaltd

    Hi, thanks for the nice comments about my bag, it’s one of the first times I have been a good girl and finished the seams properly ;-)

4 April

  • 0e9f6bddc243949c77837a63a100684f840f77e4_large

    Apr 4, 2009, 08.46 PMby scrumptiousdelight

    and thanks from Cleo too!

  • 0e9f6bddc243949c77837a63a100684f840f77e4_large

    Apr 4, 2009, 08.21 PMby scrumptiousdelight

    Thanks for the comment on my toy!…what a great job you did on your dance costume!

30 March

  • 8cd1614e48bc4501afea6f52b63c8c49a74eb814_large

    Mar 30, 2009, 01.40 AMby juebejue

    thank you for the nice comment, i am happy that you liked it!

29 March

  • D78407bf784c7d88fe9b23bd87737f526cecb76c_large

    Mar 29, 2009, 03.26 AMby momonga

    Thank you for wonderful comment. Because I presented a stuffed toy of a yellow bear to a friend, I want to make the same thing again. You make clothes of a doll, too. When careful work is completed very much, I am glad.

11 February

31 January

  • Eb34fb9ff3143aa0a8464e167f8b0c9684e3efc4_large

    Jan 31, 2009, 10.45 PMby kamelia

    Hey, thanks for the nice words!! I know exactly how you feel…, I’m a sucker for plaids too!!! Everytime I’ve made something in plaids, I say to myself, this is the last time, because of the difficulty… But I CAN’T HELP IT…, I LOVE it…, and I love spending a lot of time making the plaids match completely!! So I’m cursed…

28 January

  • Me_painted_large

    Jan 28, 2009, 02.16 AMby sew4my3

    Hello! Thanks for the kind words on Gwendolyn’s Medieval Dress! Gwendolyn was very pleased with the results. I have to say I took a little tour of your creations and loved them all, but the Irish Step dance dress is just gorgeous! All the detail, it must have taken hours! Great job!

26 January

  • Mashenkafashionicon_large

    Jan 26, 2009, 06.46 AMby elfies

    Thank you so much for the comment on my sketch :) Love your creations!

  • F73ae75c85bfa0c3044028abd57f1c9a2953cd72_large

    Jan 26, 2009, 12.40 AMby elainemay

    Thanks for the compliment on my Coffee Date Dress and holy cats you have gorgeous hair! Jealous jealous jealous!

3 December

  • Eb34fb9ff3143aa0a8464e167f8b0c9684e3efc4_large

    Dec 3, 2008, 12.07 AMby kamelia

    Thanks for your sweet comment…, nice of you! I can help you with the flower if you want a how-to??…

6 November

  • 80532c1e5eb4c9d7c4ff866ac63bb6e5f8d63be3_large

    Nov 6, 2008, 12.05 AMby nathanl

    Thank you for the compliment on my “Death Jester” costume.

27 October

  • 1-p1280522_large

    Oct 27, 2008, 05.43 AMby verypurpleperson

    hi calicocouture, nice stuffs you have here! thank you for the comment on my husband’s jacket!

23 October

  • Heatherfeathersews_large

    Oct 23, 2008, 07.17 PMby Heather Feather

    Thanks for commenting on my beach pocket! And yes I did do it all by hand… long time but very rewarding. I’m glad you like it!

21 October

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 21, 2008, 09.45 AMby carottesauvage

    Hello Calicouture! Thanks for the compliment, it boosted my confidence! Keep well!

4 October

  • Jc_daffodils02_large

    Oct 4, 2008, 02.06 PMby the-gilded-bee

    Hello, thanks for your comment on my plaid scarf. :)

2 October

  • Profilbild_mini_large

    Oct 2, 2008, 04.51 PMby polychromatin

    Indeed, MC Hammer is very entertaining ;) Thanks for your comment :)

24 September

  • P1160777_large

    Sep 24, 2008, 04.48 AMby caterina1980

    Thankyou for your comment! I’m liking the stuff your making :)

9 September

  • 1-p1280522_large

    Sep 9, 2008, 11.21 PMby verypurpleperson

    Hi there, thank you for the sweet comment on my apples dress!

  • 14536_1168844113637_1603980154_30421967_5707101_n_large

    Sep 9, 2008, 08.10 PMby reneebeth

    I really like the things you’ve been making for your silkstone barbie dolls…are you a collector? They’re very iconic…I remember playing with them as a little girl at my grandmother’s house!

7 September

  • B179da70d6765ab9507856ff96f16268256e4088_large

    Sep 7, 2008, 04.27 PMby Raluca Iosub

    Davinci fluid acrilyc

5 September

  • 71cdc39fd132075178caedb9a8efe1fe4a289271_large

    Sep 5, 2008, 05.00 PMby jsolnushko

    Thank you for your commenton my first embroidery project!I see you are very talanted and doing a great work on your projects, keep it up!And post more!I admire people who sew beautiful things! Good luck!

  • 71cdc39fd132075178caedb9a8efe1fe4a289271_large

    Sep 5, 2008, 04.59 PMby jsolnushko

    Thank you for your comment on my first embroidery project! I see you are very talanted and doing a great work on your projects, keep it up!And post more!I admire people who sew beautiful things! Good luck!

26 August

  • Avatar_large

    Aug 26, 2008, 11.07 PMby peacenluv78

    thanks! it was alot of work! very good job on the vest!

24 July

  • 386139_2527631587025_1140480052_32964655_68721663_n_large

    Jul 24, 2008, 03.16 AMby schickchick

    thanks for thinking my stuff is cute! :) that green dress is terrific.

4 June

  • D702181599659a199ae375544b80447fef458928_large

    Jun 4, 2008, 10.24 AMby nicola82

    thanks for you’re comment on my green frock. :-) and yes, the yoke was an absolute nightmare – thats while i haven’t got many close up shots.