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Embroidery- Gone Wild!


Want to get wild and crazy with your sewing machine tonight!? Ever wonder what your machine would make if you weren’t controlling it? Push the feed dog down and let the machine do the thinking. Try free-form embroidery. This is one of my favorite projects to do, especially after sewing and pattern making for a long time, because it requires hardly any technical expertise and looks pretty awesome! It’s also incredibly easy and relaxing. Here is a detail of a rose motif I attached to a tote bag. All you need is some water soluble backing and whatever scraps, trims, yarns, and ribbons you can garner, and you are all set. (Well, you also need a sewing machine. . . ). You can check out my how to, which also shows how to use this technique to make your own fabric!

Trend: SUN OUT


True story: When I was in junior high, I washed my hair with Woolite.

Not all the time, but every once in a while, when “things,” as I called my hair back then, got a little “extreme” (my mom’s word.) We’d been in Florida about a year when the Woolite tip came, from a Supercuts stylist with a mass of thick curls just like mine. Things had gotten a little extreme: Humidity, daily sunshine, swim team chlorine, saltwater at the beach, the overabundance of product I put in my hair every day to try to deal with the bleached, frizzy, freaked-out mess on top of my head. This is what happens to hair when your life is endless summer.

I don’t recommend Woolite. I cite my Woolite experience as a cautionary tale about summer hair, only. We all love those insouciant sunny highlights and a few straight-from-the-beach tousles, but take heed: I watched the pilot episode of “John from Cincinatti” the other day, glimpsing endless summer hair again on the heads of surfers, and really, it is only a look that pulls off with a wetsuit and a thousand-yard stare out of bloodshot eyes. Protect thyself. Frederic Fekkai has made it easy, launching three elegant, easy-to-use, effective new products for summer, my favorite of which is Wash & Wear, spray-on shampoo that lifts the oil, toxins, dirt and product out of your hair without exposing it to the strip-search of water. Spray, re-style, and head out into the blazing sunshine safe in that Wash & Wear, like all Fekkai’s Summer Hair products, is charged with the brand’s proprietary suncreen technology, Solarshield, I don’t recommend not showering not showering all summer. That would be a little extreme.

Winner of the Fabric Contest: LindaL


We are so proud to announce our winner for the Fabric Contest. Her name is Linda and in her blog she writes how she felt: “I hardly ever win anything, so to respond to a pattern/fabric contest and to be told you won, well I am just truly tickled pink.”

Linda was so kind to tell us a little bit about herself and how she started sewing:

I am a native of a small city in Virginia called Danville. I have a degree in Social Work and have been a CEO or senior level staff person working with two non-profit, charitable organizations that serve adults and/or children with disabilities or disadvantaging conditions.

I started sewing when I was around five years old using a Singer sewing machine that you turned the crank to sew. (I still have this machine.) I made a small quilt with the help of my grandmother who was a great seamstress/sewist. I inherited the “sewing gene” from her. She later bought me a Singer sewing machine that was rather old and only had a straight stitch. My husband and I were both going to college at the time and to have clothes I sewed them myself.

My career took me to various locations throughout the United States (Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania and back to Virginia). I continued to sew my clothes even though my salary improved with each move and I could easily buy what I wanted (within reason). However I have always enjoyed making my own clothes as I know I will not see someone wearing the same suit, dress, or skirt. Plus it is specifically sewn to fit my measurements.

While living in Florida I made wearable art jackets as well as purses and sold them in a small consignment store just for one of a kind item. As a result of this, I had two ladies commission me to make them wearable art jackets for St. Patrick’s Day. I enjoyed doing this and was pleased that they thought enough of my work to have me make them special jackets. However, I truly like the pleasure and leisure of sewing for myself and family members so did not pursue making garments for sale.

I love to sew and when possible I take online classes or read about new sewing techniques to continue to hone and improve my sewing skills. I love reading other sewing blogs and started one of my own over a 18 months ago. Blogs are a great source for sharing and learning.

Please also check out Linda’s blog that she started 18 months ago, and of course her member profile!

Featured Member: fialottajansson


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?

I was born in Kronoby and am now living in Vasa, Finland, in a little house with my husband.

BurdaStyle on GeekEntertainment TV


Watch our newest interview on GeekEntertainment TV here. We loved chatting with our new friend Eddie Codel. We talked about the site concept, open source, and the new design and features that will be launched in July!

Pillowcases- Not Just For the Sleepy!


I used to tell everyone that I loved everything beginning with the letter B. Bikes, Bears, Bagels, Bananas (oh, bananas. . . ), Boys, etc. . . I realized that while I will always like these things, I’m ready for a new letter to tell my friends about (who, obviously, are always more than excited to hear about my feelings on a variety of mundane things, including but not limited to, the alphabet, shower curtains, coasters, and strawberry milkshakes).



