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Baby Sleeping Bag 09/2013 #148



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Closed, approx. 50 cm (20 ins) long, 40 cm (15 3/4 ins) wide See Sizing Chart
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Draft it yourself baby sleeping bag sewing pattern.

Who says babies can’t go camping? Keep your little snug and warm in this padded sleeping bag. Of course, this pattern works just as well for extra comfort on plane flights, long car rides, or afternoons out.

This pattern is from the Cutie Pie collection.

Amount of Fabrics

Cotton fabrics with two different prints, for the inside and outside
width: 110 cm (44 ins)
length:each 0.80 m (7/8 yd).

Batting interfacing, 150 cm (59 ins) wide and 0.80 m (7/8 yd) ong.

Braid, 2 cm (3/4 in) wide and 0.60 m (3/4 yd) long.

Cotton bias tape, pre-folded, 2 cm (3/4 in) wide and 1.60 m (1 3/4 yds) long.

3 large buttons.

3 large sew-on snap fas­teners.

Seam Allowance

This pattern doesn't include seam allowance

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10 Comments Sign in to add a post

  • Missing

    Feb 19, 2015, 12.02 PMby marna500

    Come on Burda! Yes the pattern was only 99c but surely the instructions should be comprehensible? When are you going to expand them, may be with some diagrams (rough will do) so that I can make this?

    or may be some one who has sorted this out can help?

  • Missing

    Feb 14, 2015, 02.33 PMby debzydoo87

    Even though this pattern is really cheap it is not worth the money! The pattern pieces seem easy enough to draft, but the instructions are impossible to understand! It is not clear at all which sides need to be folded, in what direction they should be folded or what should be sewn together. I have spend 2 hours trying to get my head around it and have decided to give up and draft my own pattern. Very disappointed.

    Any plans to improve these instructions or add diagrams?

  • Missing

    Feb 8, 2015, 02.44 AMby dawnafay

    How do I download the pattern? The download option is grayed out. Did anyone get answers to the previous questions for this?

    1 Reply
    • Letterbicon_large

      Feb 11, 2015, 03.36 PMby burdastyle

      Most of our .99 patterns only provide instructions. If you will read through the instructions, they will tell you how to draft the pattern pieces needed.

  • Missing

    Jan 1, 2015, 08.27 AMby Connie Ulshafer

    Has anyone got answers to your questions before I start this?

  • Missing

    Nov 12, 2014, 09.03 AMby birkbeck11

    having trouble working out the instructions for the baby sleeping bag, can anyone help

  • Missing

    Oct 14, 2014, 02.36 AMby CreativeGoat

    I am struggling also with the instructions from about the middle….are there any visual steps to show how the shape is created. I have experimented with a dummy run and cannot get the shape to work however I interpret the instructions…please help!

  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2014, 04.44 PMby Barbara Fortin

    Does anyone know of a visual tutorial? Halfway through the instructions, I am completely lost as they are difficult to follow without any diagrams. Frustrating.

  • Missing

    Mar 19, 2014, 04.31 PMby Alice Mach


  • Missing

    Sep 19, 2013, 08.41 AMby Victoria Smith

    There is no pattern. It is just rectangles as described in the instrucitons! I am struggling with the instructions though!

  • Gardenia-mystery-1s_large

    Sep 11, 2013, 01.44 AMby craftycatgal

    There doesn’t seem to be a pattern-only the instructions. Can someone assist how to download the pattern?

    • This is a question
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