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Any one else feeling jipped? I used to get so excited for the Burda magazine to come. There were always way more styles that I wanted to make then I could actually sew. Now I feel as though they are using multiple variations on the same pattern over and over. Repeating old patterns from previous issues. Not to mention the styles are getting baggy and downright lazy! Im already short and not totally skinny! I don’t need balloon shapes of anything. I feel as though Burda needs to step up a bit or im canceling my subscription! Is anyone else feeling this? Or am i totally alone?


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  • Purplefan_large

    Dec 31, 2011, 03.45 AMby purplefan

    I saved two or three recipe sections from older Burda magazines in English because of the recipes. The roast goose recipe will be used for dinner soon. I liked making a Christmas cookie another year and there are BBQ recipes for grilling vegetables saved. Because the recipes were German, they added an international flare to the sewing magazine and made me want to try the recipes too.

    However, the recipes seemed to have disappeared from the English magazine around 2000. The beauty pages members speak of are in the German magazine and in some other language issues.

    Advertisements—it would be nice to see Alfatex perhaps mention some similar fabrics to ones used for the garments so that international readers can order them for their sewing needs. An ad page idea. Or a page of Burda sewing notions new for the season or year.

    The reader design page is also good. Hopefully, there will be designs from readers in the 40-50 yr demographic and older ones too because clothing should fit people whatever age they are. Not all of us can pull off the teenager/young adult look of many reader designs. Younger sewers can appreciate what older readers like in their garments and learn about styling.

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    Jan 31, 2012, 01.45 AMby shirley04style

    you are not feeling alone… i feel the same way… better cancel subscription… :(

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    Feb 1, 2012, 11.38 PMby arisaid

    I find it very hard to find copies of Burda here in Brisbane (Australia), so need to get from my local library. I agree with most of the posts. Need more mens patterns and newer designs as too many are rehashed. Would also like to see more for the older woman. Age appropriate designs are important. Couture tips would be fantastic.

  • 1a782239bacc076eefb6a41bcd5565c80c67da21_large

    Feb 9, 2012, 03.48 PMby euma

    I’m really upset with the burdastyle magazine, I am a suscriber here in Spain and haven’t received the February issue, today I’ve called the editors and they have told me they’re not going to publish the magazine anymore, NOBODY told me and I am a suscriber!!, what happens with my suscription? Who is going to publish it now?

  • The_mermaid_large

    Feb 10, 2012, 03.43 AMby blueartisan

    As a plus sized lady currently, I am a tad disappointed with plus sized patterns. This doesn’t just extend to BurdaStyle though, is seems like all pattern producers are doing this. I DON’T want to wear a sack! I want pretty details! I don’t always want stretch! I have found that Simplicity is beginning to improve with having Kahlia Ali design for them, but even then, a fair few of the patterns are almost like ‘plus sized women need to cover up as much as possible!’ A fair few of us have quite defined waists, but are larger in the bust and hips/bottom so have to go with a plus pattern then nip in the waist. That’s fine, but why do so many of them have to be so boring or ugly? I see so many pretty designs in the smaller sizes but then it’s like the plus size section has to be geometric and blockish. There is no theme continuance. Am I the only one that sees this? I guess because after a back injury 5 years ago I put on weight, but before that I always fit into smaller sizes with a few adjustments to bust and hip, so I have gone from pretty feminine to sack like wear. This also reflects in ready to wear clothing and I cringe to see plus size girls squeeze into clothing too small just so they can get something pretty or vintage. This is annoying me so much that I am currently working on a pattern range for ALL sizes, complete with styling tips for playing up good features and drawing the eye away from bad. I even plan on having true plus sized models as well as petites model the garments so people can really see that all sizes can wear all things, a adjustments to make them appropriate. Oh and I’m sorry, but the fashion world needs to get past the ‘size 14 is plus’ Drives me insane! I was a 14 and had a clean bill of health and was told by a doctor (in a medical for the armed forces) that I didn’t need to and shouldn’t lose any more weight. So if medical science thinks a 14 is healthy then the fashion world needs to change it’s attitude too! Ok that’s my rant for the day! lol

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    • 7fee0d98280ead02f6946d0e1b96b332455de7ef_large

      Mar 30, 2012, 01.03 AMby josephina

      I totally agree Blueartisan. I am in between regular and plus sizes, but have never made a plus sized pattern. I have never yet seen a pair of shorts in the plus size patterns. Seriously? ‘Plus’ size doesnt mean you have to cover everything up – often it just means you are taller than average!

