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In Or Out: Ruching, Lace & Gathers


Ruching, lace & gathers bring to mind, for me at least, dated period costumes. But quite recently many designer’s have brought these old & loved techniques back to life with a new and increased vigor! Do you use lace in your designs? Do you make pieces with excessive gathers or pleats? Do you know how to incorporate ruching into your work?

Well, whether you love to utilize these techniques in your designs, or if you need some tips, this week’s posting should send you in the right direction.

Kasia Skirt
A ruched waist with an adorable buttoned-up placket is a great skirt for the Holidays.

Nadine and Nadine Plus
A sophisticated & sassy gathered coat which looks great in velvet or crepe wool.

Tikva Trench Coat
Recently featured but too good to not talk about again, this trench coat offers full swing & gathers.

Amanda and the Amanda Plus
A cute and flowing blouse for any time of the year, make it in a chiffon & wear a camisole underneath.

Featured Member: Leeshv


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?
I live near Simcoe which is a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada. I currently own and operate a agricultural consulting business. I was raised on a farm, so sewing and crafting has always been a big part of my life

2. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?
My Mother taught me to sew at a very young age. The first thing I can remember sewing was doll clothing but the most memorable project was my elementary school

Holiday Giveaway: Win a SINGER® CONFIDENCE™ 7467 Sewing Machine


It’s time for our second annual Holiday Giveaway Calendar! Everyday in the month of December we are giving away an amazing prize! It’s super easy to enter, just leave your comment answering the bolded questions below by noon EST 12/3 and one lucky winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries!

Today we are giving away an amazing SINGER® CONFIDENCE™ Sewing Machine

SINGER® CONFIDENCE™ computerized sewing machines makes sewing simple and easy. New and skilled sewers alike can appreciate one-step functions, push button controls and automatic capabilities that enable endless creativity. Watch for the SINGER CONFIDENCE 7467 on the season premier of “Launch My Line” tonight only on BRAVO. Visit for local times and listings.

To learn more, watch this video

To enter just leave your comment answering this questions by noon EST 12/3:
How long have you had your sewing machine? Are you the first owner?

Holiday Giveaway: Win a Wonder Wonder Gift Set


It’s time for our second annual Holiday Giveaway Calendar! Everyday in the month of December we are giving away an amazing prize! It’s super easy to enter, just leave your comment answering the bolded questions below by midnight EST and one lucky winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries!

Today we are giving away an amazing gift set by our very own Wonder Wonder.

Wonder Wonder is a NYC based multi-disciplinary creative studio founded by Hikaru Furuhashi. The studio practices and exhibits works with the focus of graphic aesthetics, conceptual playfulness and the idea of designing by hand.

Sock, ornament, winter migration bird and knitting are lovely winter icons. What if they all form LOVE? This makes a fun and great gift for friends, family and kids to GIVE YOUR LOVE to. Tote Bag and Gift cards, silk screen printed in Brooklyn. Tote Size: 12.5″ × 13.5″
Check out her Etsy Store

To enter just leave your comment answering this questions by midnight EST:
What’s your favorite Wonder Wonder item?

Dahl T-Shirt Giveaway Winner Announced


The winner of the EcoSalon and Dahl t-shirt giveaway has been announced and the lucky lady is Jennifer Miller. Does this happen to be a BurdaStyle member? Thanks to everyone who commented on the EcoSalon website, the traffic gave my friend, the EcoSalon fashion columnist Amy DuFault, many props from her editor!

My older sister Megan is working on my Christmas present: she’s making me business cards, stickers & mailing labels for my company Dahl. She’s an amazing graphic designer. I am to chose from the template above which color ways and pattern I like best and we’ll then go back to the drawing board until we’re both very excited. At first I thought it would be quirky & fun to use a fiore motif I fell in love with when I lived in Florence, Italy, but have since changed my mind once I saw her hand-drawn shapes (lower right). Which colors do you like best? Last year everything was strictly black & white and this year I want to add some pizazz. Importantly we are keeping the logo & font the same, but we had to change my address and showroom information. And soon- my sister is about to have a baby any minute!! Yay!!

On another note, GenArt has extended the deadline for the Plastics Makes It Possible design competition. Here’s your chance to win $10,000!

BurdaStyle's Last-Minute Gift Series: The Mini-Owl Ornament!


With the flurry activities that inevitably occur during the Holidays (tree-hauling, Menorah-lighting, dinner-planning, sleigh-riding), we at BurdaStyle understand how overwhelming it may be for the crafter or DIY-er to create great gifts for their family and friends. While purchasing a sock set or gift card is always an easy way out, we all know that the best gifts are still those that are hand-crafted.

What Is Your Fashion Personality?


Do you think you could sum up your fashion personality in 1 word? I see fashion magazines do it all the time, and then offer outfits to suit your look. But being the talented designers & sewers we are, doesn’t our fashion personality vary from day-to-day or project-to-project? I know that I have a very specific silhouette I stick to at least 5 days out of the week: one of my Dahl dresses or high-waisted skirts, some sort of cool stockings or black opaques, a vintage or worn-in cropped cardigan and long, unkempt hair. I feel most comfortable in Dahl & vintage. All I can think of is Penelope Cruz in Volver, she wears outfits like that everyday, but what amuses me is that she is supposedly dressing like a middle aged, not dressing to impress, not-very-well-to-do housewife, but I think she looks stunning (yes, I know she’s insanely sexy- but these outfits make her even more so)! The prints & textures of her attire is what really kills me. So would my label be “Spanish Housewife”? Or perhaps more appropriately suited would be “Woman in an Almodovar Film”.

