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I came, I sewed, I conquered :-)







1 September, 2013

  • 03:32 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called The Wonderland dress!

    Look at this amazing silk! Even though I had all kinds of fitting issues (no-duh, if you don’t make a muslin…!) it turned out fabulous. So I called it the wonderland dress not only because of the…

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28 August, 2013

  • 02:28 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called Me-Made from Head to Toe!

    What fun this was – I had actually planned this outfit, which isn’t so easy… I was never sure whether these pieces would end up working out together or not. I think they do, but I’m also sure I w…

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18 August, 2013

17 August, 2013

  • 12:59 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called A pair of pants!

    This pattern was actually made for extra-tall women with looooong legs, and I am a shorty with short legs, but I just had to try it. It is from the Burda Style magazine 2/2010 and I love the extra …

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3 August, 2013

2 July, 2013

  • 01:59 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called Linen-Shirt Re-make!

    This was a quick and fun project, turning my husbands linen shirt into a short-sleeved pin-tuck blouse for myself. I finally used that pin-tuck pressure foot and some decorative stitches from my ma…

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29 June, 2013

  • 09:07 AM

    ajtak7171 commented on the project Hummingbird - Clover

    Immi! Die Hose ist super! Ich habe einen ganz ähnlichen Stoff für eine ganz ähnliche Hose auf Lag…


2 June, 2013

  • 01:04 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called Delicious Lace!

    This dress is a very slightly altered wedding dress – I only left away the two bottom layers from the skirt… And of course, I used color! The pattern is available for download. It is actually alm…

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27 May, 2013

26 May, 2013

22 May, 2013

  • 07:48 AM

    ajtak7171 added the project called Backpack with Leather Details!

    This pattern is in CUT Nr. 8, 01/13. I knew I had to make one, since I’ve been wanting a backpack for the city. Also, I was able to use my leather left-overs from the shoes I made in London and pra…

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14 March, 2013

12 March, 2013

  • 03:41 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called The London Coat

    Some of you might have seen this on my blog already, but I didn’t get around to posting it here, too, as I was too busy making shoes… I went to a shoe-making course in London, and knowing the wea…

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13 February, 2013

29 January, 2013

25 January, 2013

24 January, 2013

  • 03:23 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called New life for old sweaters!

    Thank you all for the great responses on my Amadeus coat! Well, after that, I am posting a refashion that was actually super quick and did – for a change – NOT take just as long as starting from sc…

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15 January, 2013

  • 08:11 AM

    ajtak7171 added the project called Amadeus-Coat, Re-fashion

    I had a really successful visit at the flea market a long time ago, when I bought this wool suit for an amazing 5 Euros. I just loved the fabric, a herringbone pattern in turquoise and purple! It w…

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8 January, 2013

7 October, 2012

5 October, 2012

  • 05:32 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called Yeehaw Cowgirl Dress!

    Yes, I really want to post made-from-scratch garments here, rather than my recycling projects. The problem is that I don’t have much time, and I – wrongly! – think, upcycling takes less time, so it…

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22 August, 2012

13 August, 2012

  • 02:06 PM

    ajtak7171 added the project called The T-Shirt Remnants Dress

    This dress is made from a bunch of t-shirt remnants I had left-over from my recent recycling-mania. I used the same pattern as on my previously posted maxi-dress. Only few alterations were made – I…

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