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Oh hi, I noticed this the other day when I went to look at the comments on a pattern that there was no way to see any more comments other than the ones of the first page, usually you can click down the bottom to go to page two etc but it seemed to be missing from this example, I noticed mainly becasue I didn’t see my avatar as I scrolled though so I was thinking, did I get deleted? Then I noticed that the number of comments I could see were less that what it said at the top. So I thought it was just me but then I noticed the same thing with the Sean skirt:


is it just me?

Also here is the first example I noticed:
Apparently there are 46 comments but we can only see 32 of them
http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/alexander-blouse I noticed because I left a comment for someone about the Colette patterns, when I checked back to see if they replied I could not find my comment, it is older so would be on the second page but I cannot get to that page, am I just going mad?



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    Mar 9, 2010, 07.52 PMby alden

    no no you are not going crazy. Our site automatically flags things it thinks is spam (like if one were to post a lot in a day) so i go in the back end and unflag those. the site does learn so eventually comments wont be marked as spam when they aren’t

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    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Mar 9, 2010, 11.59 PMby thecuriouskiwi

      I’m sorry, I don’t think I explained very well, what I meant was if you go to those two links you can see there is no way to access the second page of comments

  • 45811c6523cf387bf5dc4d6ad3a61949336038df_large

    Mar 10, 2010, 01.54 AMby judeb

    Thankyou kaitui kiwi, I thought my brain was playing tricks on me (not unusual :) ) but you are right if the number of comments on a project gets beyond 31-32 the extra comments are not viewable as there is no way to view the next page (unlike the discussions or blogs where if the posts fill the available space the page numbers are there under all the posts to click on for the next page).

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    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Mar 10, 2010, 02.15 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      Haha, I’m happy too, happy that someone else can see it, I’m not crazy after all :)

  • Picture_2_large

    Mar 10, 2010, 03.45 PMby alden

    ooooo i see what you’re saying. that is certainly a bug!

  • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

    Apr 21, 2010, 04.30 AMby thecuriouskiwi

    This is still happening…

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    • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

      Apr 22, 2010, 02.39 AMby sew4my3

      Yes and my son brought my attention to the same thing yesterday. I will report this again. Thanks for your patience and reporting the bugs that come up.

    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Apr 30, 2010, 12.58 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      Great to see the page numbers back and working again, thanks guy, great job! xx

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