Get ready for the summer patterns!!! Last week we posted our drawings and asked you which ones of our next patterns you would like to see first. Yesterday we had our big photo shoot and are almost ready to begin with our summer fashion. Now you can win the same fabric, that we chose to make our samples in. Check out the four swatches you see above and let us know which one you think goes with which drawing. Let’s say the red one (A) goes with dress (#7), write fabric (A) goes with garment (#7)… Write your answer to answers@burdastyle.com. The one who gets the most correct answers the fastest will win enough of one of the fabric for the corresponding outfit. We will announce the winner on Monday. BEST OF LUCK

TREND: Chick Habit


Welcome to a summer blockbuster season like none other. Hollywood has already pummeled the public with three mega-sequels (Spiderman, Shrek, Pirates), and Ocean’s 13, Hostel II, Fantastic Four and the final installment of Die Hard will soon be upon us. That’s June. There’s more exploding stuff, grand guignol, fart jokes and CGI in store for July and August.

It’s tempting to imagine the summer cineplex as a cool storage facility for our many brains, just stick it in there, boys, won’t be needing my mind for a while. But consider this, as you debate rocking the A.C. at a matinee performance of Transformers: Robot chic is so last year. A more fashion-forward chill-out flick? La Vie En Rose, the story of Edith Piaf. T the gutter girl who sang la France through World War II, Piaf makes for a compelling subject, and actress Marion Cotillard scorches the earth in her portrayal. But never mind all that. The movie is kind of meh, in that tepidly melodramatic way of biopics, but pay attention to the clothes. Fall’s ‘40s-influenced accessories, silhouettes and beauty do’s are all over the screen, and you don’t even have to read the subtitles to get the message. Call it a chick flick if you want, but bear in mind: They called Piaf The Sparrow.

The arthouse is the place for a chick flick fix this summer – notably excepting Knocked Up, which is basically a chick flick for guys. Ageless indie queen Parker Posey reigns over Broken English, the feature debut by Zoe Cassavetes, a great place to pick up tips on how to wear peasant blouses and big sunglasses without looking like a Mischa Barton-wannabe, and another master class in acting from Gena Rowlands. Then comes Evening, based on Susan Minot’s best-selling novel and a master’s master class in acting, with Dame Eileen Atikins, Dame Vanessa Redgrave, Dame Vanessa Redgrave’s daughter, Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep’s daughter, Glenn Close (but not her daughter), Toni Collette and, last but not least, Claire Danes, who has the enviable task of love-juggling Hugh Dancy, her current real-life fling, and Mr. Little Children, Patrick Wilson. Kind of a blockbuster, as a matter of fact.

Featured Member: Anda


1. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?

The first thing I ever made were drawings, but the very first thing I ever sewed was this astoundingly monstrous jersey knit outfit for a Girl Scout badge. Ohh, I wish I still had that thing. It was amazing. Amazingly terrible. The fabric was unbelievably ugly—-I think it has a pineapple print—-and about five seconds into the pattern I freaked out from the difficulty of it all and demanded that my mom finish the entire project for me. I was 10 years old and I actually have never used a store-bought pattern since then. Sometimes I try, but I always end up panicking and just drawing my own patterns.

Competition Deadline Extension


The deadline for our pattern and design competition is extended to 15 July 2007. We’ve received several worried mails that were concerned about international shipping procedures and the time that takes. Many of you were afraid that because of overseas shipping they would miss the deadline. So, we quickly decided to extend it! Keep in mind to finish your pattern or design before June 15th, that gives you a whole month of shipping time, that should be sufficient!

Pretty Pretty Piping!


Piping is a terrific detail that can be used to accentuate style lines in clothing or add contrast and interest. It can be used in projects for the home as well. It’s quite simple, but can seem daunting to new sewers. No fret! Here’s a simple way to make sewing in piping into a task that is no sweat! It’s so easy, I was almost disappointed that I didn’t have as many of my trademark “Photoshopped” images to post in this How To! Also, this How To can illustrate a bit more of what we are doing over here in BurdaStyle Land. You’ll have the option to test this How To out sooner than you think!

TREND: Birk It Out


When a young designer sends a breakthrough collection down the runway, the shoes aren’t usually hot topic number one among the attending cognoscenti. But when the the first model sashayed down the catwalk at Sari Gueron’s Spring/Summer show last September, every eyebrow in the front row shot up a mile: Birkenstocks?

Learn How To Screen Print Garments

Our office is placed amidst lots of craft activities and today we decided to give you some insight of what’s happening around us. Our friends and office mates Bre Pettis from MAKE: magazine and Matt Stinchcomb from Etsy filmed a super How To about screen printing. This is a great way to add some decoration and fun to garments!

For more of Bre’s projects check out his podcast and join the EtsyLabs to make it yourself!

Featured Member: Stacysews


1. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?

If you talk to my mother, she would mention that when I was little, I used to ‘design’ Barbie clothes. Apparently, I spent a great deal of time drawing elaborate gowns for her and at times trying to sew them up (by hand). I didn’t use a sewing machine until an 8th grade home economics class where we were told to follow a pattern to sew up a sweatshirt. Unfortunately, that garment didn’t turn out quite as expected! I didn’t try using a sewing machine again until 8 or 9 years ago (I made a pajama set for my daughter and had much better results) – and I haven’t stopped sewing since!

Forum section of new site


Our new forum pages will be much more intractive: Members will be informed via RSS or email of new posts in their thread. It will also be more visually appealing. Every member will be displayed with avatar. Posts can include links, pictures, and video!


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