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Guest Column: The Super Simple Way to Create a Cute Face for Your Doll!


We’re ready for hair and makeup! This is where our dolls get their personality. I realize that a lot of folks find this step intimidating. I know how you feel! When I first began making dolls, I left off the nose because the noses that I drew looked, well, strange. So I read dollmaking books and magazines and experimented. The result of this experimentation is an innovation that I’ve included in Doll Fashionistas makes it easy to create a sweet doll face. I call it my Face Template.

Details of McQueen

Details of McQueen

Guest Column: Sewing Dolls – How Green is This?


If you are making these dolls, guess what! You’ve already got your green on!! Sewing dolls is a very eco friendly activity.

BurdaStyle Sewing Club Update: Badges, Letters, etc.


With flower seeds in hand, Spring is finally preparing to return to New York! We at BurdaStyle are excitedly setting aside time for group picnics and other fun activities in the sun. For our sewing clubs, we hope the upcoming season (whether it be spring or fall) will also inspire you to join your fellow sewers in creative and motivating activities.

Here is some of the latest news for BurdaStyle Club members!:

Guest Column: Stuffing the Doll


Once the doll parts are sewn and turned, they are ready to be stuffed. There are many choices for stuffing including sawdust, wood shavings (also called excelcior), clean sand, metal or plastic pellets, fiberfill, shredded foam, and stuff around the house like cut up nylon stockings (at least there is something useful to do with nylon stockings after they have run!).

Close Knit


Do you knit? We don’t talk much about knitting here on BurdaStyle, being the seamstresses & seamsters that we are, but I must say I am so impressed by all of the cool knitting projects I have discovered on the site!

Featured Member: Peter in NYC


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?
I’m a native New Yorker, originally from the Bronx (Ralph and Calvin’s old neighborhood in fact). I currently live in Chelsea on Manhattan’s West side. I’m truly fortunate to be just blocks from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) — I can see it out my window, in fact — as well as many wonderful fabric and notions stores.
And the Chelsea Flea Market, an endless source of inspiration!

2. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?
Get this: In May of 2009, I picked up a pair of Edwin Jeans at my local Goodwill but they were about 4" too long — not unusual, since I’m only 5’7." I wanted them shortened but I didn’t want to pay for the privilege. I don’t even remember how, but it occurred to me one night that I could probably buy a sewing machine and make my own alterations, and it would pay for itself in no time. Long story short: I bought a vintage Kenmore on eBay and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Guest Column: Humble, Utilitarian, Wondrous, Super- Awesome Wool Felt!


Wool Felt is an amazing, versatile textile. It predates the spinning of yarn and the weaving of threads into fabric. Because it isn’t woven, it does not ravel and it holds its shape beautifully. Today, felt comes in a wide variety of textures and thicknesses and in every color of the rainbow. Pure wool felt is smooth, soft and sturdy all at the same time. For doll making I use 12 to 16 oz. per yard weight of wool felt.

Guest Column - Doll Making, Getting Started


Getting started with doll making is simple. You already have much of what you need in your sewing area or in your kitchen. There are basically two types of dolls for sewing. A two-dimensional doll often called a pancake or gingerbread doll. This is simply two pieces of tightly woven fabric or felt stitched together, turned (or not), and stuffed.

My Sewing Room


Do you have a room; a small space, a large place, a secret hiding place or nook in your home dedicated to your sewing projects?

RESTYLE: Behind the Scenes Look at our BurdaStyle Photoshoot

Join Natalie Chanin for the "Alabama Chanin Bandana Workshop + Down Home Get Down" at SpaceCraft in Brooklyn!


On Sunday March 14th, join Natalie Chanin for the “Alabama Chanin Bandana Workshop + Down Home Get Down” at SpaceCraft in Brooklyn! — Learn fantastic applique techniques and grab a signed copy of Natalie’s new book, “Alabama Studio Style!”

Find out more!

And the Winners of the Alabama Studio Style Inspiration Challenege Are....


Natalie Chanin, founder and designer of Alabama Chanin and writer of both Alabama Studio Style and the Alabama Stitch Book (both from STC craft / Melanie Falick books) has gone through the top 5 projects submitted for the Alabama Studio Style Inspiration Challenge and picked the winners…

Guest Column: Doll Fashionistas – Sew It Yourself High Fashion Dolls


I would like to introduce you to Ellen Lumpkin Brown of The Doll Loft she will be blogging with us for two weeks explaining the creation of a doll, how she choses materials, the fashions that she makes for them and the global history of this craft. With out further ado, please welcome Ellen Lumpkin Brown

I am thrilled to guest blog for BurdaStyle and introduce you to my sew-it-yourself, high fashion dolls. For me, dolls are more than a toy. Dolls can be that special friend that always understands and is there for you no matter what. I got started designing and making dolls because I wanted every girl in the world to be able to have the special doll exactly how she wants.

The BurdaStyle Resource Map (Revisited)

View The BurdaStyle Resource Map in a larger map

Back in November, we introduced our Resource Map, a collection of great fabric, craft and sewing businesses around the world. The idea came from our desire to discover and share some the best places to get a proper sewing, notions or fabric-buying fix. Listening to some of your feedback, we have decided to revise the Resource Map a bit, in order fully utilize its incredible potential.


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