Has anyone else sewn anything from My Image magazine? They only publish two issues a year, but I’ve been buying them since the beginning, and I’ve just made a coat from the Winter 2011 which you can see here: http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/myimage-purple-coat-with-asymmetric-collar

This was my third project from My Image and I was wondering if there were any other member projects from it? They’ve just put out a new Summer 2012 issue, and put the older Winter issue on sale for $2-something for the next two days, which is really good value IMHO: http://www.imagewearpatterns.com/index.php/en/webshop/product/view/5/172

They also let you browse through the whole magazine on their site, too, which is nice, especially when you consider you can barely see anything from Patrones or KnipMode online!



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