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BurdaStyle Book – Behind the Scenes Scoop


As many of you know, we are putting together the first BurdaStyle book! Beginning late July, our FedEx deliveries became the highlight of our day. Everyday we were welcomed to the office by 7 packages stacked high on our desks. Each package was a wonderful surprise, revealing unique and creative garments sewn from you, the members. We read aloud each hand written note and were impressed with your incredible skills (embroidery, beading, knitting, pleating,…you name it!). In the end, we received 78 garments from 23 countries to be to be considered for the book. Members shipped creations from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Phillipines, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK, and USA.

Afraid You Can't Afford Advertising? Advertise with BurdaStyle!


Many of you are not only amazing sewers, crafters and designers, but are also shop owners and savvy business-people. Did you know that BurdaStyle offers advertising opportunities for small businesses and indie operations like you?

The Best Transitional Dresses for Summer to Fall


That’s right, it’s time to start thinking about falling leaves, back to school and cooler weather. This past summer has been all about dresses, mini, maxi and everything in between. Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to our favorite warm weather dress. Throw on some warm tights or wear your dress over a long sleeve shirt to make it more appropriate for the season. Check out these awesome dresses which will make the transition right along with the season, which one’s your favorite?

Share Your Sewing Room With Us!


A few months ago, our lovely Creative Director, Alison, shared her sewing room with us. We adored her feminine, whimsical aesthetic and light color palette, and can see how her creative environment influences her work (top left). Recently, our intern Marina (a.k.a. marina_glory) shared her fun, lavender-colored space with us, as well (top right).

Now we would love to see your own sewing space.

Return of the Prep


In my opinion the best part about summer is that it leads into fall. I suppose I enjoy a warm day and an afternoon at the beach as much as the next girl, but there is something about the crisp breezes and rich colors of fall that no other season can touch. Another reason I love fall is because I still associate it with “Back to School”. While I haven’t personally had to hit the books in a few years, whenever the leaves start to turn I always find myself getting a bit nostalgic for classic campus style.

Show Your Support Bra Challenge!


Hey all just a reminder!

The American Sewing Expo and Coats & Clark are joining forces in the Show Your Support Bra Challenge.

Its super easy, just pick up a new bra and use your creative juices to decorate it how you see best: fun, serious, themed, abstract – just about anything will do. All entries will be accepted with a $5 entry fee. All proceeds will be given to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. Online voting will determine winners, and all bras will be on display at the show. Bras must be new and covered inside and out. Make sure to use thread in any way you see fit.

Check out all the rules and entry form and let’s show our support in the cure for cancer!

Comment to Win "Little Green Dresses" by Tina Sparkles!


Connect with BurdaStyle on Facebook and Twitter, or comment on this blog post, for your chance to win the book Little Green Dresses by Tina Sparkles!

Fashion and Tech


What happens when technology and fashion meet? You get the latest in sustainable textiles – 3D printed fabric. While I think it’s fabulous that you can not only get a perfect fit, but that there is little to no waste to creating clothing, I just can’t see that this technique will “make needle and thread obsolete.” Now my real question is, how long until home sewists get something like this?

Jean Paul Gaultier's Exclusive T-shirt for the 'Born HIV Free' Campaign

We love when the fashion community utilizes their influence for social change. As sewers, we all know how rewarding creativity is to our own lives. Here is one example of how one designer’s creativity was used to influence the lives of others.

Skirts-- How Do You Style Skirts?


Do you ever peer into your closet and say “I have absolutely nothing to wear!”? Skirts are one staple in my wardrobe I couldn’t live without. They are also the easiest garment to make when you’re desperate for a new look! I’ve gotten it down to a science where I can make a simple, high-waist skirt from 1 yard of fabric in one hour. I use my own pattern which has been perfected for my curves and I’ll add slight alterations for the style I’m going for— it’s a pattern that translates easily into many different fabrics so I know I’ll be happy with the outcome.

How do you wear skirts?

Artist Emily Fischer talks Kites and Soft Maps


Artist Emily Fischer talks with us about creating kites for FlyNY and the creation of her soft maps. If you haven’t checked out her creations, head on over to Haptic Lab you will be blown away.

How did you become involved in Fly NY?
I had a brief abundance of time in spring 2009 to indulge in the discovery and practice of kite-making; after I was laid off from my job in architecture I had to channel my superfluous creative energy somewhere.

Are you participating in this year’s FlyNY? If so, what is your concept for this year’s design?
Yes. My entry is called “Sky Mirror”, made of five flat 24" faceted mylar panels connected by nearly invisible translucent zip-tie hinges (a rather humble detail that took me days to figure out- it’s always the simple solutions that are the hardest to arrive at). Sky Mirror is inspired by the work of artists such as Olafur Eliasson who create interventions that disrupt or reveal natural phenomena. The kite is highly reflective, which makes it almost invisible in flight. It mirrors the sky (not the ground below) because of the way the kite string loops around the facets, turning the panels out when the wind blows- it looks like a silvery cloud. The kite also reflects the sun, creating ribbons of reflected light on the ground that look like glowing smoke.

Enter to Win and Vote for your Faves in The Tessuti Awards


Tessuti Fabrics, the treasure trove of designer silks, wools, linen, cottons and blends from the great fabric houses of the world, has watched the creativity and craftmanship of its many customers grow over the years.

The Tessuti Awards recognize two categories: up and coming young designers and the individual talents and clever creations of ‘home couture’. This year they are expanding the competition, inviting people from across Australia to enter their online event.

Open to all Australians, all finalists will be invited to Sydney for final judging and two winners will receive a trip to the world’s premier fashion capital, New York.

Hurry quick and enter! Entries close on September 7, 2010

Not in Australia? you can still vote for your favorites here for the visitors choice award

Featured Member: Roarah


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?
I am from Melbourne, Australia.

2. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?
I had quite a few ‘false starts’ with sewing. When I was very young I used to make clothes for my dolls, they were pretty crude, but I loved them. One summer, when I was about 12 I tried to make a skirt. I think I had almost finished it by the time I was 14 or 15, but to this day I think it remains unfinished. I drifted in & out of sewing throughout the rest of my teenage years & then when I was about 21 I became really interested in it. I asked my Mum to teach me & she kindly obliged. First I made four plain stretch tops & then a black wool skirt (five years on I still wear them all regularly). The first thing I made that I was really proud of though, was a black jersey dress from Vogue Patterns(V2899) at the end of 2005.

Ubergizmo's Digital Summer!


Hey All,
Just a reminder about next week’s awesome event: Ubergizmo is back with another edition of Digital Summer. Once again taking place at San Francisco’s beacon of green nightlife, Temple. The event on August 25th promises to bring together technology, art, fashion and sustainability for a night of creativity and socializing. If it is anything like last year’s – with over 800 attendees, a fashion show featuring sustainable clothing company Edun and new product test drives – the 2010 outing should be a smash. With partners Girls in Tech and the Innovative Fashion Council of San Francisco, Digital Summer is setting the standard for the continually evolving integration of fashion and technology.

Romantic Notions: 4 Lovely Patterns


This week’s mood board features fairy tale fashions for those with a romantic side— flounces, layers, ruffles, godets! Try one of these four patterns and share with us your project!


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