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Hello Members!,

This area is for posting corrections to Burdastyle website patterns and magazine patterns as you sew your projects and come across them. Many of the patterns are first produced in German and sometimes the actual meaning of a word gets lost in translation.

Before posting your correction please check to see if another member has already done so by looking through this section.

Keep in mind, everyone can browse existing answers, but you will need to sign in or become a member if you want to post a question or answer.

Burdastyle Moderator


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  • Me_painted_large

    Aug 4, 2010, 10.25 PMby sew4my3

    Make sure when you post your correction that you post the pattern title and or number in the title and only post correction for that pattern under it. Each pattern having its own post in Site and Pattern Corrections section.

    Example new title post: Anda #7969

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Aug 6, 2010, 01.00 AMby wzrdreams

    This is why I wish we could still comment on the pattern pages themselves. Granted, on the old site everyone simply said things like “love it” or what have you, but there was at least a space directly connected to the pattern which made it convenient to post comments and corrections. I am not optimistic that the forums will be a good place for it because it is not a user friendly and it is hard to search for anything, especially old topics.

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    • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

      Oct 7, 2010, 10.38 AMby anajan

      I asked for this feature a long time ago, but not much has changed since then.
      I posted several patterns, and people often send me emails asking me same questions. It would be great if there was a comment section where everyone could see the corrections and detailed explanations of the patterns/construction.

  • Missing

    Aug 20, 2010, 12.39 PMby corupedium

    The Karen Cardigan #BS-059 There are no instructions for making up pattern provided with downloaded pattern in either format (home or copyshop printing). Where else can I obtain them?

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  • Me_painted_large

    Aug 20, 2010, 06.16 PMby sew4my3

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    • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

      Aug 21, 2010, 06.24 PMby wzrdreams

      I see people asking for missing directions often. I think it’s because they are attached to the burdastyle project rather than to the pattern (which is the logical place to look for them). Perhaps adding a link to them in the pattern description would help.

    • Me_painted_large

      Aug 22, 2010, 05.58 PMby sew4my3

      Great idea wzrdreams! It seems there is always a answer staring us in the face that just gets overlooked. Thank goodness for members like you that can help find those solutions!

    • 7ad546f809272746851926b7f874e579e93800b4_large

      Sep 30, 2010, 08.26 AMby susisonne

      I think there is no problem with finding the instructions. Normally I print the a pattern AND the instruction file. When I am sewing I use the printed version and not my computer to follow the instructions. Some patterns have a button “get all instructions”. I have downloaded the patterns 6055 (Lindsey) and 059 (Karen) but for the instructions you have to print every single step, why not just one file?

  • 0902_lon_002__large

    Sep 5, 2010, 02.39 AMby bekaem

    Kristen #6046

    I don’t want to comment on the use of sewing terms, I’m not a native speaker – but I have a few other more general comments:

    - the table showing the amount of fabric needed is TIIIIIINY in all of the new style instructions. you have to zoom in to 300% to be able to read it. the size on the older style instructions was much better - it would be helpfull if the pattern diagram showed the pieces that need interfacing in grey - there are usually a few german terms left on there that could be translated – the type of fabric in the box on the left, the ‘mittel’ difficulty degree, ‘normal weit’… - maybe you could include a cutting layout to begin with. i know it comes with the pattern, but…

    Generally there are sometimes double-ups in the instructions (in these and in others). Here for example - you mention Materials once right under the photograph (cotton, chiffon, one button, zipper, interfacing), then in german in the fabrics-needed bit and again at the end of Step 1 (Satin, chiffon, georgette) -cutting the scarf from contrasting fabric is mentioned twice, in consecutive sentences – once it says pieces 9-13 and then 9-18 There might be others.

    I hope you’ll get a few comments like this – I agree with the previous comments that it might be difficult to navigate once there are a few topics here and I doubt everybody is going to find this category down here. Let’s see what happens. Hope this is helpful anyway.

