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Sew Along: Men's Shirt Sewing Pattern Part 3


Welcome to part three of our men’s shirt sew along using our Men’s Chambray Shirt sewing pattern! In this post I go over how to sew and attach the collar…

DIY Butterfly Applique


This summer, the butterfly trend takes fashion to new heights! Read below to see how you can create fabric butterflies to appliqué onto your favorite garments…

The Making of This Double Gauze Dress


Hi BurdaStylers! In my Mash Up voting post I introduced a little side project I was working on, and I was busy this week finishing it up! See below for the tutorial on how I sewed my double gauze embrace dress.

Sewing for Your Body Type


What ever your body shape may be we have a sewing pattern for you. You may be pear shaped, hourglass, apple or column but good thing you know how to sew because you have the ability to sew garments tailored to your unique body shape! Read on to see recommended plus size patterns paired to different body types and learn more about additional alterations you can do to the pattern for a perfect fit.

Cool Kids: 8 New Sewing Patterns for Kids


A biker jacket, faded motorcycle jeans and a hooded sweatshirt are all outfits that will get the school year kicked off right for cool kids and have them in the fashion spotlight all year long.

Jean Alterations


A friend came to me last week after she purchased a pair of vintage ripped denim jean cut offs and wondered if I could bring in the waistline and fix a little hole on the corner of the back pocket. Of course I said yes, and I took pictures along the way for this tutorial! Check out how I altered the waistline of her jeans I (the quick way) and patched the hole with what I could find already in my studio.

Katrina Walker's Top 5 Tips For Sewing Knits (Without a Serger!)


Everybody loves knits. Everybody. They’re soft, comfy, and super fashionable. Whether your look is tailored, sporty, or feminine – there’s a knit fashion for that! Every year new fiber and knit stitch combinations make their debut for even more fabulous options.

Pattern Drafting and Designing for Stretch Fabrics


Slopers are the perfect starting point for designing and making your own sewing patterns and garments. Slopers are in essence the basic template for the pattern making process, and they are used to establish the fit of the body. So when you have a perfectly fitting sloper to your body, you’ll have a perfectly fitting garment!

Vote on My next Mash Up Pattern


It is voting time again! You all help me so much when it comes time to pick a new sewing pattern to “mash up” next. I appreciate your input and you all always pick the perfect pattern for the job. I want to make a dress that I can wear to some special occasions I have coming up and I’m stuck on which dress pattern to use! Read on to see the dress options and vote.

Studio Time: 10 New Women's Sewing Patterns


This new collection from the August 2016 issue of BurdaStyle features beautifully feminine sewing patterns that include a bodice dress, pencil skirt and short boucle jacket.

DIY Necklace & Bracelet


Colorful accessories with leather, felt, gems and feathers are a real show stopper and make any boring old shirt vibrant! Download the templates here to get started, and read below to see instructions…

Caribbean Dream: 8 Sewing Patterns


This collection from the 07/2012 issue of BurdaStyle magazine features 8 lovely designs made mostly from silk scarves! You can make an entire summer beach wardrobe from scarves lying around in your closet, or ones that you purchased specially for making into a garment. These styles will have you looking and feeling like a caribbean queen.

Dressmaking: Draft and Sew Your Own Dresses


Have you ever wondered how to transform a basic dress sloper into a custom-fitting dress? Or perhaps you want to learn various useful pattern adjustment techniques? Then this course is for you.

Sew Along: Men's Shirt Sewing Pattern Part 2


Hey BurdaStylers, welcome to part two of our men’s shirt sew along where I show you how I’m putting together a men’s shirt sewing pattern! If you missed part one you can see it here to catch up! Read on to see my next steps in sewing this men’s shirt sewing pattern.

Hay Day: 8 Updated Women's Sewing Patterns


This collection from the May 2010 issue of BurdaStyle includes casual yet feminine pieces that feature peplums, ruffles and corset style bodices!


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