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    Feb 10, 2012, 08.07 AMby carabella

    Blueartisan – agree with you totally :). This theme keeps recurrring time & time again Burda. Have just started sewing again with new modern machine. As a young woman my size and shape hardly ever changed and found that bought patterns fitted very well with few minor alterations. Howvever, have got older, put on lumps and bumps that appear naturally with age & now my shape is diffrent & here to stay! Nowadays, younger women in the western world are also more rounded than we were in the 50/60s. I find it virtually impossible to buy a Womens/‘Womens’ Plus size patterns that look stylish, modern and enhance our assets (we got them you know) . Burda (and other pattern manufactureres) you need to get out of the office and on the street, and really open your eyes to reality & notice that the trend in woman sizes has moved away from us all being being skinny minnies both young and old. Sewing for oneself is in vogue at the momen and here to stay for at least a couple of generations. It would make commercial sense to take note of what a sizeable group of the western femal population & potential customers have to say. You have the talent and means to inspire. Your tutorials are teaching a new generation of young women to sew and that knowledge with automatically be passed on to their daughters.becasue they are then able present their indiviidual style in a mass procuded market world. My daughter, who has really lovely curves & a style of her own, is beginning to dread going clothes shopping – the hours going from shop to shop finding clothes that more often than not do not fit. Yet we cannot find commercial sewing patterns to fit her size either. Our generation with our Grey Spending Power does not only entend to commercial patterns but to all the other ancilliary products as well. We have daughters and grandaughters too. How short sighted the fashion industry is!

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    • The_mermaid_large

      Mar 30, 2012, 03.58 AMby blueartisan

      I also have to add that why do shaping garments and things like sports bras come only in smaller sizes? Like a size 0 needs a shaping garment? I have worked in many different fabric stores as a manager and the young staff I had were always so down on themselves because they only thing that fit in any of the stores aimed at their generation was a hair clip. Yet I saw these girls as beautiful and curvacious and as a designer I automatically pick out all their best features and mentally dress them in stunning clothes and make up.. Even at an ideal weight most girls still are too big for the stick figure ‘skank’ wear that many girls would wear (or try to) so they either stuck to boyish clothes or squeezed into something that was uncomfortable and way too short so they spent the evening pulling up a top and pulling down a skirt. My heart really breaks for them, as it’s a time they should be experimenting with style and fashion and growing to love themselves, but if society and the fashion industry are giving them a clear message that you are not ‘normal’ so cannot be pretty or sexy or fun, then they are going to have massive problems with self worth. Yeah some of them should lose some weight (like myself) but if you don’t think you are worth anything then it’s hard to find the motivation! My thought is also, why can a overweight person (man or woman) not look sexy?

  • Img_0258_large

    Feb 10, 2012, 09.35 AMby buddingnaturalist

    For you plus sized ladies I would strongly recommend La Mia Boutique- they have awesome plussized pattern in every issue and a separate plus sized magazine that comes out a couple of times a year). I’m a petite but I often notice their plus sized wares and wish they were available in all sizes. They also have a more fashion forward feminine silhouette (ie. no sacks) for all sizes.

  • Missing

    Feb 12, 2012, 03.13 PMby mickeygirl

    I still like the magazine. It is better than the other sewing magazines since it has some actual patterns. They have little or no patterns in them. They do have more techniques such as one that had some really great article about hand painting lace.