  • Me_painted_large

    Oct 6, 2010, 03.25 AMby sew4my3

    Hello all,

    You wouldn’t put them here under this conversation. You would put each pattern correction under its very own title in this category. Starting a new topic in the site and correction.

    I hope that is a little clearer. However, with this being said, keep in mind that the Burdastyle Magazine patterns are not under our control to correct. The magazine pattern are a different division and must make their corrections on their own. We are merely providing another avenue for the magazine patterns to be available to our members. So if you have corrections for those magazine patterns please post them in this category as stated above.

    Thank you all for being so involved and many of your ideas will be used when we implement changes in the very near future!

  • Missing

    Oct 17, 2010, 06.29 PMby ellaro

    good evening!i’m not speaking english very well but i want to ask you about patterns ..there are A4 printing ?please reply me to know about it because i haven’t printed them already..

    2 Replies
    • Me_painted_large

      Oct 17, 2010, 10.27 PMby sew4my3

      Hello EllaRo,

      Yes A4 for printing. For further information on printing our patterns go to Printing Patterns at Home.

      Happy sewing!

    • Ak-logo_grey_large

      Nov 13, 2010, 11.52 AMby Angela Kane

      This has raised an interesting point for me. I was producing all my patterns for A4 printing. I have had feedback on my own site saying that A4 paper is difficult to get in the US and that Letter size is standard.

      I now prepare versions for both. This takes a little extra effort but have I been given misleading information? I assume many BurdaStyle viewers are US based.

      It would be a lot easier to produce just the one version.

  • Me_painted_large

    Nov 14, 2010, 04.44 AMby sew4my3

    Our printing is for Letter size US and A4 abroad. I hope that this helps. Happy sewing!

  • Ak-logo_grey_large

    Nov 14, 2010, 01.20 PMby Angela Kane

    Thank you Sew4my3, Yes that confirms that I am right to do two versions.

  • Alexander-mcqueen2-765176_large

    May 6, 2012, 06.29 AMby kgleeson

    Hi, I have just bought the 1/2012 edition of Burda Style magazine. I would like to make the 111 Jacket on page 40 howver the pattern overview is missing from the instructions page (10). Can you please supply these to me so I can work out what pattern pieces I need? Thank you.

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    • Me_painted_large

      May 8, 2012, 09.59 PMby sew4my3

      Sorry to hear about this issue. Let me put you in touch with the team member in charge of this area. They should get back to you quickly.

  • Missing

    Jan 4, 2013, 04.01 AMby ankb

    Hi there – I downloaded dress pattern #106 (4/2011). On the website page for this it says that seam allowances are not included, but when I read the second page of the instructions they seem to indicate that the seam allowances are included. Before I start cutting, can you please advise which one is correct – are the seam allowances included or not? Thanks

    1 Reply
    • Whiteb_large

      Jan 4, 2013, 01.04 PMby BurdaStyle Support

      Hello ankb,

      We apologize for the confusion.

      All patterns by burda style magazine exclude the seam allowance. The listed seam allowances within the instructions are the recommended seam allowances.

      I hope this helps.



  • Missing

    Feb 14, 2013, 11.36 AMby limer

    Hello : )

    I noticed pattern #131 in the February 2013 BurdaStyle magazine is missing. [There is a preview picture on page 4, but no pattern. It is a red button-up shirt. In the Instruction pages it goes from pattern 130 to 132. I wanted to make that shirt].

    Will that pattern be available as a download on BurdaStyle.com?

