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Halloween with Schlosser Designs


Along with your witches’ brew and bag of skulls, decorate your creepy, crawly lair this Halloween with this great table set from Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs.

BurdaStyle Members Create One of a Kind Garments with Liberty Art Fabrics


Recently we offered ten BurdaStyle members the opportunity to craft one of a kind garments using burda style magazine patterns and the amazing textiles of Liberty Art Fabrics created by Kaffe Fassett. We are excited to share the results with the rest of the community and we’re sure that you will be as awed and inspired as we were.

Working With Fake Fur


Werewolf and monster costumes just wouldn’t be the same without a little faux fur somewhere in them. If making your ideal costume has scared you off because you need to work with a plush, napped fabric, there’s plenty of help available to assist you in working with these materials. This article on About.com is a great place to start – it not only covers how to sew faux furs, but also cutting them as well. Even if you don’t plan on sewing with a faux fur for Halloween, it’s a great reference to have when making holiday wraps and jackets as well!

Silver Screen Sewing: Peter Pan

Where would we be without our shadows?

Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is about two weeks away (gasp!). Are you dressing up for this night of ghoulish delight? If you need a some inspiration for DIY costumes, you’ve come to the right place!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Follow Us On Twitter


Many of you are already following us on Twitter (thanks!), but for those of you that aren’t, here are a list of reasons why you should:

Looking for more competitions and career changing opportunities?


I stumbled upon Talenthouse.com through Laura Bolčina’s project Florence Forever. Laura is participating in a design competition which may put her dress on Florence, of Florence + the Machine! Other prizes include $500 cash, an article in LuckyMag, signed copies of the album and more. Very exciting stuff! If you are looking for more competitions which may help further your career in the arts and design, or to simply win some amazing prizes, check out Talenthouse.

Adding Seam Allowance


You may be familiar with the fact that many of the burda style magazine patterns do not include seam allowance. Some of you may already have figured your way around this, but if you’re still stuck I found this really simple tutorial from Five Green Acres using 2 pencils and some tape. Give it a try!

Featured Member: stitchywitchy


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?

I’ve lived my whole life in Louisville, Kentucky. I’m a professional musician, and the arts community here is wonderful – it’s very different from they way I think people imagine Kentucky would be! I would never want to live anywhere else. I have a great love for old houses, and we are lucky that there are so many here! My husband and I own an old Victorian, and my second passion (after crafting) is restoring the house to its former glory.

Blair and Sibylle


Is it just me or did it look like Blair was sporting a variation of our Sibylle dress on last night’s episode of Gossip Girl? Perhaps a bit of wishful thinking, but with a few tweaks our pattern could totally be ready for the campus of Columbia!

Inspiration of the Week


A few weeks ago my mother gave me a wool cardigan from H&M that has little brass beads scatteredly sewn over the shoulders (a lookbook.nu model models it above left). I instantly fell in love and have been kind of obsessed with the thought of beading and embellishing something common, vintage or used…

Meet the Winners of the Project Runway ReMake Challenge Presented by Rowenta!


Thank you to all of the amazing members who took part in our ReMake project presented by Rowenta! We’ve tallied the votes and are excited to announce the winners:

What's Your Favorite DIY?


As a community of creative people we’re always looking for inspiration. There are so many beautiful and unique things out there, it seems impossible to find it all! BurdaStylers are amazing crafters and always keen on what is happening in DIY, so we want to know: where do you get inspired? What DIY’ers, websites, blogs or artist are making the things that make you swoon? What fantastic things are happening in DIY that we just have to see? It can be jewelry, woodworking, paper arts, weaving, sewing…if it’s cool DIY, we want to know about it!

Oliver + S Patterns Now Available Through BurdaStyle!


Children’s clothing has come a long way since I was a tot. I distinctly remember my mother putting me in some very, er, questionable ensembles usually consisting of a sort of ribbon motif or lace bib. Not so for the modern babe, these days kids have better clothing options than adults! That’s why you might, on occasion, catch me in the children’s department trying to squeeze my way into a child’s size 16 sweater or jacket (I mean, it basically equals an adult size 2, right?) Children’s sewing patterns have come a long way too, mostly with the help of Liesl Gibson. Her company, Oliver + S, creates some of the cutest kids patterns on the market and we at BurdaStyle are excited to announce that you can now buy Liesl’s adorable patterns through her BurdaStyle studio! I caught up with Liesl to get the scoop on how she started Oliver + S and what inspires her cute and quirky designs.

Putting a Voice to Your Style


In our current era of “fast fashion” and mass consumption retail, the desire for one-of-a-kind garments is becoming ever more prevalent. Asserting individuality through the way that we dress is nothing new, however using your voice to aid in the process might be. Enter Berlin-based Trikoton, a knitwear company that can harness the frequency of your voice and turn it into unique patterns that allows you to personalize their sweaters, leggings and scarves.


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