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Pattern Webpage: http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/04-2010-jacket

I downloaded the 04/2010 Jacket pattern and there is no pattern layout diagram or fabric yardage information anywhere in the downloaded documents. There is a paragraph where it indicates that a pattern layout is shown below, but there is nothing shown below.

Continuing my search, I went to the webpage for the 04/2010 Jacket and part of the instructions there show a very rough pattern layout diagram (http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/04-2010-jacket/instructions/1). However, it does not provide fabric yardage information. It shows that the folded fabric should be 75 cm wide, but it does not give the length.

This is my first time using a Burda pattern. Is it expected that I would calculate the fabric yardage on my own?


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  • Ipportrait_large

    Dec 21, 2010, 04.53 PMby imposterpockets

    I just got a reply back on my “Report a Problem” email.

    Apparently, the diagram on the Project Instructions webpage (http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/04-2010-jacket/instructions/1) is the only one available. No explanation was given as to why this was not included in the downloaded instructions document.

    The fabric yardage information is listed on the Pattern Line Drawing webpage (http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns/042010-jacket). It isn’t included on the Project Instructions webpage. It also isn’t included in the downloaded instructions document.

    While I have now been shown that all of the information is out there, I would have thought that it would all be in one place: the downloaded instructions. It even indicates in that document that this information should be there, but then it isn’t.

    When I printed the instructions, I thought I was ready to go. I did not anticipate that I would have to go to multiple places to find the information I needed. However, I am very new to Burda and maybe this is just how it goes.

    Now that I have everything, I’m very excited to get started. :-)

  • Missing

    Jan 20, 2011, 12.52 AMby karenbrock

    Hi Imposterpockets

    I have had the same complaint. You have to trawl in four different places for the info. One for the yardage, second for the sizing, three for the pattern and four for the instructions. It can be quite time consuming to hunt around for the whole kit & kaboodle. Luckily I love their patterns or it would not be worth the effort.

    With the magazine patterns you can get instructions (in German) and the pattern from the same area but there is no fabric yardage indicated and a separate site for their sizing.

    Even hyperlinks would be an easier option

    Good luck with your sewing. It is worth it when you see the finished product

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