    Another thing I like about Burda magazine is that there are different levels of sewing such as easy to advanced. They also made some of the patterns larger up to size 44 which I use.

    The crafts seem somewhat too rustic for my tastes. They do not look to difficult to do though.

    There are some mistakes in translation though which seems strange. Other times very strange terms for fabric that I am not familiar with. I guess someone could just ask on the forum though.

    I used to like Ottobre magazine but never see it for sale.

    My husband buys me Burda every month and I love it.
  • Logo4957b_large

    Jun 14, 2012, 08.15 PMby jenss-1

    I don’t usually complain about content, but just saying…the upcoming July issue looks really disappointing. Dresses are some of the ugliest I’ve ever seen. Combining “20s” with colorblocking truly does not work. I guess they were trying for something different –since there has been complaints about the shapeless bag dresses–but this is not the answer! Seriously, I could do without the make-a-wardrobe-out-of-scarves theme too. (On the other hand, while this issue s——- for adults, the kids clothes are really cute). Hoping for a good August…

    Update: Now that I got the actual issue in the mail, I can say that its not quite as bad as it appeared in the preview. I still have the same problems with it (scarves?!), but there’s a kind of nice zakka/house dec section. Also, I do like the new vintage pattern feature. Not sure if I’ll make July’s halter sundress, but its great to have a vintage option each month.

  • Img_0253_large

    Jun 22, 2012, 07.33 PMby korrie42

    I like Burda, but not enough for a subscribtion. I recently bought an older copy online, but can get them in stores everywhere (Netherlands!) Here the issue is a about the same price as one pattern on this site!

    I miss mens patterns and tips and tricks on patterns in the issue. I really don’t need the craft stuff.

    But i would really like to see more accessiories like bags, hats.

  • Missing

    Aug 29, 2012, 12.01 PMby attornywhy

    i hear this is a good magazine. since i am new to this forum looking forward for your replies.

  • Lewis-andrew_large

    May 19, 2013, 07.48 PMby gomez687

    I haven’t seen Manaquin or Patrones on the newsagent shelves.

  • Fabled_treasures_icon_large

    Nov 18, 2014, 06.00 AMby cascadia

    Not sure of anyone else has mentioned this, but if you fall into the plus size range, you might want to just subscribe to the Burda Plus magazine. $20, two issues a year.


    I’m guessing it would include just the plus sizes from the last, say, 6 months of the regular issues.

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    • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

      Nov 18, 2014, 08.03 PMby nouvellegamine

      The Plus Issues contain a couple collections from the last year and then they create a couple of new variations on those patterns. Usually you can see the contents of the Plus Issues on Burda’s German site-


  • Missing

    Dec 11, 2014, 05.14 AMby tguedri

    Ditto here.

  • Blog_photo_large

    Dec 12, 2014, 01.54 PMby debycoles

    I decided not to renew my subscription because even if there were 1 or 2 patterns in an issue I wanted to sew, I just can’t find my way through the maze of all those lines on the pattern sheets. Several times I must have traced something wrongly because my project didn’t fit together properly, I didn’t have any extra fabric and it was all wasted. So Annoying! I think these days, Burda should provide subscribers with an account where they can download the individual patterns in their size rather than continue with this horrible maze of lines. I would much rather download the PDF, and piece it together than try to trace the pattern pieces and then add on the seam allowance.

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    • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

      Dec 12, 2014, 06.04 PMby nouvellegamine

      I’m pretty sure the magazine will be phased out over the next 5-10 years as they can make more money selling the patterns individually.

      I love paying $9 to $10 USD for a magazine with so many patterns vs paying $5.40 to print out a pattern where I’m also paying for paper & ink.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2014, 05.13 PMby sartarehare

    So funny, I didn’t renew either. I was so excited for the US edition last year and after the year, I think I found about 3 patterns I could actually use and haven’t wanted them enough to use them yet. I’m not excited about any of the downloads either. I’ve moved on to Style Arc.

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