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21 February

  • Missing

    Feb 21, 2008, 05.35 PMby ixninaqxi

    Hello. I’ve actually never used a pattern before. But my friend sent me this picture:

    Audrey from Danity Kane wore it in pink and I kind of made it off of looking at that. The top portion: with the diamond shape and triangle are all trial and error. It was a little difficult to piece them together to make sure the angles fit correctly.

    After making the top portion, I just made two separate pieces for the bottom half. The first half is a longer piece “sash”. The very bottom is the “skirt” part, I cut it so it curved a little and attached it to the longer sash. Then, I attached them to the upper half.

    Lastly, I sewed the cheetah print ribbons on for straps. Hmm, I hope this helps. =T It was pretty difficult. I’ll make a how-to of this once I have time to make another one. =)