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Vivienne Westwood: Happy (Belated) Birthday to The First Lady of Punk Fashion


Malcolm McLaren was a major force behind the punk sound that emerged from London in the mid 1970’s. While it can be disputed whether or not it was McLaren who came up with the concept for his protegee band, the Sex Pistols, or if it was the band members themselves (i.e., Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious) no one can dispute that it was his partner Vivienne Westwood who actually created and sewed the looks that the band wore. By studying the fashions of London’s seedier occupants like bikers and sex workers, Westwood and McLaren conceptualized the new deconstructionist fashion phenomenon known as the “punk look”.

Hippie Chic: New Patterns for the Freespirited Gal


This week we have 8 brand new patterns with a hippie-chic vibe. Perfect for making Spring/Summer maxi dresses and laid-back boho looks. Read on to get the patterns + get inspired to sew!

Every Seven Seconds


A friend recently asked me how I managed to get so much sewing done – especially with a young child at home. I jokingly said “You know how they say men think about sex every seven seconds? I think about sewing that much.” While everyone knows that “seven seconds” is a myth, it did get me to wondering, is it just me, or am I the only one that thinks about my projects (current and future) that much?

Comment to Win A Felt Universe!


Comment on the blog or connect with us on Twitter for your chance to win a copy of Jeanette Lim’s book, Big Little Felt Universe, or a complete felted grill set!

A Night to Remember


Ah, the prom. For high school girls, does the Spring season mean anything else? The dress, the shoes, the date….all in an attempt to make it the most memorable night of your high school life. Well, if you were (or are) anything like me, you generally grabbed your dress at the last minute, asked one of your friends a few days before and tried to hide your parent’s camera so they wouldn’t embarrass you by documenting every movement while you waited for your date to arrive.

Weaving Love, Creating Hope with Design21


Our friends at Design21 are hosting a great new competition and we want our BurdaStyle members to get involved! The contest offers two categories in which to submit: textile design and product design. The winning entries will be produced and sold by Grameen Felissimo, benefitting the local markets and communities of Bangladesh through employment and economic independence.

How to Spread the Sewing Meme (or How to Grow Home Sewing)


Readers, do you ever feel like you spend a disproportionate amount of your day talking/thinking/writing about sewing?

When you mention your sewing projects, do you ever catch friends or colleagues rolling their eyes, glancing at their watches, and suddenly having to catch the 5:15 train — and they drive to work? Do you yourself retreat daily to the comforting, marshmallow, everybody-sews-here worlds of sites like BurdaStyle or your favorite sewing blog?

The Wonderful Apron: Utilitarian Couture


While an apron-like garment can be traced back to ancient Egypt, aprons, as we know them, evolved from the middle ages and their use by tradesmen – blacksmiths, cobblers, butchers, etc as protective gear. As other trades began to adopt the apron in their practice, they began to be made from cloth (versus leather for the rougher trades such as blacksmithing). And, as cloth began to establish itself as the material of choice, colors began to appear, denoting specific skills – barbers wore a checked pattern; butchers and porters, green; masons, white. The word “apron,” in fact , is a more modern word coming from the French word “naperon," meaning napkin or small tablecloth.

Featured Member: frkbustad


Where are you from and/or where do you live?
I’m originally from Stavanger, Norway, but I have lived in Bergen for the past 7 years and consider myself as a local. I finished my master’s degree in medical cell biology one and a half year ago, and I’m currently working on a project that hopefully will turn in to my PhD.

How did you start sewing?
My mum used to sew a lot of clothes for me and my sister, and the sewing machine was always around when I was a kid, so I guess I have always sewn. Also, having both a granddad and a great-granddad who were tailors, and a grandma who sewed a lot, make me think that sewing is in my genes.

Handmade Fashion Roundup + Must-Have Sewing Patterns


Seeing that we now have over half of a million members on BurdaStyle, I thought I’d do a lil feature of some truly inspiring work + showcase some patterns you’ve got to download for Spring!

BERNINA Show Us, Don't Tell Us: shopjomama - Click through to vote!

BERNINA Show US Don’t Tell Us Finalist

shopjomama had a blast making this video and hopes you enjoy it too!

BERNINA Show Us, Don't Tell Us: twoboos - Click through to vote!

BERNINA Show US Don’t Tell Us Finalist

Check out twoboo’s video entry. She definitely committed to the challenge!

BERNINA Show Us, Don't Tell Us: tinybows - Click through to vote!

BERNINA Show US Don’t Tell Us Finalist

Check out tinybows‘s video, it’s adorable!

BERNINA Show Us, Don't Tell Us: elsamary - Click through to vote!

BERNINA Show US Don’t Tell Us Finalist

Take a peek at UK-based elsamary’s video. It’s sure to spark your imagination!

BERNINA Show Us, Don't Tell Us: xxmazenxx - Click through to vote!

BERNINA Show US Don’t Tell Us Finalist

xxmazenxx’s video proves she is one crafty member, and her video is an inspiration in itself!


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