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16 November, 2015

27 October, 2015

17 October, 2015

8 October, 2015

2 October, 2015

16 September, 2015

10 September, 2015

  • 12:34 PM

    brax commented on the article Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Vote on my Next Project!

    I would go with teh hooded cowl dress since I have so far bought 4 different types of fabric to make it myself and cannot decide which to go with. Would love love love to see Megs variation!

27 July, 2015

30 March, 2015

  • 11:49 AM

    brax commented on the article Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Pattern Reveal!

    Number 3 is lovely. It would suit most people. I just love dropped waists tho. Very slimming. The others all have gathers at the waist which I find harder to wear. The others tho are lovely dresses…

5 February, 2015

23 October, 2014

  • 11:13 AM

    brax commented on the project Working fabric

    Well I think it makes it far more upmarket having the expensive fabric for the back as well as the front. A real masterpiece and you look lovely in it! Well done!

2 October, 2014

24 September, 2014

  • 12:53 PM

    brax commented on the forum topic Tea dyeing.

    You can dye cotton velvet but it may shrink a little. Dylon dyes work with cotton velvet.

16 September, 2014

31 July, 2014

10 July, 2014

  • 12:11 PM

    brax commented on the pattern Cycling Shorts 06/2013

    Well I just LOVE cycle shorts under skirts. Very modest for those tomboys amongst us who also like to wear a dress but still do other stuff like actual cycling! Loved it in the early 90s and as it …

7 July, 2014

  • 11:36 AM

    brax added the project Rainbow festival dress - based on free pattern So Very Blue

    Made from scraps this is my festival dress for 2014. The top is yellow velvet lined with cotton prayer scarf, the main bit of the dress / skirt is chiffon lined with recycled sari fabric with sequi…

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  • 11:14 AM

    brax added the project Circular shorts or cullottes

    I owned and loved some shorts like these in the 80s and wanted to recreate them. I couldn’t find a pattern anywhere so had a go at drafting my own. I am not a pattern designer so will do my best to…

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14 May, 2014

  • 11:25 AM

    brax commented on the article Rosy Hippie: 8 Boho Patterns

    Have you checked Ebay for back issues? I have even bought in german ( from Germany) since it is pretty easy to work out construction even if you do not know the language. Also many of the patterns …

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