See my Almodovar Heroines Slideshow here!

Regardless, I would like to know if you label your style. Do you have a strong fashion personality? If you would sum it up in 1 word or phrase, what would it be?

BurdaStyle Post on LifeScoop


Hey Everyone!
BurdaStyle has done a post on LifeScoop. Take a moment and check out the top 8 online sewing resources!

Featured Member: Desira_pesta


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?
I am from Scranton, Pennsylvania, but I have been living in New York State for eight years and NYC for almost four years. Brooklyn to be exact.

2. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?
Oh gee, I have no idea. I was (and am) really into drawing and architecture as a child, as well as furniture, so I think one of my first projects was reupholstering a vintage armchair with denim. This combined a little bit of architecture with sewing and served as a catalyst for other sewing endeavors including a purple halter top which I somehow got to fit me perfectly without using a pattern.

3. What role does sewing play in your life?
Sewing has taken over my life! I really really enjoy transferring ideas or two-dimensional drawings into something wearable. I love that with practice and education anything is possible. Understanding how pieces fit together and how seams create a look have also affected other areas of my design and art. I sew 4-10 hours a day and I am fine with that, although an intern or two would be swell.

BurdaStyle Section Sponsorship


BurdaStyle is now offering the sponsorship of our website sections: Projects, Patterns, Learning, Discussions and our Blog. You can advertise your business, product or Etsy store in the top left corner of each of our most popular website areas. These ads help drive traffic to your website or Etsy store.

Members, check out our section sponsors as we only pick products and services that are of interest to you, the community.

This is great for Etsy sellers and independent businesses with limited budgets. Discounted advertisement packages are available by contacting carol (at) burdastyle (dot) com

Dahl T-Shirt Giveaway!


This week I am participating in a giveaway for EcoSalon, a fashion savvy, environmentally conscious blog which covers interesting tips & hints for those trying to make their lives a bit more green. Anyone can enter this contest by simply leaving a comment here, it couldn’t be more simple.

I am giving away one of my 3-tiered Tencel tops which is made from 100% Tencel, an environmentally friendly textile made from wood pulp cellulose, it’s the softest stuff I have ever worn. Why do a giveaway? Well, sometimes participation in a giveaway can provide traffic to your website or online store, get your line press which may lead to more sales or write-ups, and keeps the buzz alive. The last giveaway I did was for Cosmopolitain magazine and Caress soap, where I designed 3 looks based off of Caress’ new skin care line. For this project I was given a budget & a stipend, so I took the opportunity to design some more high-fashion looks and had so much fun with the entire project. Giveaways are a great way to get free advertising in exchange for one of your designs.

Thanksgiving Sewing


For those who live in the United States, Thanksgiving will be celebrated this Thursday. Not only is it a time for a wonderful array of food and friends and family to gather together, but it’s also a perfect time for last minute sewing! Needing a few ideas on how you can put your sewing skills to work and dress up your table this year (or just bring a killer gift to your hostess)? Here’s a few to get you started:

Vintage Sewing: Plus Size Patterns


There are plenty of things that intimidate modern sewers about vintage patterns, but the scariest issue to overcome is usually sizing. If your bust measurement is larger than 36”, it can seem impossible to find a pattern for you. Believe me, I know how frustrating it is to see all the fabulous patterns out there, and then to discover that you can’t find it in your size. But plus size ladies don’t have to give up on the idea of sewing vintage. Quite the opposite! Retro styles are especially flattering on women with curves. Here are some tips for dealing with the size gap.

Trend Watch: How Do You Wear Velvet?


Do you think velvet is a Do or a Don’t? Do you use velvet in your designs? I love the look of velvet- the soft sheen of gem colored velvet looks elegant and royal, and printed velvet can be gorgeous. But velvet can also look dated- circa 1980 when it’s done with really huge shoulder pads in badly tailored blazers. It also doesn’t photograph very well if you are using an indoor flash. I made a dress with a velvet top and silk jacquard skirt- there was just enough mustard, gray, black & sage printed velvet on top to create an interesting design with this daring print, as the muted brown silk made the look more mellow. I also made a skirt from the same velvet material and let me offer you a piece of advice: Don’t make a tulip skirt out of velvet printed velvet- especially if you want a flattering look!

How do you do velvet?

Check out my velvet slideshow here!

Here are some links to BurdaStyler’s Velvet Creations:
Red Velvet Jacket

Black Velvet Coat

Velvet Cloche with Feather

Bright Yellow Strapless Dress

Featured Member: GinaSophia


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?
I now live with my husband in NYC, as well as attend school here. I was born in Harlem, but I grew up between London, NYC, and North Carolina. As early as elementary school I knew I wanted to return to New York, and that really motivated me to do well in school.

2. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?
The first thing I made was a lime green and white gingham, stuffed duck with a neck so narrow he seemed like he had narcolepsy! I bought my first sewing machine after a marathon of Project Runway 3 years ago, but went on a sewing hiatus shortly after, and really just started to sew garments within this past year.


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