    Thank you

  • Missing

    Jun 6, 2013, 01.39 PMby esiotrot

    Hi – I purchased Kristen plus #1 2 weeks ago however when I downloaded the pattern to print I have is 6046 the original Kristen size 32-42. Only the last few pages of the pattern – the sleeve variation are plus size. I have used the contact us form 3 times now and posted on the support wall a week ago but haven’t had a reply to any - Can anyone help please I really want to make this dress and am stuck until I get the pattern I paid for. Thanks

  • Vogue_large

    Jun 16, 2013, 01.13 AMby croustinath

    Hello! I have 2 questions about pattern 07/2011 V-Neck LDB. The instructions I have downloaded mention a pattern layout but there isn’t any. Also, some members who have posted projects based on this pattern mention explanatory pictures with each step of the instructions, but again, there aren’t any in the instructions available today. Could you please help me with the pattern layout? I really don’t want to waste too much fabric nor do I know wich pieces to put interfacing on. Thank you

  • Pic_lenorefb_90x90_large

    Jun 17, 2013, 04.26 AMby lenorefb

    Purchased Flower Dress 06/2012 #102 pattern and the instructions are missing steps/illustrations for 6-11. Shows steps 1 through 5 and then skips to steps 12 to completion. The skirt part of the dress is not shown in instruction, and is rather tricky as it has side pleating. How can I get those missing steps? Thank you.

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  • Female-fashion-figure-croqui_large

    Aug 25, 2013, 03.48 PMby Moimisie

    Recently a new pattern has been put on the website: the retro blouse #145 of 3/2012 http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/retro-blouse-032012 But I have the march 2012 issue and I can’t find the pattern…. has a mistake been made on which issue the pattern can be found in?? The patterns don’t even go that far in the 3/2012 issue….

    Somebody help??

    1 Reply
    • Meg_healy_burdastyle_90_90_large

      Sep 11, 2013, 05.09 PMby MegH


      Unfortunately the Retro Blouse pattern #145, was only featured and promoted in the 03/2012 german issue of burda style magazine. It is only offered as a download pattern.

      Hope this helps clarify,


  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2013, 05.32 PMby Mickeymoo74

    I’ve downloaded 10/2010 kimono dress It seems pattern piece no 1 ( front) is not cross over like the picture shows And am not sure what piece no 5 is for! I’m an average sewer but have no clue! Please help before I cut the fabric!

  • Missing

    Nov 21, 2013, 02.52 PMby kristintayloryoung


    Is there a word missing in the Faux Fur Stole #115 sewing instructions, paragraph two? See below. Should it read “stitch” before trimming allowances and clipping? Please advise. Thanks! — Kristin

    “Lay lining on fur unit, right sides facing. Pin together on neck and hem edges. Trim seam allowances and clip diagonally into corners. Turn pelerine right side out. "

  • Missing

    Mar 21, 2014, 08.49 AMby maggiemc

    Just what I was waiting for! Thanks.

  • File0012_10_large

    Mar 23, 2014, 01.42 PMby jennyrecorder

    Hi, there seems to be a problem with the website. I posted several new projects a couple of days ago, but cannot see them (although a couple of my friends can). The most recent project I can see was posted some time before mine, the website is not updating at the moment? I know I am not the only one affected as a Burdastyle friend has commented on my wall about this. Is the problem known to you at HQ? Cheers.

  • Missing

    Feb 18, 2016, 01.06 AMby bj1314hb28

    Hi, I bought the basic bodice and sleeve sloper PDF version. The lines at the armhole area and sleeve pattern do not match. could you please have a look and send me the correct verison? Thanks


  • Missing

    Feb 23, 2016, 09.11 PMby vbudnik

    Hi, I downloaded pattern Modell 129 Burda Style 01/2016, which is a jacket. I found the instructions to be VERY insufficient. There are no illustrations (which could be OK if the written descriptions were more detailed). For example, there is little description as to whether some pieces should be sewed right side of the fabric facing together or not, there are mentions of cutting and clipping, but the direction of the clipping is not stated, and many others. I have been sewing for many years, and although a jacket is perhaps a bit more complex than other things, I would have expected more detailed instructions. This had never happened to me before with Burda patterns… Is there any possibility of resolving this?



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