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I am considering buying a Bernina 1030. When I tested it, it did not sew well with a twin needle. At best, the bobbin thread did not show a neat zig zag on the bottom. At worst, the bobbin jammed. I am hopeful that with more trial, I could make it work, but I’d like to know that people use a twin needle successfully with this machine. Do you? Do you have any tips to suggest? Thank you!



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    Sep 7, 2013, 05.03 AMby jen .ss1

    I have a Bernina 1000 – it’s about 25-30 yrs old – so I’m not sure if that’s similar to a 1030 or not. I often use a twin needle, especially for sleeve hems on knits.

    I have some suggestions that should work with most machines.

    1. You can try adjusting the upper tension. Experiment with a slightly looser tension. 2. (Preferred method) Use something like steam-a-seam under the stitch line (assuming it’s a hem). I prefer steam-a-seam light, but I’ve also used washaway stabilizer. 3) If sewing a knit, use the twin needles that are made for jersey rather than the universal ones. 4) Also – and this is minor – I sometimes use wooly nylon thread for the bobbin. It has a little more ‘give’ than regular thread.

    Hope this helps a little! Jen

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